Site News:
2009.06.03 - The domain name for this site has now changed. The new domain is Please updated your bookmarks and links accordingly.

2008.12.09 - Some small improvements to chat. Added a d10 and d100 die roller that puts your rolls into the chat window. I also updated the Chat link at the top of the forums pages to show the number of people currently in the chat rooms.

2008.11.21 - Created a UserVoice forum for the site. This is a place where you can post requests suggests for feature changes and additions to the site. Just click on the little feedback icon to the right of the Site news.

2008.10.16 - Set the site Code Repository. We can now start storing software projects on site.

2008.10.03 - Jump Routes page updated. Added a few more links plus functionality for the community to add links of their own. If you have a Star Frontiers page or know of one we don't have a link to, drop on over and add it to the list.

Welcome to the Frontier!

The Star Frontiers Network is your jump point for all things Star Frontiers. We've got links to the main Star Frontiers community sites plus as many other sites as we know about. In addition to serving as a jump gate to Star Frontiers web sites we also provide many tools and resources for on-line gaming and Star Frontiers related software development. On the Star Frontiers Network you will find:

  • Known Jump Routes of the Frontier – A listing of known, working links to Star Frontiers resources on the web.
  • The Frontier Software Development and Gaming Forums - Focused on discussions about on-going Star Frontiers software development and provides a location for hosting on-line Star Frontiers games.
  • The Frontier Code Repository – This is a version control system that can be used to store source code, images, distribution packages and other resources for Star Frontiers related software projects.
  • Frontier Data Storage - An FTP site that users can use to store art, documents, etc.
  • Star Frontiers Art Gallery – Fan generated Star Frontiers artwork.
  • OpenRPG game server – We have a local private OpenRPG game server for those gamers that just want to do it live and don't want to have to worry about finding a general use server.
  • Communication Nexus – Traditional text chat rooms for community discussions that you are just too impatient to discuss in the forums. In addition we have a Ventrilo audio chat server that users can connect to and talk in person. An excellent addition to the OpenRPG virtual table top for “almost in person” gaming.

So browse around and go lose yourself in the Frontier.

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