UPF Frigate Deck Plans

(Well, finally got off my lazy butt and decided I'd share my deck plans with the world at large... so Enjoy!)

Back when I played Star Frontiers at a feverish pace (probably when I was 16 years old?), I ran a scenario that required several bold heroes to board and capture a hijacked UPF Frigate. Alas, the Knight Hawks Boxed Set only provide Deck Plans for the Assault Scout... so I sat down and took out a box of color pencils, and, lo and behold, I had drawn 9 decks for the UPF Frigate!

Follow the links below to view the deck plans for the UPF Frigate. Note that Decks 1, 6, and 8 are exact replicas (but colorized versions) of the deck plans found on page 23 of the Knight Hawks Expansion Rules Book.

Decks 1 - 3
Decks 4 - 6
Decks 7 - 9

Rendered images

Agricultural Space Station

(created using VRML, Photoshop, and Capture program).