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ToDo List

PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2008 6:05 pm
by Terl Obar
Here is the current To Do List for the project.I'll update this topic as need to maintain a todo list for my development. If there is something else you'd like to see please post a new topic with the request. As suggestions are made, I'll incorporate them into the list

  • Fix bug causing the main window to hang and crash if you cancel from the Open File dialog.
  • Improve handling of the paths to the icons better. Right now if you start from anywhere other than the bin directory it can't find the splash image or icons.
  • Fully detailed ships (weapons done, damage, supply, etc.)
  • Resupply rules
  • Repair rules
  • Ability to give ships names.
  • Multi-player via TCP/IP
  • Tactical combat on a hex grid (in progress, initial preview in release 0.0.6)
    • Allow user to select and deploy ships done
    • Enable selection of station orbit direction done
    • Enable undo/correction of planet/station/ship placement
  • Write instructions
  • Allow removal of ships added to fleets if you make a mistake or change your mind when setting up a new game.

Optional rules to be implemented after the basics:

  • Reinforcement rules
  • Shatter drones
  • A mechanism for determining the location and delay of failed Risk Jumps.
  • Possibly move turn track into a separate window