Background on Planaron Ore Processing Station (POPS)

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Background on Planaron Ore Processing Station (POPS)

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Planaron is an unusually large asteroid in the White Light system. Secretly mined by a crazy wild cat miner for years it was ripe to become the base of operations for the Planaron Pirates who were secretly funded by Streel. During the Battle of Planaron the pirate fleet was wiped out and the base's defenses reduced to scrap. It still took the Royal Marines putting boots on the asteroid to fully clear it and that's when evidence of Streel's involvement was discovered.

Later Space Mines Inc purchased the rights to the gutted asteroid with a 100 year charter to operate an ore processing station there. In time Planaron grew to be a thriving, though small community of miners, spacers and a few small business operators.
Being outside the legal jurisdiction of Clarion's legal code and through the mismanagement of Space Mines (lovingly referred to by many as "Spaced Minds"), Planaron tended to attract a criminal element.

For a time the Royal Marines maintained a detachment on the station but Kota Mikoshi, the Liberal Party politician on the Prime Minister’s cabinet lead the fight to have them removed. The reasoning being, “the Crown should not pay for security of a private corporate installation.” The irony of a Liberal, who espouses the ending of the monarchy, being concerned over an expense to the Crown was not lost on many. None the less she succeeded and the Royal Marines were forced to remove their detachment. Planaron became a criminal’s haven.

Royal Marine personnel are forbidden to go there off duty. When it’s necessary for the marines to go there they stay in parties of three or larger and are armed for bear.
As long as Space Mines ore processing operation isn’t interrupted then they make no attempt to police the community on the station.
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