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PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 5:12 pm
by Shadow Shack
Walking past the human and not looking if the others were following, he walked up to the three bikers. "Well if it isn't Erik Stromm. I see they let you out. You probably don't remember me but I was on the investigation team looking into the missing bikes. Quite the hunt you led us on. I don't agree with what happened but I recognize professionalism when I see it. I have a proposition for you three."

Erik bursts out loud with laughter, giving Charger a hearty whack on the lower back. "Ya hear that? The Zeroes did end up going to the cops after all! I knew they were posers!"

"You," he continues pointing at the taller human, "are Bonney Charger, head of the Point True Stellar Demons Hover Cycle Club. I regonize you from your dossier which I saw during Erik's investigation. You," he said pointing at the yazirian, "I don't recognize but I recognize your colors, you're part of Charger's organization.

"Here's the deal. As you've probably already surmised, the offal is about to hit the rotary wind mover. While we don't always agree with everything you guys do," he looks at Erik, "but for the most part you guys are typically on the up and up. Plus you have a strong organization and actually a stronger civic sense than most of the typical 'upstanding' citizens. Here's a chance to earn some positive cred with the city. Get your people organized and help us keep this situation under control. If you're in, send someone down to the 11th for instructions. Tell them Molo sent you. I'll radio ahead and let them know to expect you so there won't be any problems.

Charger listens to the offer. Clearing his throat, he responds "Funny, back during the New Palean Civil War we offered our services against the uprising and TS told us to buzz off. Seems the stakes are a little higher now." He turns to Bacca, who merely nods back at him, and says "We'll have to put it up for a vote. I'll call an urgent meeting for the Point True chapter and send word out to other chapters as well. I'll send someone to the precinct after we've made a decision." Bacca snorts, and Charger closes with "Someone other than Bacca, that is." They both laugh.

He turns to Erik, "You're Nomad, I'm sure you'll do right by us either way." They exchange a brotherly hug and Charger & Bacca part ways.

"As for you," he said addressing Erik, "I've got a personal offer to help sway your decision. You join me and my partner Cal here for the duration. Despite what you may believe, your skills may just come in handy. In return, I know of a pair of hoverbikes that might just find their way out of impound sooner rather than later. I believe one's a tricked out Pan Galactixon and the other is a Sizuxi. Gentlemen, what do you say?"

Erik pauses, and glances back to the red Pan Galactixon parked outside the bar. "Not a bad deal. And here I was all set to start with a clean slate astride that red rod over there." He turns back to Molo. "Frag it," he says, "throw in a tech kit up front and I'm on board."

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 6:12 pm
by jedion357
Cal had suspected that the police would be mobilized not long after the Chiara's destruction but had focused on work to stay distracted from the impending tragedy.

There had just been an attempt on his life and he his brain was racing to think what the next steps would be to investigate the obvious destruction of evidence and locate the perp but he wasn't going to get the chance and likely never would. He watched as the heavy duty FAIR (Fire Automated Interdiction Robot) raced up to the bank and began fighting the fire. The FAIR's were notorious for destroying evidence- nothing he could do short of letting the whole block burn down.

Turning back to the posse Molo was organizing he shrugged. He was unsure of the wisdom of drafting civilians but... If the sheep dip was well and truly meters deep what would waders avail them?

In the mean time he would see what task would be assigned to him.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 8:05 pm
by oTTo
Arturo is surprised by the officer suddenly deputizing him, but he did think highly of his vrusk abilities and if he could be of help he would. Of course, this would be an opportunity to showcase those vrusk language abilities to those outside the company. However, he thought, that really wouldn't matter now as the company may not exist next week.

Arturo intends on putting forth his best efforts to help keep his home world safe and the residents of the world safe as well. Now was not a time for hesitation, Arturo had already realized the necessity of improving his abilities in unarmed or armed combat, it seemed necessary now like never before.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 1:43 am
by Fragz
Meanwhile back on the ranch...Baas and Gaga spent a lovely daylit night out in the woods. So quiet and peaceful, not a care in the world, just enjoying the natural beauty surrounding them and of course, each others company. Gaga readily agreed to a union, in fact they would make it official at the town meeting the next afternoon. Everyone would be there already so it made perfect sense.

As they arrived at the Spice Valley Feed & Supply where the meeting was held, Baas and Gaga noticed there was a big turnout. Every household of Spice Valley was represented which was normal for most town meetings or discussions of importance. There were even a couple human visitors from Point True, military types, sharply dressed with seriousness about them.

"Folks we'de like to get the meeting started, we have Sgt Jack Taylor and Officer Gomer Pyle joining us today from the Point True Police Department. They are going to update us on the latest news of the alien ships in orbit," said the moderator, motioning Sgt Taylor to address the crowd.

Sgt Taylor recapped the situation in space, and the preparations being made to evacuate, maintain order and defend the planet. The news came as a sudden shock to many.

"This location has been designated as a local militia station. All abled body beings within 25 miles are being asked to register here for instructions. We are going to establish secure communications with headquarters within the next few hours. Please sign up with Officer Pyle, then grab your weapons and gear from home and report back here immediately. I must emphasize that it is critical we get organized quickly. Register, go, and return without delay," instructed Sgt Taylor.

The crowd errupted in discussion amongst themselves. Too loud for anyone to notice Baas and Gaga's union announcement.

Baas & Gaga both registered without hesitation. They knew this land well and wanted to protect their homes and families. They headed home to grab their supplies and returned for instructions.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 10:30 pm
by Shadow Shack

A polished federanium table etched with the Stellar Demons logo is centered in a room surrounded by sixteen chairs. A full scale plastic replica of a chopped Pan Galactixon is suspended upside down from the ceiling above, and a black & red banner with the SD logo covers a full wall at one end of the room. Several prospects finish lining the other three uncovered walls with additional chairs and leave the room.

Soon full fledged patched members of the Stellar Demons start filing into the room, each wearing a black vest adorned with the SD logo flanked by top and bottom rockers reading "Stellar Demons" and "Point True" respectively. The Point True chapter, like most Palean chapters, was predominantly human...much like the general Palean population. However, the Demons were an interstellar club and had chapters on every civilized world of the Frontier, with each one demographically matching the population at each locale. They weren't the largest organization in the Frontier, not yet anyways...but they were the most well known. "Stellar Demons" was a household name anywhere you went, it was rich with instant recognition.

A virtual who's who of wanted beings and beings of interest take their places at the table, with the likes of the Dralasite "Moldy" Marshal, the Vrusk simply known as S'krpy-in, a gorilla-sized Yazirian born on a high-grav world who travels under the name Khan-Ga, and scruffy men with names like "Fraks 'em up" Max, Mister X, "Rattles" and "Two Guns" a.k.a. the McGillis brothers (who were actually cousins), "Bones" Babione, "Silver" Pritchett (who wore an excessive amount of silver jewelry), Kelley Kitridger, Northern Bill (who had a deep love for the now defunct Northern brand of hoverbikes that were made in Clarion), treasurer Tommy "Tom-Tom" Thompson, secretary "Patch" Johnson, sergeant at arms Bacca the Yazirian, and vice president Zeke Angel. Nearly two dozen more filled the chairs along the walls, as the nine prospects stood vigil outside the room and club house to ensure nobody would disturb the meeting. A din of murmuring filled the room as members chatted among themselves. These were the ultimate bad azzes, some of them being the founders and originators of the Stellar Demons Hovercycle Club, the one club that has grown in both size and notoriety across the Frontier far more than any other club.

Finally William "Bonney" Charger entered the room and took the vacant chair with the huge SD banner hung on the wall behind him, and the door was closed as he sat down. The room got quiet as V.P. Angel cracked a gavel several times, calling for order. Charger cleared his throat and began speaking in his crackling cancer-ridden voice.

"Brothers, I don't need to tell ya about what's headin' our way. As an interstellar club, we've been fighting our way to the top and staying there ever since. Every other club out there wants to be where we are, and that's why we're always at war with one or the other or all at once."

"Well, I'm here to tell ya, brothers...we're lookin' at a war that will make all those skirmishes PALE by comparison." The group breaks out in laughter at the pun, but settles down just as quickly. "They turned us down when we offered help against the uprising in New Pale, but they're bangin' on our doors now. The dominant Zeroes are nowhere to be seen, no doubt doing what they do best when things go sour: safely holed up and out of sight." More laughter.

"So I'm proposing we go to war again. This time with an unknown enemy, one who has proven themselves to be as lethal as they are mysterious. I can't promise anyone what this will be like, I can't guarantee the outcome. What I can offer is a rumble unlike any we've seen before and a good chance that none of us will see any jail time afterwards."

"Now the locals are probably hoping we will sign on as a security force or something like that. We'll play their game for now, but in the end we will do what we must to keep our turf. Word on the street has it that we're going to stand by idling and do nothing. Word is we won't get involved. All of the other clubs on Pale are staking various claims but none have been seen riding around in this chaos. Only the black & red has been seen around Point True. (round of applause) Keep in mind we have no dog in this fight, we can just as easily hop the next freighter out of Truane's and soldier on elsewhere."


"But then we might as well track down the Zealous Zeroes and offer ourselves up for a patch-over."

The entire room is filled with deep boo-ing.

The gavel comes down a few times and Charger stands up. "So waddaya say, we defend our turf?!?"

Of everyone present, Khan-Ga stands up and offers the first "aye". One of the members seated at the wall opposite the banner stands and says "Aye." A third stands, a fourth, and soon everyone is on their feet shouting "Aye!!!"

Charger yells out "One thing's for sure...when this is over, we WILL be the dominant club on Pale." Drowned out by the thunderous applause, he sits down and leans over to Angel. "Get the word out to the other chapters." He hands a folded plasticard with the words "PALE'S DAWN" printed on it, an acronym that stands for "Pale Stellar Demons At War Now". The VP nods, knowing the pre-generated code was a call to arms with a rendezvous at a location that only SD chapter officers knew about. Anyone monitoring the radio waves would not know the meaning, but any SD officer hearing it would know a call was sent out and every chapter that joins the cause could meet. "Send S'krpy-in over to the local precinct, he'll ask for Molo. Tell him to only speak in his native Vruskan tongue, feigning no fluency in PanGal. I overheard that Molo has a Vruskan linguist with him now. That oughta keep the rumor mill at minimal operation. S'krpy-in will tell Molo that the Point True Demons are in. They'll only be expecting us, they'll be overwhelmed when every last mother frakkin' Demon on Pale rumbles in."

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 5:28 pm
by corkman
OOC: Let me know where you want me to jump in...

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:17 am
by Fragz
OOC Corkman, go ahead and post where you character is and what he is doing in reponse to the latest news of the aliens in space. You will be assimilated after that :-)

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 4:02 pm
by corkman
Kara had been lying on the couch for the past day after getting the news about her boyfriend/fiance's ship, The Chiara, being destroyed by an approaching fleet. Her father had tried to console her over that time with some success. She looked up at him with sadness and anger in her eyes and spoke softly to him, "This is one of those times I wish Mom was still around daddy. She always knew how to handle all of these things, terrible things that happened to people. She was always so wise and knew what to say." Kara leaned her head on her father's shoulder as her tears stopped again and she became more red in the face. Through her swollen eyes, Karl was able to muster up a smile as he kissed her on her forehead and said, "I wish she was around to sweetie. She always knew what to do. She was the rock in our marriage. Unfortunately, we don't have that luxury any more but, we do have each other. I know I can't bring either one of them back now however, I do know that something very bad is coming this way and there is a very good chance that whoever or whatever it is, there's going to be a lot of bloodshed on both sides. We're going to need to get some things from town and prepare! People are already starting to panic and do some crazy things."

Kara had remembered from watching a snippet of the holonews since this mysterious fleet appeared. People were already starting to flee cities, smaller reports of looting and crime going up. She knew her dad was right and that they had to get up and do something if they were going to have any kind of chance to survive. "You're right daddy! We need to do what we need to. Things are going to get crazy around here and getting me out of the house is going to help, I'm sure." Karl smiles at his daughter and helps her off of the couch and embraces her with a hug. "I'll get the guns, you get the vehicle ready. No telling what's going on there so we don't want to take any chances. I'll see you outside."

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:44 pm
by Terl Obar
OOC: I apologize for the huge delay. The game's not dead, just off to a very slow start. Of course it doesn't help that my wife had a baby just after my last post. Plus I had to get the next issue of the Frontier Explorer ready to go (It will be out next week). Life is settling down now so I should be able to get this going again.

I've got a bunch of small posts detailing what is happening to each of the characters. You can react to these posts or not and my next post will bring everyone together and get the ball rolling on the game proper. Here we go:

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:45 pm
by Terl Obar
“A techkit is a reasonable enough request,” Molo responded to Erik's offer. “Done. Welcome aboard son. Let's get back to the precinct and get organized. I need to get Erik here his bikes and a techkit. Anything you need, Arturo? If so, tell me on the way.”

The next couple of hours were quite tedious for Erik And Arturo as Molo ran through paperwork to get everything set up. Cal spent the time filling reports on the sporting goods store and bank incident. Just as they were finishing up and Molo was handing Erik the keys to his bikes, the tri-vid monitors in the station all shifted to a news report:

Truane's News Network Update
Truane's Star Navy Engages Alien Fleet

Outnumbered nearly eight to one and seriously out-classed by the alien vessels, the Truane's Star Navy attempted to intercept and engage the alien ships. While faring better than the other civilian ships that had encountered the alien fleet, the Truane's Star Navy was eventually obliterated by the alien ships as well. The navy managed to destroy several alien ships but they were overcome by the sheer number of aliens vessels. Based on their current course, the alien ships will arrive at Pale in approximately 39 hours.

The Truane's Star government has issued an general evacuation order for Pale and New Pale. All void-capable star ships are being deputized to serve in the evacuation. Citizens are encouraged to work with police and government officials to ensure the most efficient use of resources and evacuating as many citizens as possible.

“Well, things are going to get crazy now.” Molo commented. “You three go home, get whatever gear you want to have on hand, get some sleep and be back here in ten hours.”

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:45 pm
by Terl Obar
Baas and Gaga weren't the only ones willing to volunteer and there was quite a line already even though they were quick about it. As they waited for their turn to fill out the required information, the meeting began to break up with people headed back to their respective homes.

Some of their friends sought them out in line to wish them well on their union; the announcement hadn't gone completely unnoticed. Reaching the front of the line they filled out the registration forms and submitted to bio-identification.

“Welcome aboard,” Officer Pyle said as Baas and Gaga finished their registration process. “Head home, gather up what gear you have and want and report back here in five hours. We'll have assignments for everyone at that point.”

Returning to the command center some hours later, Baas and Gaga were immediately put to work. Gaga was assigned to the communications section and Baas was attached to the quartermaster unit as a delivery driver running supplies between various militia centers both in town and in the nearby countryside. As time wore on, the work got more and more hectic and they saw less and less of each other even on their off time as their shifts started to diverge.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:46 pm
by Terl Obar
Ortwin's chronocom beeped. It was just a short text message that simply said, “We should talk.” The sender was unidentified and appeared to be a wrong number but he recognized the number's pattern as one that indicated that Kray had another job for him. It also identified the meeting location and time.

An hour later Ortwin was sitting in a small dinner eating a mediocre dish that was supposedly some specialty from Gran Quivera. Kray slid into the booth opposite him.

“I was wondering if you were going to show up,” Ortwin said putting another bite into his mouth.

“Shut up and listen,” Kray responded. “Your mouthing off a couple of days ago nearly got us both into big trouble. This job is simple, all you have to do is deliver this data cube,” Kray pulled out a small one centimeter square box and set it on the table, “to Markus Hammond, chief engineer on the GQSS Darkening Void, currently docked in berth G83 at the space port. He'll be expecting you.”

“A Prenglar ship, huh. Company business or something else?” Ortwin asked innocently.

Kray just stared at him.

“Fine,” Ortwin added. “I think I've lost my appetite. He picked up the cube and his jacket. “Be a chum will you.” and walked off leaving Kray to pay the bill.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:46 pm
by Terl Obar
Some hours later:

Truane's News Network Update
Bikers End Spaceport Riot

In an attempt to enforce some order on proceedings at the Point True Spaceport, government officials have closed accessed to the facility. Police lines and checkpoints have resulted in a large backup of refugees and others attempting to flee the planet. As the size of the crowds continued to grow police and government forces were faced with more and more unruly crowds and numerous fights and murders were beginning to occur in the growing mob.

As the turmoil in the crowd was about to reach the boiling point, hundreds of hoverbikes came thundering down the spaceport expressway toward the check points, weaving in and out of the parked vehicles, the crowd parting to avoid being run down. Witnesses identified the bikers as members of the Stellar Demon hoverbike gang. Those beings who had been pressing for access through the checkpoints quickly cleared out expecting a confrontation between the bikers and the police.

What happened next was completely unexpected. Reaching the checkpoints, the bikers stopped their cycles and pivoted around 180 degrees. About half their number, forming a line, began to advance on the milling crowd, pushing them out from the checkpoint. After clearing about a one hundred meter space, the bikers stopped forming an intimidating wall of being and machine.

At this point, another biker, and older human that had been following behind the advancing line pulled up to the line and pulled out a megaphone. “Okay listen up. Our planet is apparently about to be attacked and you losers are running like scared little chickens. The government has asked for everyone's help and instead of helping, you little good-for-nothings are causing more problems and draining resources that could be better used working on defenses. They've asked for our help and the Stellar Demons are going to help. From here out we'll be enforcing the orderly evacuation of those who there is room to evacuate. Effective immediately here are the rules:

“One, women and children may pass freely through the line to the processing checkpoints as room on transport ships become available.

“Two, all of you gentlemen”, he added with a heavy dose of sarcasm, “should be headed to the nearest militia station, not trying to run like frightened pansies. Don't even bother approaching the line as you will be turned back, probably quite rudely.” That elicited a few cheers from the bikers in the line.

“Three, everyone milling about and hoping to pass through to the spaceport will remain calm and orderly. We'll be cycling through the crowd and any problems will be dealt with swiftly and decisively. If you don't want to be on the receiving end of Stellar Demon justice, and I wouldn't recommend it, don't give us the opportunity.

“Now, let's remember that we're supposed to be civilized on this planet and start acting as such.” With that he turned of the megaphone, spoke a few words to those in the center of the line and then headed back to speak with the police and government personnel. At the same time, about half the bikers inside the clear zone formed up into small groups and headed out into the crowd to begin circling through and maintaining order as promised.
Shortly after the bikers established their perimeter, a foolhardy group of beings, mostly humans and yazirians, attempted to force their way through the line of bikers. The bikers' response was swift and violent leaving two of the attackers dead and several severely wounded. After there, there have been no more problems and the processing of refugees has continued relatively smoothly.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:47 pm
by Terl Obar
“Not bad at all,” Molo said flipping off the news report as Cal, Erik, and Arturo entered his office. “Your buddy's are doing a right fine piece down at the space port,” he said to Erik. They sent a Vrusk down that didn't seem to speak Pan Gal while you guys were out but I think they were expecting to talk to Arturo here. Luckily my vrusk is pretty decent.

Okay, here's what you three are going to do...

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:47 pm
by Terl Obar
Ortwin arrived at the space port to find access barred by a biker gang. Watching from a distance he saw that the bikers only seemed to be letting women and kids through their line. Several men approached the line but were turned away, sometimes quite forcibly.

As he fingered the data cube in his pocket, he decided he'd at least try. As he approached the line of bikers, a hulking yazirian stepped out. “Stop right there, hanger boy. What do you think you're doing. As we've said repeatedly, women and children only.”

“Sorry,” Ortwin replied, “I just arrived from downtown and must have missed that. I'm suposed to make a delivery to the GQSS Darkening Void.”
“Hear that boys,” the yazirian called out, “He's supposed to make a delivery. We haven't heard that one before have we? He doesn't even seem to be carrying anything.” Several other bikers laughed. “So this delivery? It's going to a ship? And they are expecting you?”

“Yes, I was told they were expecting me.” Orwin tried to remain calm in the face of this condescending biker who was obviously trying to bait him.

“Well, let's just check the list then.” the yazirian drawled. “Oh, wait, there is no list, we weren't told of anyone to be let through. Buzz off, buster,” the yazirian's voice shift to a much more menacing tone. “Unless you show up with some sort of official documents and clearance, you're not going another step farther. If you're so desperate to avoid what's coming, go find some hole to hid in. You won't be leaving the planet on board on of the remaining ships.”

Ortwin gave the yazirian a hard stare and then turned and walked back into the crowd. He'd have to find another way to the spaceport. Or maybe this was his chance to just disappear. With all the confusion and chaos happening because of the approaching alien fleet, there might not be a better opportunity to get “lost”. He needed to consider his options.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:48 pm
by Terl Obar
The phone range and Kara got it as her father was coming up from the basement of their home. “Addibissi residence, Kara speaking,” she said into the receiver.

“Hello, is Major Addibissi there please,” a voice on the other end responded.

“Just a moment,” she replied. “Oh no,” Kara thought to herself as held out the phone to her father. “They are asking for Major Addibissi”, she said as he took it from her.

Whatever the converstation was, it was definitely one sided. Her father uttered a few, “Yes, sirs”, “I understand, sir”, and “I'll do what I can, sirs”, but beyond that he mainly just listened. When he hung up the phone she should see in his face that he was getting ready to leave.

“What was that all about?” Kara asked.

“They asked me to come down to the militia base for some discussions.”

“But you're retired, they have others that do this stuff,” Kara protested.

“It seems that they've reactivated my commission,” her father replied. “At least temporarily.”

“I haven't been called back in and they're calling you?”

“Kara, it's just for a day and then I'll be back. And I'm sure you'll be recalled soon enough. Just hang out here at the house and get some rest. I suspect there is going to be little of that to come by in the coming days.”

As he drove off a few minutes later, Kara wished once again that her mother was still around.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:51 pm
by Terl Obar
OOC: Okay, that it for the updates. Feel free to add in anything else about your character and their reactions. My next post will probably be on the first weekend in May to give you guys a chance to post although if everyone posts quickly, I might get something up sooner. I want to try to get back to the weekly posting rate.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 10:27 am
by corkman
Kara sits down in the kitchen for a little but, having a cup of coffee and something small to eat before she continues to get the supplies and weapons ready like her and he father talked about. She will try to occupy her time by getting things ready for his return but, she knows in her mind that something is not going to go right and her dad's sense of duty is going to draw him back into the military, and Kara, not far behind.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:42 pm
by Shadow Shack
Terl Obar wrote:“A techkit is a reasonable enough request,” Molo responded to Erik's offer. “Done. Welcome aboard son. Let's get back to the precinct and get organized. I need to get Erik here his bikes and a techkit. Anything you need, Arturo? If so, tell me on the way.”

The next couple of hours were quite tedious for Erik And Arturo as Molo ran through paperwork to get everything set up. Cal spent the time filling reports on the sporting goods store and bank incident. Just as they were finishing up and Molo was handing Erik the keys to his bikes, the tri-vid monitors in the station all shifted to a news report.

“Well, things are going to get crazy now.” Molo commented. “You three go home, get whatever gear you want to have on hand, get some sleep and be back here in ten hours.”

Erik shoots a steely eyed glare up at Molo. "Son?!? Better check yer data there, chief. I been around long enough to be your senior, pops."

Once the hover bikes were released and the order to return is given, he strolls out to the impound lot. He eyed the duo that he had lovingly modified prior to his stint at Pale's Penal Colony...the candy red Streel Sizuxi GSX900R with every performance modification under Truane's sun and the vivid black pre-UPF era Pan Galactixon that he'd managed to hop up and lighten the load...bobbed bodywork, drilled out brackets, and basically anything that didn't make it start/stop/go was shelved. Hardly street legal by any stretch of the word, it was the epitome of hot rods translated into the hovercycle dialect. It couldn't hold an everflame to the 900 in terms of performance, but it made a grand statement on a grand scale. And it was loud. Deafening loud. Whereas the Sizuxi offered a banshee like wail, the old school Pan Galatixon belted out a deeper and richer baritone note. Not only could you hear it from a block away, you could FEEL it too.

He took a rag to the year's worth of dust that had layered over the deep gloss black paint, not to mention the grease pen marks left by the investigators and impound lot staff. He stowed the tech kit into his backpack and climbed aboard. His feet found the elevated footpegs as his abbreviated arms stretched for the pullback drag bar. A twist of the key and the magnetos hummed while the dash light flickered to life. He stood up on the left peg and used his right foot to kick start the beast, and after a few tries it roared to life.

The bike raised up to about half a meter off the ground, he pitched it to the right and grabbed a handful of throttle. The trio of hoverfans kicked up a cloud of dust as it lurched forward. Erik came to a screaming halt at the gate and he called out to the attendant, "I'll be back in a bit for the other one. " He gunned the throttle a couple times and the bike launched, banking hard to the right as he carved a niche along the corner to enter traffic that wasn't ready for him. A pair of skimmers nearly sideswiped each other to avoid his entry as their horns protested Erik's careless antics. He didn't care, it had been too long since he felt the wind in his face. He had no desire to head to the halfway house he'd been staying at these days. Nay, he leaned hard to the left and dragged a fan shroud as he hit the Point True Expressway on-ramp. In no time he had the vintage bike up to its top speed of 150kph. It felt great to be free at last.

Within minutes the signage for the Warehouse District loomed overhead. The Point True Stellar Demons' clubhouse was nestled away in this shady part of town. There was a lot of club business to tackle in the next ten hours, and Charger was expecting everyone to carry their share of the load. Even though Erik was a Nomad and as such not required to assist, Charger was a long time friend and that was all Erik needed for a reason to lend a hand. The Spaceport was the next exit, roughly 10km away, and that was his destination. Time to join the rest of his crew in the task that had been delegated to them.

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PostPosted: Thu May 01, 2014 11:06 pm
by oTTo
Arturo stood in the precinct beside Molo and the others watching the news reports. The news of the system's fleet annihilation still hadn't sunk in, then the stuff with the Stellar Demons basically suspending civil authority and replacing it with... something else. Inside Arturo was uneasy of what was coming next. If it wasn't the crazed citizenry rioting and looting rather than unifying it was the impending doom from the stars in the form of some unknown terror.

The only calm he found was in conversing with S'krpy, as seldom as it had been. Speaking vrusk in a slurry of Pan Gal was comforting to this human. Having always felt different from the humans around him, Arturo had spent much of his life developing an understanding for Vrusk languages, both spoken and through antennae. This helped excel his studies in vrusk and in turn find his work in the archives of a vrusk corporation translating their many volumes into Pan Gal. He dreaded speaking Pan Gal, but took every opportunity to speak vrusk. Particular he enjoyed that few of the other races understood the antennae language.

S'krpy had a very peculiar dialect about him, obvious a vrusk of his environment. The Stellar Demons, to Arturo, made the local police force look like crossing guards at local schools. The Demons were well organized and a fully functional operation with a wide berth of capabilities. It was no wonder the law enforcement sought their assistance in this time of obvious need. No single polity could stand this alone, Arturo was sure his corporate managers were hiding somewhere under their desks in the towering building they called home. Their calls for aid going unheard as everyone around was doing the very same.

He scoffed at the thought of returning to work for them, staring out the window of the police hovercar ride home at the tower he once called his place of work. His department was on sublevel 7, with 54 levels up and 12 sublevels, translation was for some reason on the 7th sublevel. His managers held his department with disdain.

Vrusk Learning Support Services, Incorporated catered to the University of Point True. While their building was dwarfed by the Steel Corporation tower several blocks away, the company was proud of the very vrusk design of the building, placing the CEO's least favorite departments in the lowest levels and his most favorite arse kissers closer to the top floor penthouse. Arturo wondered what the CEO and other executives had done when they heard the alien fleet was coming, He wondered if they may have known before the citizenry had known.

His gaze shifted to the Steel tower, all 500 floors of glory that it was dominating the Point True skyline. What are you guys doing[i][/i]he wondered to himself. Arriving at his residence he got the rest he could before the 10 hours were up and he was to return to the precinct.

His eyes were quick to shut. So much was going on and his mind went in every different direction. His dreams of demons, so many different demons. He woke in a panic, cold sweat covering his body. His eyes searched the room, it was empty. The dim glow of the floor lighting shined off the laminate flooring. A low cost residence in a small apartment building.

Arturo took a shower, made no attempts at shaving his face. His beard had grown for a few days now and he had no desire to waste time shaving. He gathered several belongings; a pocket guide to Vrusk dialects because Erik was so different from Dr. Klek whom he knew familiarly, his company paisley, and a couple pairs of sungoggles. He put everything in a hiking backpack he had used only once, holding the other belongings he had bought at the same time as the bag from the taxi to the closet where it stayed.

He looked around the apartment, very tidy and minimal. The badge of deputy was still on the coffee table, he had almost forgotten it. When he stretched out his arm to retrieve the badge he finally realized he had no real weapons training. What was he going to do when the shooting started?

Arturo wondered enough to remember his fencing days at the university, but that fencing was not much of a real combative effort when matched with firearms. He was unsure he was going to cut the mustard when it came to combat.

A quick call onto his friend Dr. Klek, no answer. Another call to his parents, an answer and a message of their well being. They were with the evacuation efforts and were hoping to make it off world. His father's chronocom cut out, however, and after that Arturo was unable to get in contact with his father again.

He returned to the precinct after only 8 hours. He waited around for everyone else to arrive, passing the time reading the police reports on the several boards around the precinct lobby. He had seen some of the faces on the wall in the crowd of Stellar Demons during their take over on the news. He smiled to himself.