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Savrax Gunus by Inigo

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:55 am
by jedion357
Name: Savrax Gunus
EDIT: deleted in favor to the second post to save space and prevent confusion.

Re: Savrax Gunus by Inigo

PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 8:51 pm
by Inigo
Name: Savrax Gunus
Player: Inigo
Savrax Gunus.PNG
Savrax Gunus.PNG (91.71 KiB) Viewed 5598 times

*Savrax Gunus during his first
boarding action. Image captured
on internal security camera.

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Handedness: Right
Description: 1.8m tall (6’) and 93 kg (205lbs)
Blue eyes, short brown hair. Very athletic and in good
physical condition, but not overly muscular looking.
Profession: Royal Marine/Ships Weapons Officer (Energy)
Rank: Midshipman
Pay Rate: Base- 120 Rank Bonus- 10 Total- 130/day for 5 days out of 7
Employer: Clarion Royal Marines
Awards: Conspicuous Gallantry Star, Indigo Stripe, Crimson Stripe,

STR/STA: 55 /60
DEX/RS: 60/40
INT/LOG: 60/60
PER/LDR: 45/45
IM: 5
RW: 30
MW: 30
PS: 3

Walking: 10m
Running: 30m
Hourly: 5km

XP (spent): 36
XP (unspent): 3
Notoriety: 1
Racial Abilities:

Primary PSA: Military
Secondary PSA: Technician
Secondary PSA: Scout

Beam Weapons: 2
Energy Weapons: 3
Projectile Weapons: 1
Cinematic Martial Arts: 1
Tech: 1
Navigation: 1
Survival: 1

Equipment Carried:
Rafflur M-2 (3 miniclips)
Laser Rifle (bull pup design) (clip 20 SEU)
1 scope attached to rifle
7 energy clips
1 tangler
1 doze
2 frags
2 flash bangs
5 solveaway
1 ORCAS drop suit (as skien suit 50 pts.)
Albedo screen
1 power belt pack
1 power back pack
1 Sonic Sword (authentic Shizaku- 蛇のかみ傷 or "Bite of the Serpent" mod mark 1 & illegal whisper mode) [20SEU]
1 Force Axe w/powerclip
RMC Helmet with IR
Combat harness
1 magnigoggle
1gas mask

Equipment in "Foot Locker":

2 military skien suits
1 dress uniform (civilian skien suit),
1 issue ships jump suit
1 laser pistol
1 clip
1 Pressure suit
1 Suit of space suit armor
Spare pressure suit patches (2)
spare pressure suit life support
magnetic shoes and velcro booties
1 gas mask
1 chronocom and ID card
1 RM combat harness 5kg and
1 RM Combat Helm 2kg (see equipment folder for description)

Credits: 800cr + 6,600= 4,340cr + 3,900= 8,240 Cr

Savrax was born and raised in the suburbs on the eastern shore of the sea next to Valentina. His father, Kelron Gunus is a “corporate officer” at Nova Nuclear. To be honest, neither Savrax nor his mother Lannia knows much about Kelrons jobk. He is a pretty quiet individual; a trait that is shared with Savrax. His mother and father divorced when he was 15. It wasn’t a messy thing. They just seemed to have grown apart. She asked for a divorce and he stoically submitted after a few months. Things are still amicable despite the fact that Lannia remarried the following year.

Bereen Makrott is Savrax’s stepdad. They get along well even though they are two distinctly different personalities. Bereen is an outgoing, fun-loving man whom Sav is sure was the life of the party in his younger days. Bereen works for Eversafe. He manages accounts in the eastern region of Valentine. It was one of Bereen’s close friends who introduced Sav to a martial arts form known as Troda Dea. Master Melke said it was a fighting style customized by a group of humans from Kdikit over a century ago, buts its true origins are unknown.

Savrax is exceptionally smart. He was able to graduate a year ahead of his peers. He has always been a quiet person. People assumed (and some still do) that he is just shy. That is not the case. He is a meticulous thinker and has a very zen-like persona. Sav is quite confident in himself. Much of that confidence has to do with his growing up in the Youth Scouts. As a young boy he was turned on to nature and his place in it. He quickly mastered orienteering and knot tying and ploughed into wilderness survival. In fact, after graduation he enrolled in an insanely serious survival program where they teach you skills for three fourths of the year and then drop you off, butt naked and empty handed in the wilds of Lossend, in the Timeon system. A month later they come back for you at a predestined spot. If you show up, you pass. Sav considers that experience to have been the highlight of his life so far.

His friends were not surprised to hear about him joining the Royal Marines. Savrax is the quintessential marine. He is fiercely loyal to the crown and very dedicated to his sense of fairness and order. In his spare time he reads, meditates and tinkers with things. One day he intends to refurbish an old SpeedHawk 350 (an internal combustion coup) ground car that has been oxidizing in his storage unit for the last 3 years.

Letter of Commendation & Crimson Stripe awarded for part in stopping the Knightblade pirate squardron.
Conspicuous Gallantry Star, and Indigo Stripe for action in the Glacier Bay Incident.

Medical Record:
*anti shock implant.
Savrax has no medical history to speak of. No broken bones, serious illnesses or surgeries.

Edited by GM after chapter 2.1
edited by GM after investigating the flying dutchman runabout

Re: Savrax Gunus by Inigo

PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2009 11:57 pm
by jedion357
Martial arts supercedes unarmed combat so I deleted that saving you 3 exp plus the 3 for a portrait and the recent exp award gives you a war chest of 11 Exp if i got the math right.

I also posted your pay for the period between now and chapter 2 but if you up Energy Weapons to level 2 I'll have to redo the math, which is ok.

Re: Savrax Gunus by Inigo

PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:40 am
by jedion357
We've talked concerning email concerning NPC contacts but just to be sure Bereen is Savrax's contact?

PS: udated your skill expenditure and will update your money on Thursday.

Re: Savrax Gunus by Inigo

PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 8:49 pm
by Inigo
just to be sure Bereen is Savrax's contact?

Yeah, I saw that all the major bases were covered already. (media, military, law…even terrorist factions!) I thought I’d give Savrax a rather bland and broad based contact through his stepdad at everSafe. His father Kelron is a corp exec at Nova Nuke and could serve as a contact if the game ever went that way. But they are really more background npc’s than contacts I guess. He is a fairly quiet and very straightforward guy so anything too dramatic would be out of character for him. Maybe one day he will fall in love with a beautiful sathar agent, but until then it’ll just be mom and pop…and step-pop. :P

Re: Savrax Gunus by Inigo

PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2010 7:58 pm
by Inigo
here is his updated gear for the POPS setting.

Items carried/worn:
Rafflur M-2 (3 miniclips)
Laser Rifle (bull pup design)
10 energy clips
3 tangler
3 doze
2 flash bangs
5 solveaway
Holo screen
1 power belt pack
1 power back pack
1 Sonic Sword w/powerclip
1 Force Axe w/powerclip
RMC Helmet with IR
Combat harness