The Situation of Fish Feed Machine Market in Thailand

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The Situation of Fish Feed Machine Market in Thailand

Postby allenlu » Thu Dec 10, 2020 1:36 am

The aqua feeds market of the world maintain developing swiftly in the final few years and will maintain developing for the subsequent few years, specially in Asia-Pacific area. Asia-Pacific location is worried to be the speedy developing region, the most frequent fish feed composition consists for fish meal, soybean meal and fish oil. But rice, wheat and corn primarily based merchandise has additionally end up common.

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Thailand is one of the largest suppliers of animal feed in the world with over 20 million lots of compound feeds produced each and every year. Soybean meal and fish meal are fundamental protein supply in Thailand, however most of these desires to be imported. There’re 500,000 farmers produce cassava in Thailand. The most necessary utilization of cassava is in chip and pellet manufacturing for animal feed due to the fact cassava hay is excessive in protein and condensed tannins.
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