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Bromic (Shadow Shack)

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 7:45 pm
by Shadow Shack

Race: Yazirian
Gender:' M
Handedness: L
STR/STA: 50/60
DEX/RS: 60/60
INT/LOG: 45/45
PER/LDR: 35/45
IM: 6
RW: 30
MW: 25/30
PS: 3

Description: Bromic is a grizzled middle-aged Yazirian with mangy brown fur and several notable scars.

Walking: 10m/turn
Running: 30m/turn
Hourly: 4km/hr
XP (spent): 0
XP (unspent): 0
Racial Abilities: Gliding, Night Vision, Battle Rage: 5%

Credits: X Cr

PSA's Primary PSA:
Secondary PSA:
Secondary PSA:

Pending skill system, Bromic will hopefully be an energy gunner with some hand to hand/melee experience as well

Equipment carried (0/25 kg):

Other Equipment

Background - Bromic has an extensive background in the military having served most of his adult life as a mercenary, both under Galactic Task Force and MerCo alike. He has a penchant for hover vehicles, but is often manning an open area for weaponry rather than driving them.

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