Deadly Diseases
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"Do not board... We have a Priority One quarantine situation aboard the UPF Station Kaldar. Twenty-two crew members have been infected by the dreaded Crond virus, I repeat, do not board!" the wracked and tired voice came through the communicator. I turned to look at our Medical Officer, and asked, "What are we to do, Ryztik?" The Osakar looked at me and said, "Nothing... perhaps we should, what do you humans call it, pray for the dying..."

Name of Illness Races Affected Incubation/
Symptoms Cause/Cure
(Vaccine available)
All Inc:1d10 days 

Qua: Inc + 3d10 days

Highly irritating rash which begin as raised red spots that eventually turn green with pus. 

Terminal stage: Non-fatal but scars will remain (-1d10 from PER)

Cause: Virus reproduces in cool damp vents, highly contagious from about three days before the rash appears until all wounds heal 

Cure: Requires at least Lvl 4 Medical Expert.

BlackDeath Rot 
(No vaccine)
Dral, Human, Yaz Inc: 2d5 hours 

Qua: 2d5 days

Nausea, Vommiting, Fatigue, Bleeding from the nose, Severe coughing accompanied by stomanch cramps, Skin turns black in blotches 

Terminal stage: Death

Cause: Not known (i.e., it's up to the Referee to be inventive) 

Cure: Requires at least Lvl 4 Medical Expert who will subject through a blood cleansing device (cost 10,000Cr).

Blue Plague
(Vaccine available)
All Inc: 1d10 weeks

Qua: Inc + 4d10 days

Large blue welts appear about the face and extremities. These welts leave horrible black scars even if the victim survives the plague. Thought to have been eradicated back in 27 f.y., the virus has unfortunately reappeared in the Palalyrn Cluster.

Terminal stage: Death (50%) or black scars will remain (-1d10 from PER)

Cause: An alien vessel that crashed on Starmist carried the virus and subsequently other systems were infected due to ships carrying a mutated strain.

Cure: A cure was discovered at the MSO Research Centre on Morgaine's World but it requires a Lvl 4 Medical Expert to deliver an injection during the quarantine stage (cost 2,000Cr).

Crond's Disease
(No vaccine)
All Inc: 2d10 days 

Qua: Inc + 8d10 days

Fatigue, Cough, Diarrhoea, Blue-black patches on skin accompanied by pus growths, sight and hearing capability usually reduced 

Terminal stage: Ends in death (50%) or blindness (30%) or deafness (10%) or victim is completely immune (10%)

Cause: Virus found inhabiting freezers. Suspected to have come from a cold planets. Highly contagious but method of spreading unknown. 

Cure: None

(Vaccine available)
All except humans Inc: 2d5 hours 

Qua: 2d10 months

Equivalent to human leprosy - Colorless blotches develop, Accompanied by gradual loss of sensation, paralysis and deformity. 

Terminal Stage: For each month of the disease there is a 5% chance of -1d5 from DEX and PER (Min score: 1).

Cause: Bacteria attacking nerves and skin. Infection occurs from direct skin contact with an infected person. 

Cure: None

Junal's Fear
(No vaccine)
All Inc: 1d5 days 

Qua: Inc + 1d5 days

High Fever, Swollen Glands, Drives infected person berserk with rage (+1d5 to all attributes during this period) 

Terminal Stage: Full recovery but -1d5 from all attributes. Subsequently immune.

Cause: Suspected to be bioengineered by the Sathar to wipe out all SF known races... but it does not seem effective once treated 

Cure: Requires a Lvl 6 Medical Expert who will issue a 5,000Cr anti-serum.

(No vaccine)
All Inc: 2d10 days 

Qua: Inc + 2d5 months

Early symptoms are Headache, Loss of weight and appetite, Fever. Final day of incubation stage results in Painful Blisters, High Fever, Profuse sweating for races with sweat pores, Onset of psychotic behaviour 

Terminal Stage: Death unless cured. Full recovery expected if cured.

Cause: Mystery virus. Normally occurs when long periods of living in cramped warm spaces is involved. Blister fluid carries suspected virus and is highly contagious. 

Cure: Requires a Lvl 3 Medical Expert and medicine amounting to at least 500Cr.

(No vaccine)
All especially Sathar Inc: 2d10 hours 

Qua: Inc + 4d10 hours

Sathar suffer from raised purple blotches and what appears to be excruciating convulsing pain. Other races suffer from Headache, Fever, Rashes, and ending in Shaking Chills (temporary -1d10 from STR and DEX). 

Terminal Stage: Sathar will normally die (80% chance). Humans and Vrusk completely cured.

Cause: Contagious Virus bioengineered by UPF military scientists to attack the Sathar race. However, extremely costly to reproduce (1,000,000Cr or more) 

Cure: UPF infected persons normally prescribed with a handful of vitamins and plenty of rest. Anti-serum available.

(Vaccine available)
Dral, Vrusk Inc: 2d5 years 

Qua: 2d5 days (normally confirmed with medical tests)

Scales grow on infected being, Dizzy, Rashes, Fever 

Terminal Stage: Dralasites will die (50% chance). Vrusk will go insane (50% chance). Permanent -1d5 to PER and LDR.

Cause: Virus found in rotten exotic Dralasite and Vrusk food. 

Cure: Requires a Lvl 3 Medical Expert and medicine amounting to at least 2,000Cr.

Xylixia (Strangely humans call this disease AIDS)
(Vaccine not available for other races)
All except Humans Inc: 1d6 months + dormancy of 1d10 years 

Qua: None required

Sexually Transmitted Disease that results in loss of immunity to diseases. 

Terminal Stage: Onset of other rare diseases perculiar to the affected race. Inevitably leads to death.

Cause: Human contaminated bodily fluids. Spread through wound contact and sexual activities. 

Cure: None for all races except humans, but as the humans preach, abstinence.