Nemn Tiu's Missions
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[The following should sound very familiar:]  

We were relaxing in Soller's Chili Parlor after our last adventure when our communicators simultaneously signalled another incoming call. That could only mean it was Nemn Tiu, our contact at PGC. I shook my head in mock irritation and answered for the group, "Whadaya want now?"

The tiny Dralasite face of Tiu broke off into a wide smile as he said, "Ahhh... I'm glad I've got all of you together. What kind of grungy eating place are you in? It looks like the insides of a human intestine. Ha ha ha (pauses)... hey, don't give me that sour look... Anyway, nice job on stopping the defector. But, I called to tell you that while following up on some interesting leads, I believe I have a job here that you might..."

I almost lost control there, and only just managed to stop myself from shouting out loud, "Your last job nearly cost our lives... and we just wanna spend some R&R on this planet here. So get off our back and give your suicidal missions to some other groupa dimwits!"

For once, Tiu looked genuinely disappointed, "All right," he said, "if you're not at all interested in the 400 credits, I'm not gonna force you to..."

Four hundred credits! We looked at each other, and I curled my lips in a knowing smile. "What's the job?" I asked.

Anything appearing in white text is for the referee to customize.

Adventure Hook #001

Location: Planetside, Desert

Job Description: "Your mission, if you accept it, is to tail... ahem, I mean, discreetly follow a Dr. Henry Spitzer, Head Department of Physics/Xenobiology/etc. of the University of XXXX for the whole of next week and report his daily activities. Your reward will be 50 Cr per day of information."

Referee Options: Choose one of the following mission alternatives.

  1. Dr. Spitzer is a Sathar Spy who is covertly releasing top secret information on research being done in the University of XXXX. His Sathar contact can be found in the desert. The hidden complex is guarded by mercenaries.

  2. In the middle of the week, Dr. Spitzer is kidnapped and taken somewhere to identify several items (photos/artifacts). If the heroes do not interfere, the poor doctor could probably wind up dead in the desert.

  3. Dr. Spitzer is embezzling funds from the University of XXXX and this is affecting the budgets of some of the more prominent projects there. One sponsor who learns of the embezzlement sends the good doctor a present - a handful of thugs.

Adventure Hook #002

Location: Planetside, City

Job Description: "Your mission, if you accept it, is to enter the sewers/train tunnel/etc. and confirm that the rumors of a monster is untrue. I know it's gonna be a dirty job so I am being generous and will offer you 100 Cr up front and another 400 Cr later when you complete your task and return with evidence."

Referee Options: Choose one of the following mission alternatives.

  1. The monster is real. It's a humongous, ravenous, vicious and down-right ugly, mutant carnivore. Hmm... what caused it to mutate?

  2. The monster is real. It's a rogue sewage/tunnel/etc. maintenance droid that has been affected by a mysterious sentient gaseous life form. 

  3. The monster is a hoax. It's a front, however, for some nasty organization that is smuggling in illegal contraband.

  4. The monster is a hoax. It really is. And the adventurers waste their time and effort for a lousy 100 Cr.

Adventure Hook #003

Location: Off-planet, Station

Job Description: "Your mission, if you accept it, is to take a pit stop at Space Station XXXX. My sources say that something big is gonna happen there. I need you guys to be there to find out what it is and put an end to it. You will get 100 Cr for every day spent on the job. This is an important one guys, so don't blow it!"

Referee Options: Choose one of the following mission alternatives.

  1. Sathar agents are planting a bomb to breach the hull and destroy the station. Players notice suspicious characters or chances upon crucial parts needed to build the bomb.

  2. A visit by some high-up person springs a pleasant and welcome surprise for everyone. During his stay, the heroes stumble upon an assassination plot and time is running out.

  3. A mega-corporation conference/symposium goes awry as terrorists take over part of the station. The characters are caught up in the action and have to avert the impending disaster.

Adventure Hook #004

Location: Planetside, Jungle

Job Description: "Your mission, if you accept it, is to rescue a bunch of tourists (20 of them) from terrorists. As you have seen recently in the local news, these terrorists are making impossible demands of the local government. Those monsters intend to throw a severed head to the seas encased in a float for the local Star Law Force to find every single day starting from tomorrow. Fortunately, a source has provided me the exact location of the terrorist hideout. It is located in the jungle only a few kilometres from the shore of a fairly remote island." 

"Instead of sending a huge and inexperienced local force to stop the senseless acts of murder, my superiors believe that a small and capable group, such as yourselves, can infiltrate and rescue the prisoners. As you know, time is of the essence, and we have no time to wait for the SEALs/Rangers/Negotiators/etc. who are now making their way to XXXX (current location of heroes) from YYYY. By the time they arrive, it would be already too late for some of the hostages."

"If you contact AAAA, you will be able to get a satellite picture of the hideout... just mention the code-word, BBBB, to the contact. I also know that the terrorists' hideout is heavily guarded and you will need all the firepower you can get. I have charged 8000 Cr to your special account specially for this mission. When you rescue the hostages, you can each get as much as 2000 Cr more. I'm sorry but that's all I can offer... uhhh... this is kinda lame... but... think of all the fame heaped on your team if you succeed in pulling off the rescue. It's your call, so are you guys in, or out?"

Referee Information: All pertinent information for this Adventure Hook has been described above. This is a highly dangerous mission and is based on a true story that is currently unfolding in the Philippines (3May2000).

Adventure Hook #005

Location: Planetside, City

Job Description: "Your mission, if you accept it, is to check out why there has been a recent increase in the number of cases regarding missing people from the City of XXXX. My lead suggests that the matter is not as simple as it seems. I'll give you guys 400 Cr if you can give me new leads or up to 400 Cr more if you solve the mystery."

Referee Options: Choose one of the following mission alternatives.

  1. A local hush-hush hi-tech factory/facility has been abducting unwilling "candidates" for a series of experiments in teleportation. These unlucky souls have had their atoms scrambled into nothingness and there is very little in the way of evidence to implicate them... unless, the heroes catch the abductors or become abductees themselves?

  2. An undiscovered life-form that can only be described as "living colored acidic water" is entering residences through the plumbing and killing them. Victims drown as they are held by watery pseudopods (like those of Dralasites). Living tissue is dissolved in only a few short hours. The life-form is especially attracted to sugar/spices/milk/etc. and the substance is usually missing from the apartments of its victims.

  3. The missing people are being kidnapped to work as extra manpower (in other words, "slaves") in an illegal mining facility on the planet. The heroes might botch a kidnap attempt and find some leads pointing to the mining facility. The mining activity is to unearth an alien relic/recover ores/etc.