Class: G8 Giant (Yellow)
Stability: 84%
No. of Planets and Belts: 5 + 3

Zah-Kit (3rd Planet)

Orbit: 55
Type: Solid
Gravity: 0.8955
Length of Day: 20.4 Hours
Length of Year: 469.4 Local Days [Earth Year = 1.09]
Average Temperature: 42oC
Axial Tilt: 1o
Diameter: 5131.882 km
Hydrosphere: 12%/Water
Atmospheric Density/Weather/Pressure: 10%/Mild Weather/0.97
Climate/Terrain: Desert/Rocky
Population: 40% Vrusk, 20% Dralasite, 20% Human, 10% Others

Description: Zah-Kit is the first planet that was colonized in the Fonn system. Most of the planet is a huge rocky desert with temperatures soaring to a high of 69oC during noon near the equator. In the south pole is a large but relatively shallow body of water, the Jannyce Sea, with warm ocean currents and waves that lap gently at the rock-strewn coastline. The shores of the sea hold the greatest number of inhabitants of the planet in no less than five bustling urban centres. Across the desert in the northern hemisphere is Brackish Lake where two cities attempt to eke out an existence by fishing and mining. Incidentally, an interesting story about the desert is often repeated to awe visitors. The Curnowski Desert is named in honor of the sole human who made a trek from the city of Katl'Klik to Yahl Pagh by foot. And, Curnowski only did it to raise money for charity. Curnowski made a second attempt to walk from Helmdun to Fodah, but he never made it back alive.

Cities of Note (in order of population size):

Adventure Hooks: Unique Flora and Fauna: Other than several specimens of cacti-like plants, a handful of small fish-like creatures and zoo-plankton that inhabit the Jannyce Sea, there are no other significant forms of indigineous lifeform on the planet.

Purcell (4th Planet)

Orbit: 84
Type: Solid
Gravity: 1.2114
Length of Day: 48.2 Hours
Length of Year: 2741.8 Local Days [Earth Year = 15.09]
Average Temperature: -17oC
Axial Tilt: 42o
Diameter: 8432.851 km
Hydrosphere: 65%/Ice
Atmospheric Density/Weather/Pressure: 34%/Turbulent Weather/1.49
Climate/Terrain: Freezing/Mountainous
Population: 40% Human, 35% Yazirian, 15% Ifshnit, 10% Others

Description: Purcell is the second habitable planet in the Fonn System whose freezing temperature and hazardous weather is a constant bane to the few millions who eke out their existence there. The mountainous planet is covered by a huge glacial landmass christened the Razor Sea. Its few cities are either built into the mountains or covered by huge domes that keep the deadly cold and overwhelming blizzards out. Not surprisingly, people continue trickling to Purcell and set up residences here because of its many job opportunities in the industry. Most of this industry deals in water/ice purification processing and the planet finds itself exporting huge amounts of packed ice or water to its sister planet Zah-Kit, and other neighbouring systems in dire need of water. Recently set up, huge terraforming devices - a marvellous ingenuity of Frontier engineering - tirelessly work to warm the planet (against the wishes of several industrial companies).

Cities of Note (in order of population size):

Adventure Hooks: Unique Flora and Fauna: Burrow Worms are the chief inhabitants of this planet. These large worms live is the Razor Sea and they survive by eating ice. Their bodies are covered by a thick chitinous armor and they use their huge mandibled-mouth to bash through the ice.