Class: G5 Giant (Yellow)
Stability: 76%
No. of Planets and Belts: 11

Salm (2nd Planet)

Orbit: 50
Type: Solid
Gravity: 0.7886
Length of Day: 110.4 Hours
Length of Year: 349.4 Local Days [Earth Year = 4.4]
Average Temperature: 45oC
Axial Tilt: 6o
Diameter: 3111.946 km
Hydrosphere: 4%/Water
Atmospheric Density/Weather/Pressure: 40%/Turbulent Weather/1.22
Climate/Terrain: Desert/Mountainous
Population: 50% Dralasites, 30% Yazirian, 10% Human, 10% Others

Description: Salm is an arid planet enriched with important minerals. The general population is housed in two huge domed cities on Salm and they are located near the largest sea - named simply the North Polar Sea. The larger domed city is called P'Salm (built atop a high plateau). Both domed cities are cooled by using the cool water from the North Polar Sea. All interstellar ships are required by government law to dock in the Grand Space Dock located a few miles from P'Salm's dome. P'Salm is pictured in the drawing - You can see the North Polar Sea in the background as the Assault Frigate cruises out for a patrol.

The main mining stations are located in high mountains found at the equator. Travel to/from the equator is risky as pirates have built secret bases in well-hidden areas. These pirates constantly ambush shipment of ores and strand survivors on mountain peaks where they are left to die - bodies are normally found "baked" by the unrelenting Aliby sun (despite the great height and strong winds of the mountain range).

Cities of Note (in order of population size):

Adventure Hooks: Unique Flora and Fauna: Fopple, Granzil, K'riz Dar, Tundu