Class: K7 Sub-Giant (Orange)
Stability: 89%
No. of Planets and belts: 2 + 2

Crasepe (1st Planet)

Orbit: 64
Type: Solid Giant
Gravity: 0.99654
Length of Day: 24.51 Hours
Length of Year: 785.3 Local Days [Earth Year = 2.19]
Average Temperature: 26oC
Axial Tilt: 4o
Diameter: 15163.908 km
Hydrosphere: 42%/Water
Atmospheric Density/Weather/Pressure: 17%/Moderate Weather/1.09
Climate/Terrain: Tropical/Hilly
Population: 25% Humans, 24% Yazirian, 21% Vrusk, 21% Dralasite, 10% Others

Description: The Crasepe System (pronounced "Krer-sepp") is considered the heart of the Palalyrn Cluster. When the research starship, UPF Goldenflight (see Palalyrn Cluster timeline) successfully completed its first interstellar hyperjump in 424 f.y., it emerged near the Crasepe System. And the rest, as they say, is history. Till this present date, almost 300 years later, the population of the sole habitable planet, also called Crasepe, has grown tremendously due to the continuous influx of migrants and adventurers from the Core Systems (which is the collective name for the Frontier Sector and the Rim Coalition).

Most of the planet Crasepe is a land mass punctuated by alien forests, crystalline growths, and rolling hills. The one exception is the Crasepe Great Rift which cuts across thousands of miles at the equator. Crasepe has a single sea named the Jewel Sea named for the scintillating reflections of the Crasepe sun on the water. There are no indigenous intelligent lifeforms and only a few animals are noteworthy. Perhaps, the most famous and interesting creature of Crasepe is the Reezen which is described below.

Cities of Note (in order of population size):

Adventure Hooks: Unique Flora and Fauna: