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Ajax Syranno (inactive/ open)

PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:41 pm
by jedion357
Name: Ajax Syranno
Player: BD Cerridwen

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Handedness: Right
Description: Ajax Syranno just turned 20 years old, 1.88 meters tall (6'2”)
and weighs in at 90.7kg (200lbs). He has pale skin with just a hint of
olive toning that could make him a world champion tanner if he wanted to
risk the cancer treatments. His muscle structure is not well defined, but
is solid, and he has sufficient size to indicate above average strength. He
moves about as does a person with obvious athletic ability. His hair, kept
extremely short, is black and his eyes are brown. He keeps a hint of 5
o'clock shadow to make himself appear older.

Profession: Marine Scout
Pay Rate: Base- 70 Rank Bonus- 5 Certifications Bonus-10 Total- 85/day for 5 days out of 7
Employer: The Queen of Clarion
Awards: The Crimson Stripe

STR/STA: 65/60
DEX/RS: 60/60
INT/LOG: 50/40 (5 point shift – if allowed)
PER/LDR: 50/50
IM: 6
RW: 30
MW: 30
PS: +5 (+4 STR, +1 Martial Arts)

Walking: 10
Running: 30
Hourly: 5

XP (spent): 37 (15 basic, 20 AIT, 1 description, 1 background)
XP (unspent): 6
Notoriety: 2

Racial Abilities: +5 any one ability (STR)

Primary PSA: Military
Secondary PSA: Scout
Secondary PSA: Agent

Martial Arts: 1 (3xp)
Beam: 1 (3xp)
Projectile: 1 (3xp)
Survival: 1 (4xp)
Navigation: 1 (4xp)
Athletics: 1(4xp)
Stealth: 1 (4xp)
Detective: 1 (4xp)
Medic: 1 (8xp)

Equipment Carried:
Orbital Jump suit (50 pt. skien suit as well as inuslated against void and other hazardous environs)
Combat Harness and helm w/chronocom 4kg
Albedo Screen 2kg
2 power belts worn cross chest 8kg
4 frag grenades, 3 tangler grenades, 3 flash bangs 1kg
auto pistol and 2 clips 1.2kg
laser rifle plus 8 clips 3.8kg
sonic knife 1kg
med kit 12 kg

Equipment in "Foot Locker": (This is easily accessible but not carried)
1 military skien suits
1 dress uniform (civilian skien suit),
1 issue ships jump suit (just coveralls but still a uniform).
1 Pressure suit
1 Suit of space suit armor
spare pressure patches (2)
Spare suit life support 1
magnetic shoes and velcro booties
1 gas mask
1Rm Combat harness 4kg & 1 RM combat helm 2kg
1 Medkit

Credits: 1225cr + 5,950cr= 7,175cr

Ajax Syranno is native born to Clarion to a rather non-descript middle
class family living 600km outside of the capital city. He is the youngest
of 5 children. His older three siblings are much older and come from his
father's previous marriage. The oldest of these is Ajax's half brother
Bedros, 37, who estranged from the family, having run off with the
Liberation Front 15 years ago. The family occasionally receives a scrambled
communications from Bedros laced with LF propaganda, but otherwise has not
seen him. Of the two half-sisters, Adonia is 35 and an accomplished soap
opera actress on the 3rd most popular daytime vid. Penthea is 37 and a
doctor with the Caduceus Teaching Hospital in a suburb of the capital. His
nearest sibling is his sister Peri who is only a year older then Ajax. She
is a natural scholar studying at the University of Callidora.

Ajax views himself as an Eternal Warrior, and concept he picked up in
secondary school after reading about a famous general's belief in
reincarnation. When combined with his love of heroic legends and myths,
this belief has predetermined his fate as an eventual Clarion Marine. He
took great pleasure in acting the hero while protecting the geeks and nerds
of his school from bullies. The tutoring he received in return helped him
graduate on time. He once spent 3 days hospitalized for injuries received
while defending a pair of friends from 6 assailants. He counts it as a
victory since his friends were unhurt and the assailants all spent time in
prison as a result.

He has always been more athletic then all but a special few in his class,
and participated in as many sports events as he possibly could. Ajax spent
years in the Youth Scouts, an outdoor oriented youth group, learning basic
first aid, survival, and navigation skills. As soon as he was old enough,
he volunteered for his Zosimo District police reserves, gaining a baseline
in his investigative skills. His mentor with this department is Panos
Geordi, a straight laced veteran of the force. Panos is the one who
suggested that Ajax join the marines as a scout.

Special Awards and Recognitions:

Medical Record:

GM notes and comments:
1. to answer your question about early skills learned in youth sure that'll be alright I'll remove the requirement of all skill learned in Basic training cant be over lvl 1 as long as a character has the 3 skills required. thus representing a skill learned in youth even though technically it was officially paid for during "basic training". you can make some changes to skills and the character background if you so choose.
2. I didn't notice a star ships skill for your character (the not skill over lvl 1 only applied to basic training ) you have a nice selection of skills so this is not the end of the world if your intention is to be a the point of the spear in a boarding action.
Having at least a starship gunnery skill give you some story share if things develop into a KH scenario. Shadow jumped on energy weapons skill so if you wanted to pick up projectile weapons 2 and gyrojet skill 1 you'd qualify for Rocket weapons (all ships in the fleet have at least 1 rocket weapon.
3. I'll allow a character without a star ship skill are you content as enlisted personnel? (I'd perfer not to do this but if we get a full compliment of players there is plenty of opportunity for your character to shine as is in what I've planned.
4. I'm assuming you'll use the police mentor as a NPC contact - certainly a good one. though the sister who's a doctor could be a good one too. Though as a GM I like the brother in the LF ;) but he's not a good contact- more of a story hook.

Re: Ajax Syranno by BD Cerridwen

PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2009 5:28 am
by BD Cerridwen
  1. Cool. I've already spent my full allotment and am happy with it, so I won't make any adjustments.
  2. Yeah, I'm going for boarding party leader with this one. Ajax will be luggage during KH scenarios, that's not a problem at all.
  3. I'll probably work him up to a rocket skill if a rocket skilled character doesn't join. I love well rounded, jack-of-all-trades type characters and just don't have the XP to fill Ajax out right. However, I am very content playing an enlisted character. Just call me Ajax "Redshirt" Syranno. ;)
  4. You picked up on my intentions exactly. The cop and sisters as possible contacts and the brother as a possible hook.

Re: Ajax Syranno by BD Cerridwen

PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2009 6:51 am
by jedion357
Alrighty - its just that at this point I haven't decided what rank names to use: spacer, Spacer first class, Petty Officer, Chief Petty Officer (usually called just Chief) to match the naval sounding officer ranks or mix in Private or Corporal, Sgt and Master Sgt. I can say that the highest ranking NCO on a RM ship is called Gunny after the long defunct rank name.

Write a blurb on your chosen contact/mentor and you're good to go- graduation day is in four days and within a day or so after that you all get assigned to a ship.

Re: Ajax Syranno by BD Cerridwen

PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2009 5:27 pm
by BD Cerridwen
Panos Geordi is a long time member of the Zosimo District Police Department, as he is nearing the mandatory retirement age of 150 after all. In his youth, he spent ten years in the CRM before joining the police force. Since then, he has been a patrol officer, detective in every major department, acted as a liaison with the RCMC, and, more recently, been assigned training duties to new recruits and volunteer reserves. Panos most useful resource is the sheer number of people he knows, other cops, narcs, RCMC officers, reporters, lawyers (especially prosecutors), judges, and the like.

Personally, he is a bit rough around the edges, preferring straight talk to hoity-toity niceties. Most learn to respect this aspect. He is around 1.76m tall (5'11") and has a bit of spread around the middle (99.8kg or 220lbs). What's left of his hair is gray with hints of reddish-brown. His eyes are hazel tinted.

Re: Ajax Syranno by BD Cerridwen

PostPosted: Sat Sep 26, 2009 5:38 am
by BD Cerridwen
I forgot to give Jax starting money. I rolled 318, so - 10 for the cover charge leaves him with 308.

Re: Ajax Syranno by BD Cerridwen

PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2009 5:47 pm
by BD Cerridwen
FYI... I'm dropping out of this game. Feel free to NPC Ajax, hand him over to another player, or retire him.

Re: Ajax Syranno by BD Cerridwen

PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2009 6:13 pm
by Terl Obar
Sorry to see you go. Have fun.

Re: Ajax Syranno by BD Cerridwen

PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2009 10:58 am
by jedion357
Stay well and see you around the frontier.

PS thanks for the heads up.