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Volturnus Geographic

Postby jedion357 » Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:49 pm

Due in part to the fact that we all have access to all the rule books and modules (well you should have access to everything since its quite possible to download everything from some place on the web) and in part due to the nature of PBP game its going to be kind of hard to convey the wonder of discovery with plants, animals and artifacts on Volturnus. You are free to embellish your posts if you like with some of the wonder that your character must be experiencing.

I'm creating this thread to be a record of everything that the two characters with environmental skill (one a NPC and one a PC) have scanned, observed or studied and for that matter what the rest of the team has observed. It will be a record of player character knowledge about Volturnus.

Bachanda Trees: Detailed scans available. 50m tall with broad branches radiating out. Branches sprout tendrils and roots that reach the ground and anchor/stabilize the branches. Roots and tendrils are so entangled at ground level to make passing between trees impassible.

Shard grass: Detailed scans available. succulent grass that grows a hard and sharp sided outer coating that is fragile like glass. Walking in shard glass is extremely hazardous as it will shred boots and clothing and skin.

Spitter: Name tentative Detailed scans available. Medium sized reptile that spits a digestive acid on shard grass to dissolve the hard outer sheath before eating the succulent leaf. Animal appears harmless unless disturbed.

Scraak: Name tentative only vocal recordings and photos taken in poor light available- no scans. Small bird like ambush predator. Highly active at night but also seen during the day.
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