New Items for Star Frontiers

Here are some items I have collected together from postings to the Star Frontiers Listserv. I hated to see them disappear. Those items collected are posted with permission.  Where possible, I will post the author's email address and name.

Sling Pack. (LC-B)

A sling pack looks like a normal bandolier sling for
a rifle. However it can hold upto four standard powerclips and has an
adapter like a power beltpack. The sling draws from each clip in
sequence and can be reloaded at any time. It can only power one weapon.
The sling can be modified to be worn as a belt and used to power a
pistol if necessary.

Cost: 40
Mass: 0.75 (Empty)

Weapon Type: SAW

Damage: 8d10 / burst
Ammo: 20-round belt (may link up to 5)
Rate: 2 bursts / belt
Defense: Inertia

PB Short Medium  Long Extreme
0-20 21-50 51-120 121-250 251-500

Weapon Mass: 8 kg
Weapon Cost: 1200 Cr
Ammo Belt Mass: 0.5 kg
Ammo Belt Cost: 5 Cr

NOTES: Available to military / paramilitary only - otherwise strictly illegal on all UPF member worlds (though common on cesspools like Outer Reach or Laco during the War there). Also note that the SAW costs just enough that 5 at the same price as 3 full-size MG's - any cheaper, and the SAW would probably have replaced the MG entirely, even with the shorter range, being that the other heavy weapons all have better range, more punch or both than the MG as written...

Wouldn't want to make the SAW too attractive or it'd screw up game logic such as it is.  So, that's my 2 cents on that one. (Kveldulf)