Class: G9 Giant (Yellow)
Stability: 82%
No. of Planets and belts: 1 + 3

Jamayca (1st planet)

Orbit: 64
Type: Solid
Gravity: 1.33752
Length of Day: 36.00 Hours
Length of Year: 719.9 Local Days [Earth Year = 2.19]
Average Temperature: 26oC
Axial Tilt: 4o
Diameter: 15163.908 km
Hydrosphere: 41%/Water
Atmospheric Density/Weather/Pressure: 17%/Moderate Weather/1.09
Climate/Terrain: Very Humid/Varies from mountainous to swampy
Population: Locals: 50% Humans, 30% Dralasite, 10% Yazirian, 5% Vrusk, 5% Others. Tourists: Mixed

Description:  Creole has much to offer as a tourist and adventure paradise. It is not surprising to find the influx of tourists swelling all year round with visitors coming from all over the Frontier. The main attractions are Jamayca - the only planet of the system; the third asteroid belt - more commonly known as the Jewels of Andrysa; and the huge Rest and Relaxation Space Station (RRS Class I) - Olympium - that orbits halfway between Jamayca and the first asteroid belt.

Cities of Note (in order of population size):

Adventure Hooks: Anything goes.

Unique Flora and Fauna: Varied.