Knight Hawk Scenarios

Three scenarios are available, please select a link from the table below:

Friend or Foe? The Rescue

The Sathar Onslaught 

Friend or Foe?

"We've got them cornered like rats! There's no way those pirates are gonna get away this time!" Ensign Blagh-dar was typically cocky as ever... after all, it was the Dralasite's third battle in the Creole system, and a good chance at a well-deserved promotion and R&R later on the lush planet of Jamayca...

"Wait... there's something wrong here... I detect several different signatures entering the sector. Oh no, it's the Sathar! What do we do, Sir?"

Before the UPF Officer could reply, the Ensign blurted a mouthful of Dralasite expletives and exclaimed, "We've got two new bogeys... and they ain't anything Id has seen before... Shower me with human mouthwash! (otherwise also read as "Cripes!") Sir, these new ships appear to be made from organic material and extrapolation indicates that they are heading straight for our target."

Alien Ships (2 ship counters)

2 UFOs

UFOs: HP 180 ADF 2 MR 4 DCR 150

Weapons: 4 DC, 2 EB, 2 PB, 4 LB, 10 T, 15 RB

Defences: RH, ES, PS, SS, 4 MS, 12 ICM

Pirate Ships (7 ship counters + 60 asteroid counters + 10 mine couters)

4 Corvettes

1 Space Station

2 Frigate Cutters


Corvettes: HP 35 ADF 3 MR 3 DCR 60

Weapons: LC, LB

Defences: RH, 2 MS


Asteroid Station: HP 140 ADF 0 MR 0 DCR 75

Weapons: 2 LB, 4 RB

Defences: 6 ICM


Frigate Cutter: HP 40 ADF 4 MR 3 DCR 70

Weapons: LC, 4 RB, 1 LB, 2 T

Defences: RH, 2 MS, 4 ICM

Sathar Ships (11 ship counters)

1 Assault Carrier

5 Fighters based on Assault Carrier

1 Heavy Cruiser

3 Destroyers

1 Assault Scout

See KH Rule Book

UPF Ships (12 ship counters)


1 Assault Carrier

5 Fighters based on Assault Carrier

1 Light Cruiser

4 Frigates

1 Assault Scout

See KH Rule Book

Setting Up Procedure:

The Pirates player should use at least 60 upside-down counters as asteroids in this scenario. The asteroids lie in a "belt"  that divides the map in two. The Pirate Space Station must be placed adjacent to a single asteroid that does not border on other asteroids. At least three clear travel routes should lead from the base, through the asteroids, to open space. These routes may be as crooked and winding as possible. The pirate ships may attain any speeds they like and are hiding within the asteroid belt. A clear travel route should lead from each ship, through the asteroids to open space. 

The Sathar will enter the map from one of the narrow edges and the Sathar player must announce which edge it will be before the UPF places his ships. The UPF player then places his ships on the opposite narrow edge. All UPF ships must have the same speed.

The Sathar player is the third to place his ships on his chosen map edge. All Sathar ships must have the same speed but 1 higher than the UPF ships.

The Pirates player should also now locate 12 mines on unoccupied hexes. These locations should be given to the Aliens player. The Aliens player will now place his two ships on either wide map edge. The Aliens will have an initial speed of 4.

The UPF are the attackers in this scenario and will start first. The Sathar moves next, then the Pirates and finally the Aliens.

Victory Conditions:


A special victory condition which is to destroy the Pirate Space Station. Success gives an extra 8VP. (The reason behind this attack is that the aliens treat the asteroid as an important religious shrine of sorts.)


Obtains 8VP for surrendering to UPF. Pirate player cooperates fully with UPF till end of game and gets VP for destroying any Sathar/Alien ship. If UPF and Pirates are victorious, Pirate player still gets 18VP for surviving the battle. However, final results ranking always places UPF player in first position even if Pirate player has a higher Victory Point score. Cooperation results help determine 2nd, 3rd, 4th place.

  Escape Destroy a ship Last to Survive

Max: 55VP for  surviving and destroying all enemies

Not allowed

2 VP for Assault Carriers

1 VP for all others

15 VP

Max: 54VP for retreating, 55.5 VP for surviving and destroying all enemies, 45.5 VP for surrending and destroying all enemies

7 VP per ship that leaves the map and 12 VP for evacuating space station (which takes 4 turns using a Frigate Cutter or 2 turns each using 2 Corvettes). Evacuated space station becomes a floating derelict for rest of game 1.5 VP for any 18 VP (if any ship escapes at all, this award is not given to the Pirates Player)

Max: 55.5VP for surviving and destroying all enemies

Not allowed

3 VP for UPF

1.5 VP for Pirates/Alien

6 VP

Max: 54VP for surviving and destroying all enemies, 47VP for cooperating with and not destroying a single Pirate ship

Not allowed

2 VP for Alien

1 VP for Pirates

3 VP for Sathar

10 VP

The Rescue

"Alright! Docking is complete. (click-click) Start immediate evacuation of the Liner Capriccia. (click)"

The Vrusk, Kerzah K'rin, turned and grinned at me. "This time we did well, no?"

"Yeah," I nodded, "and once we get them all, we can head on home and relax... This is boring Kerz... I signed on with Star Law for fun and adventure. Look at what we're doing now... Helping a poor old lady whose heart gave out on her as she finishes the last leg of her space cruise to nowhere.  And why any tourist would want to see a bunch of floating rocks in space is beyond me... If this is the only action we're gonna see for the rest of our lives... well, you know what... when we return to base, I gonna ask for a transfer... or maybe I'll just as well quit and return planetside!" 

Kerzah as always, did his best to console me - his impatient human friend - by patting me on the shoulder. 

"Umm... Kerz... did you see that? Something just... Cowabunga!" The next minute I knew, I was shouting at the top of my voice into the communicator, "RED ALERT! Sathar are here! RED ALERT!"

Sathar Ships (10 ship counters)

3 Heavy Cruisers

3 Destroyers

4 Assault Scouts

See KH Rule Book

UPF Ships (15 ship counters)


1 Liner

2 Frigate Rescuers

2 Assault Scouts


4 turns later:

1 Light Cruiser

2 Destroyers

3 Frigate

4 Assault Scout

Liner: HP 75 ADF 0 MR 0 DCR 0

Weapons: Nil

Defences: Nil

Note: All passengers would have been evacuated at the start of the scenario.


Frigate Rescuers: HP 40 ADF 2 MR 1 DCR 70

Weapons: LC, 4 RB, LB, 2 T

Defences: RH, 2 MS, 5 ICM

See KH Rule Book for all other ships

Setting Up Procedure:

The UPF player places the disabled Liner and places it in the center of the map. He may then place at least 60 asteroid counters on the map forming a belt that crosses the map from top to bottom. There must be at least 5 clear paths to each side of the map. The two frigates are placed next to the Liner while the 2 Assault Scouts are placed within 5 hexes of the first group. Their initial speed is zero. It will take one turn to evacuate the Liner. 

Next, the Sathar player places his ships on one of the short map edges. The initial speeds for all Sathar ships can range from 6-9.

Four turns later, the UPF reinforcements enter from the opposite edge from where the Sathar started.

Special Rules:

The UPF Frigate Rescuers are not allowed to leave the map until after four turns. Their ADF and MR ratings have been modified as shown above. This is due to the overloaded status of the Frigates Rescuers. Moreover, this directive was made by some ("stupid") high-up officer in order to reduce any discomfort/fear to the rescued passengers.

The other UPF ships must stay behind to slug it out to the end.

Victory Conditions:

Destroying the two Frigate Rescuers gives an immediate victory to the Sathar player. Destroying no Frigate Rescuers gives an immediate defeat to the Sathar player.

If only one Frigate Rescuer escapes, the Sathar must slug it out with the rest of the UPF ships. The game is considered a draw as long as only assault scouts remain for both forces.

The Sathar Onslaught

"Look at the size of that fleet... Game over, man! Game over!"

"Ahhh... shaddup, Ensign Hudson!"

Hudson looks up at the Captain and meekly says, "Sir! I think I wet my pants..."

Sathar Ships (24 ship counters)

1 Assault Carrier

8 Fighters based on the Assault Carrier

2 Heavy Cruisers

4 Destroyers

3 Frigates

6 Assault Scouts

See KH Rule Book

UPF Ships (16 ship counters)


1 Assault Carrier

5 Fighters based on the Assault Carrier

1 Fortress Space Station

1 Light Cruiser

1 Minelayer

1 Frigate

3 Assault Scouts

Fortress Space Station: HP 300 ADF 0 MR 0 DCR 200

Weapons: 3 LB, EB, PB, 12 RB

Defences: RH, 3 MS, ES, PS, 20 ICM

See KH Rule Book for all other ships


Setting Up Procedure:

Place a planet counter in the middle of the map with the Fortress Space Station in orbit arount it.

The Sathar player will enter from one of the narrow edges. He sets up his ships first and all are travelling at a speed of 6.

The UPF player then places his ships within 15 hexes of the Fortress Space Station, travelling at any speed desired.

Special Rules:

All fighters in this scenario are docked.

Victory Conditions:

If the Sathar player destroys all UPF ships, he will be the victor. If the UPF player destroys the Assault Carrier, Frigates, Destroyers, and Heavy Cruisers, he will be the victor. If all of the ships on both sides have been destroyed and the other side has only fighters remaining, however, the game is a draw.