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Re: Meet the Kurrabunga

Postby jedion357 » Mon May 06, 2013 6:36 am

OOC: @ Shadow Shack good questions and logical but I'm carefully weighing out what's the ultimate role of the Star Devil and his merry band before answering that bear with me for a day or too as I'll have to make up a few names for the ship captains and pull the names of the officers at Slave city and the outpost fromt he module.

Also everyone will start the next leg at full STA, we will assume that with 2 Drs present that the health and well being of the party has been supervised well enough.
Time: I go with it being a 5 day trip to void jump- astrogation computations and acceleration to speed (even though you dont need that long to get to void speed), I assume you all spent at least a day getting squared away at Pale before the ship set out, it would have taken about 2.5 days to decel to enter Volturnus orbit. So by rough fuzzie math you set foot on volturnus on day 9 of your mission. the fight with the pirates happened on day 10. We can hand wave 5-6 days for whatever needs to be done at the village. (I am trying to keep track of time somewhat so that the character can be paid in the end. J.J. will be a special case as he's not actually on anyone's payroll so that will have to be handled separately when the time comes). I suppose I'm also keeping track of time because I'm not treating the setting as being static and waiting for you to encounter it You should be on notice that things are in motion even if you are not and that I consider NPCs to have agendas and plans and be moving them forward for their benefit so tracking time gives me a rough measure to figure in NPC actions. Outcomes are not written in stone. ;)

IC: J.J. had been issued a liter of saline solution by Kahn who insisted that he pack it in a particular cargo pocket in case Kahn had to treat him; it was there for him to grab without thinking. In addition Kahn briefed him on its emergency uses to dilute and thus neutralize acid, irrigation of wounds and eyes or even to drink when all other water supplies were exhausted. His integration to the team was not as smooth as he had hoped even though the pirate prisoner had cleared him of any culpability.

Looking to interact with the kurabunga more he let a group of youths lead him off from the village. Through the polyvox he learned they were going to drive off "spitters". The reality he quickly surmised was that they were not really driving them off from any real need but just throwing rocks out of youthful mischief. The smallish animal didn't really pose much threat but its defense mechanism of spitting acid amused the youthful kurabunga. It appeared that the animal disolved the outer sheath of the shard grass with its acidic spit then ate the juicy inner shoot.

Bemused somewhat by the proceedings and not finding any real pleasure in tormenting an animal J.J. idly watched the kurabunga youth. One of they slid down a vine to the ground and began collecting stones into a hide satchel. Out of the corner of his eye J.J. spotted a spitter charge the youth he was yelling for him to get out of there but the youth simply waved back at him till it was too late. The youth was sprayed with acid and commensed howling and writhing in pain. J.J. swung down by vine drew and fired at the spitter which confronted by a larger opponent turned and ran off into the shard grass.

Because Kahn's briefing on the saline solution was fresh in his mind he did not even think twice but snatch out the liter of solution and dosed the young kurabunga's wounds with it. The solution did dilute the acid and halted any further damage but the youth was obviously in extreme pain. J.J. scooped him up on a shoulder and headed back toward the village. The youth was suffering so he hurried as fast as he could but the heat and exertion was taxing even his high stamina.

Dr. Redd seemed to be in her glory as a scientist. She was ecstatic to be studying a new sapient species. She began to suggest that she would stay at the village and continue her work while the rest of the team investigated either the crashed ship to the south or the outpost somewhere to the east. If need be she would turn her chronocom on and check in every 5 days with the team for as long as they remained within range of the device.
At the village Kahn and Dr. Redd quickly treated him and used some of the kurabunga's hootch to knock him out so he would sleep.
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Re: Meet the Kurrabunga

Postby rattraveller » Tue May 07, 2013 3:57 pm

Grekka still votes for going to the crash site to get more information and possibly more supplies. Not to observe JJ without alot more pirates running around. No not that.
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Re: Meet the Kurrabunga

Postby corkman » Wed May 08, 2013 3:02 pm

Kriss agrees that they should visit the crash site first, "I also think that we need to check out the pirate outpost to see if we can contact someone to get us off of this place and tell them what is going on so no one else goes through this. I'm sure some of you gun people would want more firepower and use a robot or two to get us some back up."
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Re: Meet the Kurrabunga

Postby jedion357 » Wed May 08, 2013 7:28 pm

BIC at the Deposition:
Kahn complied a table of organization on a piece of animal vellum
SDS Devil's Reach, (called a cruiser but somewhere between Frigate and destroyer in class) Captained by the Star Devil (V), First officer and hatchet being Rixx'xx (V)

SDS Lucky Devil (Thruster class) formally Skragg's ship

SDS Devil May Care (Thruster class) Captain Shinder (D)

SDS Devil's Gambit (Thruster Class) Captian Sayzan (Y)

SDS Devil's Delight- crashed in the desert

Slave City Captain Straub (H), officers: Blackie (D), Pearl (H), Bull (D), Smokie Jo (H), Goldtooth (Y), Rummie Bill (H), and Mister “M” (V)

Outpost 1 commanded by Willie O'Dell who does not bear the rank of captain but is speculated to be on the fast track

Landing Field: commanded by Black Jack Olson

Who might gain command of the Lucky Devil now that Skragg is gone? Possibly Straub or Willie.
Who are the most dangerous: the Star Devil and Rixx'xx, the two women: Pearl and Sayzan are also exceptionally cold blooded.

IC days after the duel and everyone is fully healed and rested up and the team is discussing options:
Kahn looked around the assemblage of the team and said, "Well we have several votes for checking out the pirate ship, I've checked with the chief and the kurabunga will give ups water bladders as much as we can carry but I think we should just carry the weapons we want and have the robot carry as much water as it can tolerate without breaking down. Dr Redd wants to remain the kurabunga and continue studying them and can watch after whatever equipment we leave behind. We have the compass bearing that previous team took when the sighted the pirate ship going down. Our best bet might be to go straight to the ship and straight back here so we can reprovision then search out the outpost to the east especially since we might be able to use the trees for cover traveling east. Sound like a plan?"

J.J. was checking his gear, it was essentially the same emergency pack that had been on the lifeboat. He noticed a furry face at the hut window but it was not surprising. It was Keeno, the youth he had carried back to the village after he'd been sprayed with acid. Keeno had developed a little bit of hero worship.
Calling him in he kidded around with the youth then asked him to watch over the stuff they were leaving behind.

Latter he sat by the fire surrounded by kurabunga youth who were pointing and whispering at Kahn who was performing a martial arts sword kata. In the shadows a vrusk quietly observing, wondering, noting...

Rigel, Kriss and Gedion, as the three members who had shone the propensity for scouting conferred over the notes and compass bearing left by the previous team. Rigel had had formal survival training and seemed to be confident to following a compass bearing with a compass though any of then should be able to do it. Still actual skill and practice at land nav wouldn't hurt.

Dalmar sidled up to Grekka, "You do good work, the robot looks ready to go."
He did note that who she was watching and wondered if there was going to be a problem. Perhaps her cop instincts were dead on? Kahn had taken to the new guy but then Kahn was prone to swings of emotion and perhaps his past as a priest meant he was prone to try to see the best in people.
A second year delivery driver who still could not back up his van told me, "Its Not that I Cant back it up a van its that I Dont want to." Funny I use to say the same about sex in high School.
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