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Equipment found aboard Serena Dawn after action hits.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:09 pm
by Samlangdon
I will start working on this.

Re: Equipment found aboard Serena Dawn after action hits.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 9:30 pm
by Samlangdon
Monoblades In the equipment section, there exists rules for sonic and electric/vibro weaponry. But science fiction is ripe with a technology called monofilament blades, and if the referee allows, you may purchase these additional three items.

Construction. Mono weapons utilize a monofilament wire specially treated with galvatronic force fields and have their molecules aligned with high intensity lasers. The end result is a blade whose leading edge is only a single molecule wide, and it keeps its edge through a great deal of use.

By necessity and economics, mono-bladed weapons are single-bladed (having one sharp side, and one blunt) and therefore the favored configurations are oriental in style (Katanas, Tantos and Wakizashis)

with some Mono Sabers seeing use in the various space navies.

Monofilament Glow. Swinging the blade through the air causes molecules in the air to be alive with phosphorescent activity as molecules are displaced by the blade. This gives a mono blade in motion the effect of glowing, though in truth it is the air which reacts to its movements.

Worn Blades. The only limitation on monofilament blades is that their edge will eventually dull. At the end of a session of play where a monofilament blade was used, roll d100. There is a base 3% chance that the blade has dulled. A dulled blade loses 1d10 from its damage rating until it can be repaired. Repairing a worn monoblade costs half its normal purchase price.

Melee mod.
Mono Tanto. (+5) 2d10 -- -- -- Inertia -- 50 cr
Mono Wakizashi. (+10) 3d10 -- -- -- Inertia -- 100 cr
Mono Katana (+10) 4d10 -- -- -- Inertia -- 200. Cr

Re: Equipment found aboard Serena Dawn after action hits.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 9:37 pm
by Samlangdon
Polyplate up. The goons in this story are wearing the full variety. All the following is from pg. 144 of Alpha Dawn Remastered, reprinted here for convenience.

Defensive Armor The game already has details for skeinsuits (military and civilian) but lacks any rules for dealing with harder armor. If you wish to add harder armor to your game, use these rules.

Players may not layer other defensive suits over polyplate armor, though screens will function normally.

Partial Polyplate Armor This armor covers all vital areas with hardened polymer plates, formed and molded to the body. The armor is fitted, and can only be modified to fit another person in a lab. In the field, a Technician may be able to modify it, but this requires a Repair Machinery roll with a penalty equal to how different the armor is from the person being fit to.

Protection. Partial Polyplate Armor acts like a combination albedo suit and skeinsuit. It absorbs half damage from all beam and physical attacks. Half the damage gets through to the wearer.

Ablative. The suit is somewhat ablative; as it absorbs damage it becomes scored and darkened, unable to reflect blaster fire well. Its pieces crack and chip, occasionally busting off. This is top of the line stuff, but it doesn't last forever. Therefore, when the suit has absorbed 100 points of damage it stops protecting the wearer and looks like hell.

Penalties. Because of the restricting nature of the plates, many people find it difficult to wear the armor comfortably. It can't be slept in easily (unlike skeinsuits). Characters wearing Partial Polyplate Armor have a -5 penalty applied to all Dexterity and Reaction Speed checks.

Full Polyplate Armor Like its less protective brother, Full Polyplate Armor is a hardened polymer carapace designed to protect a combatant from harm. It works just like a Partial Polyplate Armor, with the following differences.

Protection. Characters protected by this armor take only one fourth (round down) the damage that should otherwise be applied to them, if that damage comes from a beam weapon or physical/inertial source. The other three fourths applies to the armor.

Ablative. The armor can take 250 points of damage before it stops protecting the wearer.

Penalties. Full Polyplate is much more restrictive, and characters have a -10 penalty applied to all Dexterity and Reaction Speed checks.

Polyplate Armor Skill Players with a Military PSA may wish to spend the equivalent number of experience points to overcome the penalties associated with the use of Polyplate armor. This isn't really a skill, but a player may spend 5 experience points to eliminate the penalty from Partial Polyplate, and 10 experience points to overcome the penalties from Full Polyplate. These are separate purchases. Characters with non-Military PSAs cannot do this.

Cost. Wt. defense. Penalty
Partial Polyplate 1,250 8 100 points laser/ballistic Protection: 1/2 -5 DEX/RS
Full Polyplate 3,000 15 250 points laser/ballistic Protection: 3/4 -10 DEX/RS