History of the Palalyrn Cluster

Ever wondered how the Palalyrn Cluster relates to the Frontier Sector and the Rim Coalition -- or collectively known as the Core Systems? Well, there's no need to wonder anymore. Below is a concise history timeline of the Palalyrn Cluster and it follows immediately after the one provided in Zeb's Guide.
Date (Federation Year) Here's what happened...
111 The Grand Celebration, commemorating 111 years of the UPF treaty is planned for the entire year. Gala social functions, parades, and celebrations are planned on every planet in the UPF and even some on the Rim.
[This is the final entry in Zebulon's Guide To Frontier Space]
155 Corporate war escalates between Pan-Galactic Corporation (PGC) and Streel Corporation. PGC's headquarters in Port Loren is bombed killing hundreds. Internal investigations by PGC reveal evidence that points towards Streel Corp. Not surprisingly, within scant months, Streel's Chief Executive Hilo Headow (Yazirian) is found dead under mysterious circumstances. R. Miller (Human) takes over as Chief Exec.
162 While PGC and Steel Corp. waste their resources on a lengthy war, the Cassidine Development Corporation (CDC) invests a huge sum in a secret project codenamed Project BrightStar. Conceived by Prof. K. Eastlund, Project Brightstar actually involves studies of hyperwarp technology. This technolgy considers the feasibility of folding the space-time continuum and creation of a warp hole at the to transfer a starship across vast distances. Prof. Eastlund's initial design suggested the construction of a warp gate drive
180 The Corporate war between PGC and Streel Corp. ends after PGC makes known its wishes to withdraw from the conflict. With both sides suffering great losses, a concensus is reached and the SoulStar Memorandum is signed for peace between the two mega-corps.
192 CDC begins its initial tests on their hyperwarp technology using unmanned vehicles. On all occasions, the vehicles implode and disappear.
196 Finally, the test vehicle Bronzestar IX returns intact after the implosion. With playback of recording equipment and after much careful analysis, findings reveal that the vehicle had travelled thousands of light years away.
202 In collaboration with Spacefleet, the UPF Goldenstar (a Research Starship) is utilized for the test. The UPF Bronzeflight disappears in a bright implosion and never reappears despite all accounted contingencies. All crew is considered lost.
204 Prof. K. Eastlund dies in a freak accident at the age of 64 while vacationing with his family on White Light. Either Sathar or Mechanon involvement is suspected.
224 With no clear leadership, CDC cuts Project Brightstar's funding and all research is discontinued, shelved and forgotten.
374 Almost forgotten, that is, until more than one-and-a-half century later. Prof. Eastlund's research material is "rediscovered" and a new research team takes over after CDC is convinced of the possibility of success by Prof. E. Wiley.
378 With new changes made to Prof. Eastlund's equations, Prof. Wiley's team decide to concentrate on making hyperwarp technology work for a range of only 100 light years. All attempts fail.
382 Research is interrupted by another Sathar War. Losses are great for both sides and parts of the Rim Coalition and Frontier Sector were lost to the enemy for a decade.
404 Finally, Prof. Wiley and his team realize that hyperwarp technology can never work for ranges less than 2000 light years. Several further tests with the unmanned test vehicle dubbed Silverstar VII is highly successful. Live specimens placed aboard the Silverstar VII return unharmed after the rimward trip to a desolate area of space almost 10,000 light years away.
414 Funding is increased, and again with collaboration, but this time from all the mega-corporations chipping in as well, constructions of a special Research Starship called the Goldenflight is begun.
422 Final calculations are made, and the target chosen is the Palalyrn Cluster located rimward and above the galactic hyperplane. The Palalyrn Cluster is located about 8500 light years away from the Core Systems (the collective name given to denote the Frontier Sector and the Rimward Coalition).
423 Prof. Wiley dies of natural causes and never gets to see his dream come true.
424 UPF Goldenflight successfully completes its interstellar hyperjump.
429 Subsequent trips setup a colony on Crasepe (pronounced "Krer-sepp").
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725 Present day.