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Royal Marine equipment

PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2009 2:03 pm
by jedion357
Royal Marine issue combat harness- a combination power belt, body comp, and tactical harness-5kg and is designed to fit over a defensive suit or a pressure suit.
The body comp is a standardized (non re-configurable body comp) encased in thin polyplate armor for protection. It has a type B processor, dedicated 1 month power supply as well as helm link, body scan, and med inject progits. A medic will have Interface progit to allow jacking in his Med scanner to attempt an initial diagnosis on any team member (-20%) through the body scan progit without being in close proximity to the subject.
To use the combat harness a marine must plug his chronocom into a polyplate compartment next to the body com. The helm link auto connects to the visocom in a the wear's RM combat helm or a RM pressure suit helmet. The helmlink allows for helm to helm, helm to chronocom, or helm to radiophone communication up to 5 km. The body scan progit updates the team's medic and a ship's sickbay's computer via the chronocom as well. The surgically implanted med-inject drug device holds 1 dose of stimdose and 1 dose of stay dose. It will automatically inject stim dose the first time a character reaches 0 to -9 STA and will then inject stay dose the next time a character reaches 0 STA. The team medic and manually trigger these as well over the chronocom link.
Note: a RM noncom once discovered that a good hard punch to the inject a med site on the arm could trigger it to inject one of its meds though this does not work every time.

EDIT: combat harness is usable over a pressure suit.

The power belt is standard. The harness includes a sheath for a knife sized melee weapon and can attach 7 standard sized ammo clips or grenades. Because the harness is designed to distribute weight the is no weight cost for carrying a knife sized melee weapon and the 7 clips/ grenades (other wise grenades and clips cost .1 kg toward encumbrance).

Royal Marine combat helm: has auto polarizing solar optics (doubles as sungoggles for yazerians), IR optics, a toxy rad gauge and a viso-com that operates through the character's own chronocom over the helm link on the Royal Marine combat harness. The standard Royal Marine pressure suit helmet has all of these features minus the toxy-rad gauge.

Medium Field Crusher Missile: 4kg 12D10 damage to a force field or similar (inertia screen) ROF .5 Range -/20-500m/501m-1km/1km-2km

Re: Royal Marine equipment

PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:43 am
by jedion357
The Royal Marines gave the contract to the makers of the tri-barrel gyrojet over the heavy gyrojet to fill the roll of heavy gyrojet weapon. There have been efforts to add the heavy gyrojet rifle to the arsenal but to date the tri barrel is whats available.
See SFman #

Re: Royal Marine equipment

PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:56 pm
by simplymenotu
Star Frontiersman 12-p48

Type Gyrojet Semi-auto, Clip fed
Cost 800Cr, Ammo 20 Cr per 10 shot clip
Length .83 meters
Weight 11kg
Damage Single: 3d10 Burst: 9d10
Ammo* 30 (3 clips of 10)
Defense Inertia
Range -/5/75/150/300
Skill Gyrojet
* The Recoil damper require a 20 SEU clip every 100