House Rules

The details of the background data and house rules can be found on the A Pale Beginning wiki page for this gime. This forum is for discussions of that information

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House Rules

Postby Robinson » Wed May 16, 2018 8:22 am


So me and another player, after quite a few losses on my side to the ever popular air-tilery, we came up w 2 ways to make this more like I beleive the game was intended to be. Its just a house rule both players agree to, and off you go!
Artillery are too heavy for the skyhooks. Quite simple, no artilery in the air!
A player can only have so many artillery at a time. 3 works pretty good. But they can board the skyhooks.
Try a game with both.... Really brings the value of the other units out.
Im Sowilo in game, feel free to friend me and we can throw down.... You pick the house rule.....

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