Ritter's Star

Class: M7 Main Sequence Star
Stability: 92%
No. of Planets and belts: 16

Ritter's Rockhole (4th Planet)

Orbit: 69
Type: Solid, Normal
Gravity: 0.5801831
Length of Day: 52.8 Hours
Length of Year: 215.8 Local Days[Earth Year = 1.3]
Average Temperature: 22oC
Axial Tilt: 6o
Diameter: 1852.547 km
Hydrosphere: 68%/Water
Atmospheric Density/Weather/Pressure: 25%/Moderate Weather/1.08
Climate/Terrain: Warm/Hills
Population: 40% Dralasites, 28% Humma, 20% Yazirian, 12% Others

Description:  Mapped and named by an independent explorer team, Ritter's Rockhole is the only habitable planet of this star system.Brownish clouds obscure part of the reddish hilly surface. There are a great number of cities found by the edge of the largest sea called Symphalia Ocean. Of note is the beautiful Dralasite city of Dondar that is built within a huge natural formation of reddish crystals. The Symphalia Ocean provides the main source of food for Ritter's Rockhole - and it is viciously fished by great fleets. Fortunately, the main food source (which incidentally looks like a giant purple salmon) called "Shalvars" breed very fast to replenish the food supply.

Cities of Note (in order of population size):

Adventure Hooks: Unique Flora and Fauna: Darrla, Kelosaur, Shalvar, Vhin-gum