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Re: Chapter 2.2 The Revolution Endures!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 01, 2010 6:18 am
by donpaulie
IC: Looking towards Captain Zyrova "Captain, I urge caution in declaring martial law. The Secratary of War is no friend of the Royal Marines. She would love to hang a high ranking officer out to dry"

OOC: Liam will go with his standard M-2 Rafflur as a side arm, but will visit the amory to grab a laser rifle and six seu clips. Also, if there are any in stock, Liam will pick up a sonic screen.

Re: Chapter 2.2 The Revolution Endures!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:47 pm
by jedion357
donpaulie wrote:IC: Looking towards Captain Zyrova "Captain, I urge caution in declaring martial law. The Secratary of War is no friend of the Royal Marines. She would love to hang a high ranking officer out to dry"

"That is true Mr. Mowbray and the decision wasn't made lightly. You should understand while I'm not a member of the aristocracy my relationship to the queen is different from other officers. I am the god-mother of the girl we are looking for and I'm prepared to put everything on the line and go as far as necessary to recover her. I will tolerate no foolishness and using martial law, though extreme, has certain advantages. I want the station locked down and though the miners and prospectors will howl the longer the lock down lasts the more likely someone will point us in the right direction just to get us out of their hair."

"If I'm hung out to dry, I can live with that as long as Avana is recovered unhurt. Besides no career can go on for ever."

"Mr Tanar, I believe that War Hawk can get on the scene at Planaron first, notify them of my intention to declare martial law and have them orbit Planaron at subvoid speed to run down anyone that tries to leave. No one leaves the station without my authorization and they are authorized to shoot out the engines of any ship that tries. As soon as we can get there we need to dig into the station's records to see if anyone has left recently and if their engine profile matches the one we have from the run about. We keep War Hawk orbiting to attempt to run them down a ship we may have missed with a micro jump. The minute they arrive the station is to be notified by subspace of the lock down and a second notification should of course go to Clarrion Control by normal radio."

"When we get to the station, every inch will be searched till we find what we're looking for and be sure to let everyone you talk to know that we will be doing this till we find what we're looking for. Don't reveal its the princess were looking for but make sure everyone knows were looking for something. I'll handle things with higher command your job is to find the princess or a lead."

Re: Chapter 2.2 The Revolution Endures!

PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 8:18 pm
by jedion357
IC: Bodger had lost touch with his Uncle but recent data searches had suggested to him that his uncle's mining ship was in K'tsa Kar. Though it was one void jump away from White Light it could take awhile running his uncle down since many mining ships were tight lipped about their movements within an asteroid belt not wanting to broadcast where they were actively mining.

None the less he composed a message for his Uncle. The letter went into a cue for the regular subspace data download back to Clarion Station. From there it was routed through commercial subspace relays to K'tsa Kar and held for his uncle till such time as the Rock Hound connected with the the "grid" via docking with a station or initiating communication via videocom or subspace.

Re: Chapter 2.2 The Revolution Endures!

PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:04 pm
by jedion357
IC: Pelican finished her braking maneuvers 2000 km from Planaron. CMS Nightingale was already there and docked with a HS12 mining ship that had tried to defy the lock down and leave the station but with War Hawk posed to swoop in guns blazing it had returned.

OOC: You should leave at least one NPC on Pelican and you can take along the rest to fill out search parties (you have 4 total: Dudd, Niss, Slayerian and Ventura) everyone is carrying a tri scanner (a cross between a Zeb's guide CAS and a Star Trek Tricorder- The ZEBs CAS scanners were too complicated to use and keep track of) You can split up and check different locations and talk to people or such. It is a rough station so dont get too isolated.

IC: The Pelican's shuttle drifted into the main hanger and Liam neatly performed a 360 degree maneuver 20m above the deck giving them good visual of the 5 HS2 mining shuttles magnetically locked to the hanger deck. At the far end of the hanger the heavy duty robots that unload ore from the shuttles sit idle by the ore transfer tube.

They were assigned an empty docking pad near the ore transfer tubes with a docking collar. This meant the team could debark without suiting up for vacuum but mag shoes or velcro booties were required because of 0g.

Once the team entered the docking gallery they saw a scowling human tech (low level tech there to operate the docking collar), a yazirian in a Star Law uniform, and "twitchy" vrusk in Space Mines Inc corporate uniform.

The vrusk identified himself as a corporate laison officer named, "Viddick" and asked what he could do to help clear up this difficulty.

OOC: The shuttles in this hanger are not a visual match for the ship that docked with the runabout which, according to analysis done while traveling to Planaron was a HS4 old school corvette design similar to those used by the original Pirates of Planaron destroyed by the Royal Marines almost a century ago.

You can count on the Marines from the other ships called in to do boring and mundane searches.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:38 am
by Inigo
OOC- Updated Savrax's character sheet for POPs mission. removed scope. lost frags, increased doz and tanglers. Switched out albedo for holo screen.

Sav steps out of the craft and gives a flat, emotionless and brief stare at the scowling tech. He then meets the gaze of the Yazerian officer and offers a politely subtle head bow. As the vrusk speaks, he turns his attention to him but says nothing. (Savrax is usually very quiet.) As he waits for the niceties to cleared up, he gazes across the bay and begins thinking about the best ways to divide up this base and search every seam and crevice. These shuttles of course will need to be searched. It would be a disaster if the War Hawk took a bad shot at a fleeing vessel only to vaporize the princess. As a second thought, Sav scans the area looking for any eyes peering at them from corners or other obstructions.

Re: Chapter 2.2 The Revolution Endures!

PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 6:54 pm
by MOrab46019
Ally asks the captain when they got back from the runabout. She says,"Captain where could I get the edvince we got from the shuttle checked out? I know some of it will show it is the princes but we got a couple of things that might show someone else was with her."

Re: Chapter 2.2 The Revolution Endures!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:50 am
by donpaulie
IC: "I don't think the cost would be that high Captain, Her Majesty will see to that."


IC: Liam dressed in BDUs trying not to stand out to much mingles in with Sav and the others. He has his rifle slung over his shoulder, M-2 , holstered and is getting his checking out his scanner. He will try to keep a free eye on the Star Law officer. Thinking he can be a problem if there is any serious resistance.

Re: Chapter 2.2 The Revolution Endures!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:29 pm
by Shadow Shack
"Awright!" Grelude explaims, eager to get the search and destroy mission rolling. Well, not search and DESTROY per se, but close enough. "Let's hope we run into a few Liberation goons, " he bellows as he charges up his sonic sword, stunstick, and electric sword with fresh powerclips.

Re: Chapter 2.2 The Revolution Endures!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:11 am
by donpaulie
IC: Flashes a smile at Grelude. "I like this guy's attitude."

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 7:41 pm
by jedion357
OOC: got my log in difficulties sort out.

IC: The nervous vrusk named, Viddick, spotted Tanar's rank insignia and addressed him, "Greeting in the name of the station administrator, we'd like to facilitate the Royal Marines in their mission but we're uncertain as to reason for declaring martial law and locking down the station? What may I do to help clear up this unpleasantness?"

OOC: are you splitting up or going somewhere together? where too and who?

Re: Chapter 2.2 The Revolution Endures!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:03 am
by donpaulie
IC: Liam still trying to blend in listens in on Tanar's response just to hear what the party line will be. Then he will team up with Ally and one of the others.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 6:16 pm
by Inigo
OOC: I assume we will stay together until we (or our defacto leader) announces a plan. For the moment, Savrax is just listening in.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:54 pm
by jedion357
OOC: I may be stepping in to post geek meters post if we cant resolve his log in difficulties soon but otherwise...

IC: The Star Law marshal steps forward and says, "What the esteemed assistant administrator is hedging about is he'd really like to know what the Royal Marines are really looking for but he's too nervous to come right out and ask because he's worried that martial law is the first step to his company loosing their lease to the base. But I don't think its too hard to guess what or rather who the RM is looking for." (At the mention of who Marshal Mooktar winked at some of the marines)

The vrusk flinched and his antennae fluttered agitatedly but his polyvox replied, "Perhaps we should head to base operations."

The vrusk led them down a long corridor of living quarters to a major elevator hub and up three levels to Main Operations.

All the while the yazirian marshal grinned and kept pace.

At operations a massively overweight dral in a robotic floating life support chair that maintained it position by quiet puffs of compressed air in the 0 g environment.
Administrator Zall blustered and threatened then stormed off on a long puff of air telling Viddick to assist you in whatever manner would get you off the station soonest.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:35 am
by donpaulie
IC: "Mr. Tanar, a moment please?" Pulling Tanar to the side, so the station staff doesn't listen in. Liam looking down at his scanner suggests to Tanar, "Sir, I don't trust this Star Law officer. I doubt he knows why we are here, but if he does know something, he's in on it. Might be good to keep him as much out of the loop as possinle. Something about him just bothers me, Sir."

Re: Chapter 2.2 The Revolution Endures!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:44 am
by Inigo
Savrax leans ever so slightly toward the Vrusk and calmly says, “Officer Viddick, We really are not at liberty to say much of anything. However, it is plain enough that you can see that “somebody” wants something that is believed to be here. ‘Somebody’ who is powerful enough to pull a move like this. I am fairly confident that re-acquiring this item in short order and in good condition will be enough to return things to normal.” Here is pauses and purses his lips for just a second before continuing. “However, it is possible that this person may act vindictively towards any and all who…shall we say, fail to perform effectively. Personally, I am not a fan of prolonged time spent in zero g. My comrades and I would be happy to finish our task as quickly as possible and move along.”

He then straightens up and speaks in a voice loud enough to include all those gathered around. “We will need an updated chart of the station, detailing every passage, corner and crevice. Another detachment of Marines will be docking shortly. I believe they will be locking down the hanger to ensure the object is not secreted out behind us. Tanar, how would you like us to conduct our search?”

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:01 pm
by Terl Obar
OOC: Sorry about the delay. Partially it was because I've been working on getting Issue 14 of the Star Frontiersman magazine on-line and partially because I've been lazy :(

"Greeting in the name of the station administrator, we'd like to facilitate the Royal Marines in their mission but we're uncertain as to reason for declaring martial law and locking down the station? What may I do to help clear up this unpleasantness?"

"Mr. Viddick," Tanar responds, "I'm Lt. Tanar Daagron, first officer on the CMS Pelican and our captain is in command of this operation. We've been detailed to find something. What it is, I'm not a liberty to say. We have reason to believe that it is either on this rock, was here recently or that there is information concerning it's whereabouts to be found here.

"We'll be searching every inch of this station until it is either found, or we have conclusive evidence that the item in question is not here and have gathered every bit of information we can on the item in question. Until that time, no one leaves Plerion and all communications will be routed through the CMS Pelican. Any unauthorized transmissions will be dealt with directly.

"We don't want to be here any more than you want us here but we're not leaving until we are satisfied that our search is complete. As for how you can help, the first thing you can let everyone on-board this station and the ships currently here know that we are staying until we leave, however long it takes. The more they cooperate, the faster this will go and the quicker we'll get out of your hair (or whatever the equivalent Vruskan expression is :D ). Any resistance to our work, either active or passive, will be dealt with appropriately. Too much resistance and this temporary situation may become permanent.

"Second, we will be searching every cubic centimeter of this station until we're satisfied. You will provided us with up to date schematics of the station. Every nook and cranny had better be documented. If we find any areas not on the plans provided, you", Tanar pauses to make sure the point gets across, "and whoever is directly responsible for the areas providing access to the uncharted areas will be held directly responsible.

"Third, we will be granted full access to all computers, logs and records. Just as in the physical search, any resistance to the data search will be similarly dealt with. In addition, all data currently on this station is to be preserved. If we find that any data has been purged since the time of our first message locking down this station, anyone who had access to that data will be dealt with appropriately. This applies to any data, corporate or otherwise, so I suggest you get that word out quickly as well.

"We have marines coming in from the other ships as well. We'll start with the hangers, both main and auxiliary. Once they are secured, we'll move level by level until our search is complete."

(I'm going to assume Dudd stayed on board the Pelican) Turning to his team Tanar starts to issue orders: "Bodger, Savrax and Mantin, you meet up with the team from the WarHawk in the main hanger. Secure the hanger and Flight Ops and then start working your way down. Liam, Grelude and Slayerin, you meet up with the team from the Nightingale and secure the auxiliary hanger and then start working your way up. I'll take Niss and Ventura to Main operations with Mr. Viddick and start work on the data retrieval."

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 10:39 am
by donpaulie
IC: Liam joins up with GreludeSlayerin. "Let's go find those guys from Nightingale so we can get started."

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 10:39 pm
by jedion357
Bodger, Savrax and Mantin quickly reach Flight Ops by trooping back through a service tunnel along the main hanger and taking a lift up. At Flight Ops three employees of Space Mines Inc (corporate operators of the base) break off there conversation at the arrival of the marines. They seem bored and apathetic but probably could care less about the disruption of the base operations as they’re getting paid either way.

They find fairly typical controls, that Bodger is probably the most familiar with.
There is one station for managing the docking of small craft and the transfer of ore to the automated transfer tubes that sends the ore to the processing lab. Significantly this station has controls for mechanical locks that latch onto the landing struts of small craft and shuttles to hold them in place mechanically and magnetically.

The Second station has multiple screens with feeds from several radar arrays and sensors to manage traffic in the vicinity of Planaron.

The third station is a cylindrical holographic tank used to project a detailed 3D image of surrounding space and can be used to direct base defenses as well as play asteroid solitaire or watch entertainment.

The team from the Warhawk landed and began searching the shuttles in the hanger.

Tanar traveled to main operations with the vrusk station officer. He didn’t think it was possible for a polyvox to stammer but somehow Viddick’s did. He tried to explain that Space Mines Inc. didn’t maintain such records nor require businesses in the core to file any sort of building plans or permits. Plus the size of the station made documenting every nook and cranny prohibitive. Viddick was clearly paniced.

At Main Operations Administrator Zall, and obese dral riding a robotic floater chair that held its place on controlled puffs of air, blustered and boomed about the loss of money and cost to the corporation and how the SMI had exclusive control and oversight of Planaron by their license.

At the mention of that the Star Law marshal, who tagged along, snorted and said, “Not like you actually oversee the station beyond the ore processing or that SMI security is concerned with anything more than safe guarding corporate property and executives.”

Zall glares at the marshal but orders Viddick to get you anything that will get the station off of lock down soonest and his chair wheels and he puffs off down a corridor.

Viddick provides Tanar with access to the operational nerve center. It has displays showing the status of the reactor, the ore processor, and a holo tank similar to that in flight ops, there is a security station but it seems that its displays focus on areas of importance to Space Mines and neglects residential and commercial areas.

Liam, Grelude and Slayerin’s trip to the auxillary hangers took the longest. They had to take the lift clear to the bottom of the asteroid to Station Defenses which encompassed laser battery and rocket battery stations plus storage for reloads and six corporate flagged fighter craft. It’s immediately obvious to Liam (the former fighter jock) that two of the corporate craft have been used as “rob birds” to strip parts to fix the others and his over all impression is that the other probably don’t fly much either.

The actual auxillary hangers are out side the asteroid and docked craft are reached by docking tunnels. There is a small control room run by a young dral doing bad karaoke with head phones on and the music video he’s listening to is playing on the holo-tank. There are controls for the magnetic and mechanical docking clamps as well as a bank of cameras showing the outside of docked ships though one camera is out.

every nook and cranny of the station? you guys might have to wait a couple of weeks for me to work up the deck plans. it a big station the ore processor could fit on a HS 14 or bigger ship alone. Lets just say you have pretty decent plans of the station with the caveats that Viddick mentioned that many of the businesses in the core (which is a big open cylinder lined walk ways and businesses radiation off the cylinder- you can look off the walkways and see all the way to the top or the bottom) have done what they want in renovating their spaces and the residential area may have undergone similar.

Re: Chapter 2.2 The Revolution Endures!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 9:54 pm
by donpaulie
IC: Walking through the hanger, Liam sees the fighter craft. "Poor babies, I hate to see birds in this condition". Liam tinkers with his scanning device. He will set it so that he might get a hit if anyone is using a holo screen. "Maybe we should check out the residential and public areas". Liam suggests. "No telling what we will find there."

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:29 pm
by jedion357
OOC: anyone packing IR goggles?

IC For its range Liam's scanner doesn't detect anyone.