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Re: Crashed On Volturnus

PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:45 pm
by jedion357
1. Before out of character: ooops- Gekka I wrote that wound maintenance from memory- I will amend the biocort expenditure, You got your gear in the cargo hold, and what specifically are you looking to salvage from the life boat? You will need to tell me what you'd like to do to modify the robot (if at all) and what you want to do about re-programing it as it is the current programming causes it to just sit there as it does not know what to do. I hesitate to suggest anything in the role as referee but other players are free to offer suggestions on programming it. It will need a new mission and new functions that tell it how to do that mission. The one thing I will suggest is that since it cannot talk you might be able to "red neck engineer" a voice for it by using a polyvox and tinkering with its wiring/programing and such it wont be elegant but given some spare time over a period of a week or two I think you character aught to be able to write enough code for the robot to use the polyvox's voice files.

Also rattraveller I noticed that you listed your second Secondary PSA as tertiary, make sure any exp expenditure for that PSA is at the secondary cost as you get 1 primary PSA and 2 secondary PSAs and everything else is tertiary.

Note: creative efforts to salvage things from the wreck may be rewarded ala Mutiny on the EM ;)

2. Terl Obar you have your 3 m squared piece of chute

3. No sign of water

4. One suite of armor is modified for Gideon

5. character sheets with exp on them are here in the wiki section not in the forums the spent and unspent EXP listing appears right before the ability scores on most sheets: ... l_Campaign
remember the wiki sheet is editable and etc and probably more versatile then a forum thread where information might get lost in mulitiple post

With the surgery, scouting, organization of equipment, and such like activities the sun has gotten low in the horizon. One of two moons has risen low in the sky and dusk is coming soon. Kahn has constructed 2 out of 3 bower tents - a tent sleeps 2 comfortably and 3 uncomfortably tents mount on the side of the tree trunk and let you get up off the ground for a measure of security.

You can camp in the life boat, sleep on the ground or use the tents
If on the ground do you want a fire?
Any other precautions for camping or security?

6. I was going to do a new post to push action along but realized i need to address the above items, if I get a quorum of responses by Sunday or Monday I'll get a new post out for when the sun comes up in the morning or if anything goes bump in the night.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 6:56 am
by jedion357
The team cached equipment in the life boat that they did not wish to lug up into the trees. They assembled the tents, arranged for sleeping assignments and a watch schedule.

The night was fairly uneventful aside from a whole new symphony of night sounds that no one was use too. Some sort of ambush predator that made a screech like:"Skrack" was hunting in the branches of the trees surrounding their camp. In the morning there was a herd of medium sized animals grazing on the grass mowed down by the life boat. They were reptilian with tough looking hides and seemed to be spitting digestive goo or liquid on the grass to dissolve the hard outer sheath before eating the succulent inner plant. They were having a feast on the grass mowed and crushed by the life boat's passage.

Dr Redd and Gideon considered the readings from the bio scanner and warned the rest of the part to not disturb these creatures as their spit appeared to be highly acidic. Being herbivores they were not likely to bother them party unless they felt threatened. As everyone was munching the bland survival rations and watching herbivores devour the shard grass, Kriss pointed to a speck in the sky. It tracked in their direction, and became larger. As it took shape everyone realized it was an escape pod dangling beneath a parachute. It descended within kilometers of the lifeboat but landed off to the Northeast.

"Well, looks like someone else got off the Serena Dawn," announced Kahn.

Then Dr. Redd brightened up, "Odin? Maybe Odin made it?"

OOC: I guess someone is coming for breakfast.

EDIT: Several of you have the feeling of being watched, its like an itch you cant scratch but you just can't shake the feeling. You have no hard certainty like actually seeing someone pass between two trees it just feels like eyes touching you on the back.

Re: Crashed On Volturnus

PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:10 pm
by jedion357
Cut Scene: Outpost One

Willy Malone, aka Whiz Ki, the leader of Outpost one sat back to consider the information he had just received by radio. Captain Skrag had gotten a butt chewing over letting not just passengers from the freighter escape but apparently one of the pressed ganged recruits had killed Skrag’s 1st mate and made off in an escape pod. The Red Devil was sending Skrag down to Outpost One to clean up this mess and find the escapees. Rumor had it that if he failed again there would be a position open for ship’s captain in the pirate band. Perhaps even one Willy Malone might move up to commanding a ship or even first mate on a crew?

Whoever had taken the escape pod had shut off its emergency beacon but the beacon from the life boat was still broadcasting. Between a ship in orbit and Outpost One they had now triangulated the signal and knew exactly where the boat had landed. Skrag was bringing much needed supplies to Outpost One then going after the life boat.

What could be done to throw a wrench in the works for Skrag? Then an idea hit him. He could send a directional signal toward the life boat. There were standard codes that could be sent that would cause the beacon to alert the occupants of the boat with pregrammed messages like; “Beacon Signal Received Rescue On The Way.” The beacon would signal an audio alert to draw their attention and they would know that someone was coming to look for them. On this planet that would only mean the pirates. If they had any sense they’d shut down the beacon, though that would not prevent Skrag from locating them. Skrag would likely assume that they had finally realized the beacon was broadcasting and shut it down for security. As long as they shut it down Skrag would have no way of knowing that Willie sent them an alert either. For that matter Skrag might not even look inside the life boat!

It was risk but probably not much of one. Willie went ahead and sent the code, then wrote some quick code into the communications program to make it look like the com gear had sent an automated signal the second it had picked up the emergency beacon. It took some work but after half an hour he had changed all the time stamps that needed to be changed to pull off his deception. If Skrag had another failure or if the escapees killed him there would be opportunity for one of the ground side leaders to move up to command a ship. And why shouldn't that be Willie? Rumor had it that he was a favorite of the Red Devil.

An hour later…

Skrag hated Willie. For the life of him he didn’t understand why the Star Devil had trusted Whiz Kid with command of Outpost One. Willie was just a little weasel.

The slight smirk on his face suggested that he had heard about the flack that had come Skrag’s way after he had lost the life boat and escape pod yesterday and on top of that some idiot in the crew had somehow managed to blow the freighters drives. The Star Devil had been counting on the supplies on board the freighter for the Volturnus Operation and they needed to ship out the stock piled ore that had been piling up. Luckily, Skrag had been able to shift enough blame for what happened to the commander of the inside team pointing to the crew and passengers running amok even before Skrag boarded the freighter evidenced by them taking out two heavily armored pirates.

He watched his crew dump the supplies for the outpost. Let that weasel and his crew lug them inside the fence. Swag Raston, his new first mate looked over the crew, ordered them to lock and load and mount up. The pilot had not even powered down the transport copter and Skrag took a door seat in the back. He would go in with the crew and personally sort out these people that had made him look bad.

They’d take a few prisoners but Skrag was going to have a little fun setting some examples. Sneel had been a good first mate, as trust worthy as they came in this lot and Skrag was down right pissed over his death. Someone was going to pay today.

Meanwhile back at the crash site....

Dalmar was still working on his sledge idea for the robot to drag their equipment behind them when he noted an odd beeping coming from the smashed control panel of the life boat. The robot had done a lot of damage when it smashed into the displays on landing so it took him a few minutes to fix the display enough to read the alert. If his eyespots could have widened like a human’s eyes they would have. They had not realized that there was an emergency beacon on the lifeboat! It had been broadcasting their location all day and through the night! Just now it had received a coded signal: “Beacon Signal Received Rescue On The Way.”

In an unexplored star system there was no rescue, except for the pirates….

Crashed On Volturnus

PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:35 pm
by Shadow Shack
Gideon will volunteer for first watch, donning the polyplate armor to get a feel for it. Obviously he will remove it for sleep, and will pretty much only don it for impending situations (I'll specify whether he will put it on, so unless otherwise stated he will be in his skeinsuit).

Unless any cooking is in order, I see no need for a fire. The temperature is warm enough if I recall correctly. The lifeboat would be easier to secure for the night, but tents would be more comfortable. In light of the beacon situation, Gideon suggests putting some distance between the camp and boat (preferably in the forest area).

Gideon will continue to scan the trees and surrounding area with his magnigoggles while on watch, with the auto rifle slung and set for three/round bursts.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:02 pm
by jedion357
Dr Redd may be smart but lacking in common sense, she suggests that the party wait for rescue since the message said "rescue". Logically rescue is very unlikely. Kahn dismantles the tents and sees to packing up equipment. He likes Dr. Redd and thus decides to not respond to her unwise remarks.

To Gekka Kahn says, "How's the programming of the robot coming along? Will this thing be able to follow us deeper into the forest?"

To Dalmar Kahn says, "Food and water are first priority for the robot to carry. Lets get the gear stowed so we can move out. The holographic fireworks projector is dead weight we dont need, can't that be left?"

OOC: I'll get a map up of the forest's edge soon.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 6:14 pm
by jedion357
Bachandra Forest, Volturnus: trees grow up to 50m tall. Branches are broad and flat allowing for easy movement and tendrils and roots sprout from these branches and reach the ground which stabilizes the branches and allows them to support the weight of a humanoid creature all the way to the ends, plus branches between trees interlock ensuring stability and support of weight at the branch tips. The tendrils and roots coming off the branches allow for easy climbing from one level to the next in a tree.

The map is a scan off the back of the Port Loren map I added the number and letter grids coordinates down the side and across the top so that everyone can designate exact positions of their characters. C marks the crash site where the life boat came to rest and the PCs current location. The shard grass plain is the southern side of the map and the other three sides are bordered by forest.

the scan might be hard to read of the tree heights; the lightest green at the far left is 10 meters, the next darkest green is 20, the next darkest is 30 and the darkest green at the right is 40 meters tall. For game purposes you will designate your character as being at location 12K 30m which will tell me he's 30 meters off the ground at that grid coordinate.

Special rules from the module
1. each square is 10 meters
2. if a character climbs from one tree level to another it takes the whole turn and he cannot move horizontally at all. Climbing requires a DEX check and failure means falling (1d5 plus 1 pt/meter fallen)
3. more than one character in a square results in a 10%/character past the first for the branch to break so if 3 characters are in the same square there is a 20% chance of the branch breaking.
4. Sighting in the tree canopy- characters may shoot at any character in an adjacent square and may shoot farther if their line of sight is not through a green square.
5. all characters in the trees are considered to have soft cover

My rulings:
6. Horizontal movement in the trees at walking rate is automatic (rounding up for the vrusk) so everyone will move 1 square per turn but any vrusk will move 2, running rate requires a DEX check to avoid falling running rates for humans and yazirians mean 3 squares, dralasites are 2 squares, and vrusk are 4 squares (rounding up 35 m)
7. Melee combat must take place in the same square.

game play
You can specify that your character is moving more than one square even if that will mean multiple turns so that we don't have to wait for posts of 1 square at a time. you should also give firing priority and rates of fire and possibly ultimate objective of your character. I'm unsure if this format will work well for combat in PBP but by the end of the combat we should know if the encounters at the end of SF-2 need a more abstract format or not.

i'll likely doctor the map as the encounter progresses and attempt to identify everyone on the map but that will mean a lot of clutter on the map, we'll see how that goes.

You all have a chance to prep for the pirate's arrival and preposition your character. What would you like to do?


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PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 7:27 pm
by Terl Obar
"Uh, folks," Dalmar says exiting the lifeboat. We have visitors incoming." He quickly relates the infomation about the homing beacon and the response received. "I have no idea when but we'd better be alert and I'd say it is high time to get out of Dodge City."

Given the teams, extra equipment and the limited carrying capacity of the bot, Dalmar will start going throught the gear prioritizing it and figuring out what they can take with them. (OOC: I'm holding my 1 year old and he's making it hard to focus so I'll post that later. Actually, I'll probably just organize things on the wiki page. If there's something your character just can't live without, speak now.)

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:36 pm
by corkman
"That was a pretty quick response for a rescue beacon going off!"

Re: Crashed On Volturnus

PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 10:46 pm
by AntGibbs
Johnny is moving along quietly and carefully through the Bachanda forest ((unless he is at a position where he can take position on the map, and if that is the case he'll get in the 20 m high trees and steady himself to shoot at any baddies)) and will keep his eyes open for enemies and hostile wildlife. He is quite aware that the pirates could be around here so he is cautious.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 7:35 am
by jedion357
corkman wrote:"That was a pretty quick response for a rescue beacon going off!"

Depends on the location of their on planet infrastructure, but they also benefited from having a ship in orbit which is why they were able to triangulate the position.

To be honest I had planned some placid encounter the wildlife stuff for a little bit here but with a new player showing up and thinking through how to work him into the game without hand waving "he's been part of the team all along;" I decided to advance the story some. I also think this solution to working in a new character was rather elegant and he was game to develop the story around his character rapid fire over the week end so why not?

My base premise for refereeing is that you all already know what the story should be but yet you all joined the game- why? Love and enjoyment of it. I cant help think that the fun will be heightened a little bit if I do throw some unexpected curves which is really about applying logical motivations to the pirates and others- for example this encounter in SF-1 is set up with "the pirates are on a destructive raid" and the kurabunga will fight to the death. Yet the motivation I've set up is a touch more realistic and fun. I mean sure pirates are douche bags and that is why they do douche bag things (and because the script says so). However, the story teller in me realizes that from the pirates perspective, enemies were allowed to get away and now they are loose on the planet and they might be able to either interfere with the pirate operation or manage to call for help, someone is going to have to clean that mess up before the Volturnus Operation blows up in Red Devil's face. So you now face the named pirate from SF-0 and he's emotionally involved in getting you and he's hot footing it here to settle this and deflect any further ire from the Red Devil. This means they had to land, have a grilling over the failures on the SD, leader of the inside team became the scape goat and Skrag is ordered to clean up the mess which means he took his crew and flew southwest by copter through the night. Logically for them to be here in less then 1 GST day they cant be fresh so I will actually factor that into the coming encounter. And were a handful of seemingly random encounters with wildlife going to keep you all that excited about the game? Logically the pirates will be hunting you and I felt that should be brought forward in the game.

So you are right its a fast response and only on the thinnest of justifications am I going to get by with it. That doesn't change the fact that a party of douche bags are coming for breakfast. :o :lol: "D. Bag, party of eleven? Your table is ready." or is it?

Don't worry though I still plan to follow the basic script for the adventure and I actually ran the idea of having the party crash into the bachandra forest instead of the desert by Sam first and he liked my ideas.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 6:49 am
by Once Far Off
OOC: @jedion - loving all of this. Good stuff. One last thing on the XP stuff - Now that I finally figured out the XP issue-thanks for the help- I took "Detective" under the Agent SSA - basically looking for the closest thing to reconnaissance ability.

It would be cool to set up an ambush for the pirates if possible...

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 5:29 pm
by Shadow Shack
OOC - also loving the new crash site. More so considering Gideon hails from an arctic climate and would suffer horrifically in the desert. 8-)

BIC - Gideon will start in square 10-C working his way due north. The rifle is slung and pistols are holstered until needed.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 8:56 am
by jedion357
OOC: I'm going to move things along and temporarily NPC any PC that I dont have a post for in the next couple days- probably Friday afternoon.

You can specify the square that your character is set up in within 7 squares of the square maked C for crash site, that is if you are going with corkman's suggestion of ambush or you can simply count off 7 squares and specify you character is on the move.

Haven't heard from Gekka's player in a few days so lets assume the robot did get repaired and did get some reprogramming - I'm loathe to write a mission and functions for you so I will hand wave the fact that the robot is reprogrammed enough to move under some direction but will be rolling randomly for it to do something you might not want it to do until I have a mission and functions- anyone can propose these as in table top games I've run it usually came down to a group discussion as to what the change in a robot's program should be. Feel free to comment on that in OOC.

obviously you will need to leave some things behind while the robot handles 100 kg of wt. or make two trips with the robot to move gear deeper into the forest

you have a random amount of time to prep for the pirates. If I have your characters firing priorities and goals for the coming encounter I'll be able to advance things at least a turn or two into that encounter.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 2:27 pm
by AntGibbs
I'm not sure where Johnny would be since he is joining the PCs still. Either way Johnny would be carefully moving along keeping his eyes open for hostile animals, dangerous plant life, pirates, and maybe other passengers who might have escaped.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 5:08 pm
by Terl Obar
Earlier in the day Dalmar sits down with Grekka. "This little bot doesn't look like he has a lot of functionality off ship and I don't think we can turn him into a warrior. I think the best bet will be to make him a moving cargo container for now. How about set him up like this:

"Mission: Travel, carry equipment, and follow orders as directed by the survey team.
Function: Travel - Move by best means possible or along specified paths to destinations specified. If no specific destination, follow survey team members in given priority
Function: Carry equipment - Use arms, storage areas, and other means as necessary to transport material specified by survey team members.
Function: Follow Orders - Compete to best of ability instuctions provided.
Function: Survey Team - All beings identified as team members by visual images. Members may be added to the identification list by saying "Down with Pirates" while standing directly in front of the robot or by uploading chronocom images.
Function: Survey Team Member Priority - Grekka, Dalmar, Dr. Redd, Kahn, Gedion, Kriss, Rigel, other members in order added to list."

"Anything I missed?"

(A little later)
"Okay, let's see," Dalmar mumbles to himself as he begins to go through the teams gear.

"Water and food first. 72 liters of water, at a kilo a piece, that's most of the carrying capacity right there. 60 days powdered mush suvivial rations. I sure hope we don't have to live off this stuff for long, not that we have a lot to live off of to begin with." He hefts them for a moment. "Okay, maybe another 4 kilos here. Plus the vitasalt pills, that will make the water last longer. Although they always make me feel bloated. That puts us at 76. What else?

"Definitely are going to want the weapons. Looks like 4 Stun pistols and a pair each of blast pistols and semi-auto pistols haven't been claimed yet. Plus five of each of the grenades. That's nine more kilos, total so var is 85. Not much room left.

"Okay, we'll take one extra machete, the rest will have to stay as they are just too heavy. That's two more kilos. The rope is all going, That's another three. A pair of polyvoxes, two more. Then we'll toss in all but two boxes of matches, the all weather blankets, the first aid packs, a pair of pocket tools, and three 3 flashlights. That's nine more kilos for a total of ninety-four. What the heck, I'll throw in the ball bearings to take it to ninety-five. Plus one set of the armor (OOC: the extra set if Gideon is carrying his or Gedion's when he's not wearing it) makes it one ten. That's a little over the bot's rated capacity but only for a day until we drink off some of that water."

Looking over the rest of the stuff, Dalmar shakes his head. "I went to all the trouble to get that extra techkit and now I have to leave it behind. Oh well. This remaining stuff we'll just have to cache. But not right by the lifeboat."

As he gathers up all the remaining gear, he wanders around to each of the party members and gives them each a toxy-rad guage if they don't already have one. "Check it early and often," he says. "Who knows what we'll find out here." He also gives them each a chronocom and a set of sugoggles if they don't already have one.

After that he'll bundle up the rest of the gear in some more strips from the parachute and worm his way into the underbrush at the edge of the forest about 100m north of the crash site. Using his spade, he'll dig a shallow hole and place the remaining gear in it and then cover it with underbrush. Wiggling back out he'll make sure the underbrush looks as undisturbed as possible and return the lifeboat.

"That's all we can do with that. If anything else becomes desparately needed we'll just have to come back for it."

With the gear squared away, Dalmar will don his pack and head up into the trees. He'll start at 8H 40m

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 6:55 pm
by corkman
Shadow Shack wrote:Gideon will drag the armor for now, at least until a tech can size it up for him. He won't be able to cart the second suit though.

He will also take a semi-auto pistol, both if nobody wants the other.

I apologize for my late post on this topic but, I am making an effort to catch back up and get into this game. I would like the 2nd semi-auto pistol for Kriss if it is still available and is there only one [1] magazine per weapon?

Re: Crashed On Volturnus

PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:16 pm
by corkman
Kriss will approach Dalmar and Grekka with his gear and asks them, "I'm not sure what I'm doing with half of this stuff but, I tried to familiarize myself with these weapons the best I could. How can I be of help to you?"

Re: Crashed On Volturnus

PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:22 pm
by Shadow Shack
No sweat, Giedeon has one pistol and Kriss has the other. I just staked a claim at both in lieu of leaving one behind if nobody else wanted it.

Either way, both pistols won't be carried by the bot. ;)

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:10 pm
by jedion357
OOC: just an update- I took the girls to see Oz after school yesterday and by the time I got them fed and in bed I totally zonked on the couch and was up a 4am this morning to deliver food to the national guard- hence the delay in me posting a turn advance. I'm just off from work and finished feeding the kids but I'm not really up to doing a post. I will get one done tonight after a nap or tomarrow. Sorry guys. (I want to do a map too).

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 4:57 am
by jedion357
The team moves the bulk of the equipment deeper into the forest. Leaving Dr Redd with the first load of supplies (see the square marked with a circle at the 40m tall tree in the center) Kahn and Dalmar take the robot back and fetch the rest of the gear. During that time Gedion, Rigel, and Gekka climb to the 40 meter level of the tree to scan and watch for truouble. Kriss climbs to the top of his 30 meter tree.

Gideon is uneasy because that feeling of being watched is back and stronger then ever.

As Kahn is discussing caching some of the heavier non essential equipment with Dr. Redd and Dalmar (on a branch 10 meters of the ground), the whump whump sound of jet copter rotors can be heard from the East. Everyone hunker's down a little deeper in the foliage surrounding them. The copter does a wide sweep of the crash site then does a circle around the 40 meter tall tree that the bulk of the team is in but staying 40 meters from the edge of the tree. When it reaches the 10 o'clock position 4 yazirians jump out and glide down to trees in pairs. The Copter then accelerates North by Northwest and four ropes are cast out over the side.

At the sound of the copter Kahn looks at Dalmar and says, "A helicopter is a significant level of advantage, we need to try to neutralize it some how. I wonder if we can use this holographic fireworks projector to distract or spook the pilot?" Ordering the robot to drop everything but the holographic projector and to follow them Kahn and Dalmar begin to climb to the top of the tree.

When they get there the see 4 pirates finish fast roping down from the copter to the northwest of their tree and the copter zips east where 3 more pirates fast rope down to a tree.

"They're encircling us, they must have IR on that copter."

Dalmar observes Kahn fumbling with the unfamiliar controls on the holo projector and takes over.

Kahn says, "Lets explode the fireworks against the front of the helicopter, maybe we'll get lucky and cause a crash?"

After dropping off the final three pirates east of the big tree the helicopter advances directly on the tree and a pirate can be seen in the door of the helicopter with a laser rifle. The copter is 10 m away and 10 meters up and the door gunner is drawing bead on Dalmar so Kahn begins jumping up and down waving his arms to distract the gunner from Dalmar. Dalmar successfully operates the projector and holographic fire works explode against the helicopter and into the open door. The pilot flinches away from the sudden explosions that are on top of and all around him. His instinct maneuver brings the tail rotor into contact with the top of the tree damaging it. Somehow he rights the copter gains some altitude and flies out over the shard grass plain.

JJ hears the copter circling and manages to catch a glimpse of 3 pirates fast roping out of the helicopter not far from him. One he recognizes- Captain Skrag.

O= bulk of the teams supplies and Dr Redd at 10m
KF= Kris Freesland
GR= Gekka
KH= Kahn
DL= Dalmar
RG= Rigel
JJ= Johny
GP= Gideon

H= helicopter
S= Captain Skrag
Y1-Y4= yazirian pirates
P1-P6= other pirates (mostly humans)