Class: G7 Sub-Giant
Stability: 88%
No. of Planets and belts: 3 + 1

Frigidia (3rd Planet)

Orbit: 70
Type: Solid Giant
Gravity: 1.3389756
Length of Day: 22.6 Hours
Length of Year: 2717.0 Local Days [Earth Years = 7.0]
Average Temperature: 10oC
Axial Tilt: 29o
Diameter: 14278.414 km
Hydrosphere: 6%/Water - Slightly acidic
Atmospheric Density/Weather/Pressure: 40%/Turbulent Weather/1.22
Climate/Terrain: Sub-arctic/Mountainous
Population: 60% Humans, 20% Vrusk, 20% Others

Description: Frigidia is the only planet supporting life in the Holm system. It is a dismal planet covered by dark green noxious clouds. Only 5 colonies exist near the equator - located near the base of a vast mountain range that stretches across the land. The colony centres - many hundred of miles apart - are linked by huge tunnels that also act as fungal farming areas. The largest colony is called Spector II and it houses the largest artificial subterranean cavern in this sector. Within this cavern is a vast farm of several types of fungi. They are considered a wondrous delicacy throughout the Federation.

Cities of Note (in order of population size):

Adventure Hooks: Unique Flora and Fauna: Aabader, Jharzzlark, Lumbeni, Prytl