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Maria Craig (Will)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 10:07 am
by Will
Character Name: Maria Craig

Walking/Running/Hourly Speeds: 10/30/5
height/weight: 1.8 meters/104.5 kilograms
Age: 24
Birth Planet:Krataar

STR/STA:45 /45
DEX/RS: 70/70
INT/LOG: 65/60
PER/LDR: 50/50
PS: 2
IM: 7

Current STA:
Racial Abilities: None
XP: 13
Pay/Day: 300cr
Credits: 10,000

(PSA: Technological )

Technican 6
Computer 2
Robotics 3
Gyrojet Weapons 4
Pilot 1

Gyrojet pistol
Gyrojet rifle
5 pistol jetclips
5 rifle jetclips
Anti-shock implant
Standard equipment pack
Albedo screen
Military skeinsuit
Rolling papers
Chip on shoulder

Character History

Born and raised in Quazzt's Depression, in an enviroment where anti-alien prejudice was rampant, and abuse and brutality was considered love and affection, the young Maria found her outlet through boosting cars, joyriding, petty theft and general hellraising.

At 16, she ran away to Gozzorf, where she fell in with a local hovercycle gang, quickly gaining her chops through a combination of street fights, bar brawls and high-speed, high-stakes hovercycle races, surviving in this fashion for four years, until she decided to sign on with Ral'Ik'Ka, the merchant house responsible for Kraatar's security and defense, thinking this would be the answer she was looking for all her life...except she didn't quite fit in with the military life, and taking orders from Vrusk superiors wasn't exactly what she was suited for...she lasted two years before being asked to leave, following an incident where she fragged a superior officer during the course of a routine training flight.

At loose ends, she answered a classified ad in some magazine, and here she is, at Triad Station, waiting to see what this job will bring her.


Maria is used to disappointment and doesn't expect much else but in life. Having been raised in an enviroment of brutality and hatred, she lacks what others would call "proper socialization," even if she insists she's perfectly fine the way she is, and she has difficulty getting along with aliens, Vrusk, in particular.

Re: Maria Craig (Will)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 10:39 am
by Terl Obar
Will, you overspent a bit on the skills. With a Techological PSA you had 200 XP and you spent 286

Technician - 6 levels = 4+8+12+16+20+24 = 84
Computer - 2 levels = 4+8=12
Robotics - 3 levels = 4+8+12 = 24
Gyrojet - 4 levels = 6+12+18+24 = 60
Melee - 4 levels = 6+12+18+24 = 60
Martial Arts - 3 levels = 6+12+18 = 36
Pilot - 1 level = 10
Total = 84+12+24+60+60+36+10 = 286

You need to tone it back a bit.

Re: Maria Craig (Will)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 11:27 am
by Will