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PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 7:52 pm
by Terl Obar
from the Truane News Network

A source within Truane's Star Navy reports the detection of a massive fleet of ships exiting the Void and entering the system from the direction of the Xagyg Nebula. The ship's are currently in a slow deceleration of 0.89 gees toward the inter system, destination unknown. Based on their current flight profile, they should arrive at Pale, if that is their destination, in four days.

The TSN source, who wishes to remain anonymous, indicates that based on preliminary images and sensor scans, the ships are of a design never before seen in the Frontier, matching no known ship design of any of the Frontier races or those of the recently met races of the Rim.

So far the ships, which number nearly a hundred, have not responded to any attempts at communication. It is unknown if it is a case of the ships not receiving the signals, misinterpreting them, or simply ignoring them.

News at the moment is sketchy but TNN will keep you informed as the situation develops.

This thread is to kick off the game play with actions taken by your PC's before they meet up and provide some background to the action.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 6:51 pm
by oTTo
It was another day of reading one language and writing another. Arturo had just returned to his desk from the latrine when a news broadcast hit the airwaves of his personal radio, sitting on the corner of his desk. At first he didn't may much attention, but when the reporter said the fleet size fear shivered down his spin. Real fear.

Who are they!?he thought, a horrified look stuck to his face. Seconds passed by like hours as his mind frantically searched for the right path to follow.

His day would have ended with dinner with his parents in their apartment in the center of the city, that would still be the best course of action. Father would have a plan.

Arturo went back to his work as best as he could, trying to pretend the possible danger heading towards Pale was not truly as dangerous as his fear led him to believe. After a few hours his fear subsided and eventually he was able to forget all about it. His parents did discuss the broadcast, but Arturo's father was sure of the planetary forces being able to protect the populous. There would be nothing to worry about.

Arturo kept his fathers words in his mind the next few days, staring up into the sky, past the clouds and out into space. He wondered, what would next week be like?

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 11:06 pm
by Shadow Shack
Erik watches the newscast from a local hovercycle hangout while casing for potential next rides. While most of the patrons are reacting to the doom and gloom of it all, he can't help thinking to himself what wondrous tech these newcomers might have that could be worth stealing...

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2014 6:28 am
by jedion357
Cal was sprinting out the leg of the loop. He had missed one target on the last round of shooting which would add a time penalty to his score. Up until that point he had been having the best match of his life with a solid chance for second. Now he had to give the cross country portion everything and more to hang onto second. He crested the last incline before the finish and went into a downhill crouch. At the bottom he exploded into action with his arms pumping and lungs burning. He crossed the finish line and slumped over exhausted and depleted.

Securing his cross country skis and pole he spied Molo trudging over to him, "Congrats Cal, you placed third."

Cal nodded, he'd not explain his disappointment at placing third lest Molo launch into a philosophical discussion. This was the first time that Molo had ever tracked him down at a biathlon event.

"What's up, we have a case?"

"Haven't you heard? A fleet of 100 ships just arrived in system from parts unknown and matching nothing like anything we've ever seen before. Looks like Pale is about to be the point of first contact with yet another space faring species."

"Great, you know what that means? We'll have to learn a whole 'nother biology just to do our jobs."

"Come on, Cal, its exciting, we'll be among the first people in the galaxy to meet this species. And speaking of our jobs we have a body and all the other CSI teams are busy so they sent me to get you."

Cal snorted, "What is it?"

"Looks like a human kid found out that hard way that if the galaxy had intended form him to fly it would have made him a yazirian."

Cal rolled his eyes since Molo trotted out that joke every time they investigated an apparent jumper.

The next 4 days Cal was busy with identifying the human youth and determining that he had simply tried to catch a ride on the landing gear of a plane and that there had been no foul play. He gave little thought for the approaching armada other than to put 5 credits into the office pool on whether they were friendly or not. So far there had been relatively friendly contact between 7 species so Cal bet they were aggressive. If the aliens were here to invade he was going to win big.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2014 7:08 pm
by Terl Obar
from the Truane News Network

Alien Visitors Still Unresponsive

The fleet of alien spacecraft continues to be unresponsive to all attempts at remote communication. The Pale Star Ship Chiara, a scientific research vessel working in the outer system, has volunteered to approach the visiting starships and attempt to establish direct contact. Estimated rendezvous with the alien fleet is sometime late tomorrow afternoon. TNN will cover the PSS Chiara's contact attempt live as the feed comes in from the outer system. Tune in tomorrow for the exciting coverage.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2014 8:48 pm
by jedion357
"If the galaxy had wanted him to be able to fly it would have made him a yazirian," drawled Molo with three feet up on his desk and his hands behind his head as he rocked back in his chair.

"Will you stop with that stupid joke! If the yazirians on day shift hear you there will be trouble," Cal retorted.

"I'm just saying and the yazirians on day shift think I'm funny."

Cal paused and snorted at his partner, "No they don't."

"Yeah they do."

"NO, they don't."

"I had them laughing the other...oh hey un-mute the monitor there its about the alien fleet."

Cal grabbed the remote and adjusted the volume.

Terl Obar wrote:*** SPECIAL UPDATE ***
from the Truane News Network

Alien Visitors Still Unresponsive

The fleet of alien spacecraft continues to be unresponsive to all attempts at remote communication. The Pale Star Ship Chiara, a scientific research vessel working in the outer system, has volunteered to approach the visiting starships and attempt to establish direct contact. Estimated rendezvous with the alien fleet is sometime late tomorrow afternoon. TNN will cover the PSS Chiara's contact attempt live as the feed comes in from the outer system. Tune in tomorrow for the exciting coverage.

"Oh man, you are so going to lose on the office pool when they get here," Molo chuckled at his partner.

"Are you kidding me? Wait, don't answer that. Seriously though they haven't communicated with us and they brought 100 ships. They are not here to talk and play nice," Cal responded.

"I'm sorry but I just find it hard to believe that a space faring race lacks the enlightenment to engage in war. It just illogical because the combined industrial might of the 16 star systems of the Frontier is just too much for them and you my friend are going to lose on the pool."

"Well I hope your right but do you really think they know we have the combined industrial might of 16 star systems on our side?"

Molo remained silent.

Cal continued, "And even if they are not friendly and there is a 2nd Common Muster they did bring 100 ships, our militia is how many ships?"

Molo rocked forward and put his feet on the floor but still didn't say anything. Cal nodded to himself and returned to filing.

"Well, I hope so but something about how they are approaching Pale bothers me."


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PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2014 9:44 pm
by Shadow Shack
A grizzly older human entered the hovercycle bar and straddled a stool next to Erik. The man was nearly twice Erik's height...but then most men usually were. He wore a heavily faded black leather vest with a demon patch in the center of the back. Rockers above and below the demon read "Stellar Demons" and "Point True" respectively.

"What'cha watchin' there, Erik?" the newcomer said with gravelly vocal chords that had been permanently damaged from smoking contraband StimSticks made with real tobacco.

Erik laughed out loud. "Bonney, how in the hell are ya?"

The newcomer nodded and answered "Still swingin'. Whaddaya think of this inbound fleet?"

Erik took a long gulp from his mug of Pale Ale, belched loudly, and responded "Brother, I think we're in for a load of chaos. And not the kind like I started when I pinched all those Zero sleds either. This'll be global, man..."

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 9:32 pm
by Terl Obar
Special Report
from the Truane News Network
PSS Chiara Attempts Contact
We go now live to coverage of the PSS Chiara’s attempt to establish contact with the fleet of alien vessels that entered the Truane’s Star system thirty hours ago. The Chiara has drawn close enough that visual contact is possible and we have begun receiving images from its main telescope.


Audio shifts and the sound of Chiara’s captain can be heard. “Well, these ships are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. There seem to be several different varieties of ships in various sizes but they all seem to have some features in common.

“The bow of each ship consists of a sphere or flattened spheroid. This sphere is connected to the rest of the body by a slim neck. If we’re judging scale properly, these tend to five to thirty meters long and four to ten meters in diameter with the larger ones being on the larger ships.

“The main body of the ships are bulbous affairs all smoothed and softened, almost looking like it is melted together. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of sharp angles anywhere. They are unlike anything I’ve ever seen although they do hold some resemblance to early Dralasite ships.

“Many of the ships end in another sphere separated from the main body by a thicker waist. This aft sphere is where the engines are mounted. Like many of our Frontier ships, the engines are mounted away from the ship on struts. Perkins, are we getting readings on those engines?

“Yes, sir,” came another voice. “They have similar readings to our own atomic engines. They are probably similar in principle if not in operation. We should assume they have the same capabilities.”

“Very well,” the captain continued. “That’s one similarity at least. And like us they seem to use their acceleration to produce simulated gravity in their ships. All of the ships are oriented tail first toward their direction of travel and have their engines running. Acceleration seems to be oh point nine gravities. I guess that’s what they prefer.

“We’ve been slowly closing the distance over the last few hours with on the leading ships which happens to be one of the largest ones. We’ve been broadcasting greetings on all communications channels including using our subspace radio on occasion but have failed to elicit any response. Either they are deaf to our frequencies or are ignoring us.

“I’m beginning to think it is the latter. As we’ve been approaching, we’ve caught short bursts of transmission on a couple of different radio frequencies that have been non-random and seem to emanate from the ships. We’ve tried transmitting on those frequencies but have received no response.

“At this point, we are about thirty-nine thousand kilometers away from the large ship we are approaching and closing at a rate of about five hundred kilometers per minute. Once we reach thirty thousand kilometers we’ll slow our approach even more.”

“Captain,” a third voice called out, “there seems to be some sort of motion in the hull of the ship.” On the screen several protrusions that were visible on the surface of the ship were rotating and starting to point toward the Chiara.

“All crew,” the captain called out, “strap in and prepare for high gee maneuvers. Helm, rotate the ship perpendicular to our direction of motion and engage engines at maximum thrust.”

“Come on baby, rotate,” the captain’s voice came across the open circuit in a whisper, “come on.”

Suddenly there was a flash from several points on the alien spacecraft. The image shuddered for a moment and klaxons started sounding. “Get those alarms off,” the captain yelled.

"Bridge, Engineering. Both our engines are off line. They have both sustained damage of some sort."

"Hull breach in crew deck two," came another report. "The entire starboard section has been vented to space."

"Life support failure. Primary life support equipment has failed. Backup system engaging."

"Captain, radar. The alien ship has just launched a small object towards us."

The telescope camera had managed to stay locked on to the approaching ship. Just below the hull there was a small black dot surrounded by a glowing halo. "Radar, what is the speed and closing rate of that object?"

"Captain, it is accelerating at about thirty gee and headed straight toward us. Estimated time to impact is three minutes if it doesn't change its acceleration profile."

“Very well,” the captain replied, “Are we still broadcasting?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Okay, prepare and send a burst transmission with all data collected on the data sideband.” After a pause, he continued, his voice flat. “This is the PSS Chiara. Having approached to within one hundred thousand kilometers of the lead alien vessel, we once again began attempting to communicate with the ship. We received no response until we closed within thirty-nine thousand kilometers at which point the ship opened fire on us with some sort of laser weapon. They have completely disabled our engines and opened up a couple breaches in our hull including damaging our primary life support system.

"Immediately after the laser attack a single object was launched toward the Chiara. Based on its acceleration profile and trajectory, I can only assume that it is some sort of missile or torpedo. Time to impact is now less than one minute.

"We cannot maneuver and the object is now close enough that it couldn't stop before hitting us even if it tried. We will continue to transmit data but if the feed suddenly stops, at least you'll know why. Good luck. Chiara out."

For a few seconds, the image of the incoming missile continued to grow until it flashed off the bottom of the screen. The image and audio stopped to be replaced by the TNN logo.

“The transmission from the Chiara has terminated,” the announcer said. “We can only assume the worst. We will keep you updated on further developments.”

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2014 1:22 pm
by Terl Obar
from the Point True Herald

Hilo Headrow Court Date Set

Local businessman Hilo Headrow, owner of Point True Finance and Loan, appeared in court today to establish a court date for his upcoming trial. Headrow is accused of using strong-arm tactics and intimidation in his banking practices to force negative terms on his clients and cause early forclosures. There are also rumors of "protection fees" being added or sold with some of the institution's products that raise the prices in exchange for "speical treatment." The trial is to being in three weeks.

PTF&L has been in the news lately for a string of high profile forclosures on downtown property and seizures of starships that were thought to be in good standing. The value of the property and ships seized totals nearly a billion credits. Several of the owners have come forth complaining about incidents leading up to the foreclosures and pointing fingers at Headrow, indicating that he uses local gangs to cause trouble and disrupt businesses forcing them to take losses that led the the forclosures. Several of these parties have filed suit against Headrow. It is this case for which the date was being set in court today.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2014 9:38 pm
by Shadow Shack
"That's one of the things I wanted to talk to you about." Charger said to Erik. "I can't condemn or condone what you did, but you never fingered anyone but yourself when the stink hit the fan. We've had a few patch holders that have been knuckling under to the pressures lately. Can't say I'm gonna miss them. We..."

The newsflash interrupted them. Everyone was staring jaws/mandibles agape in silence when the transmission ended.

"Like I said," Erik slowly raised his mug and took a sip, "pure chaos." He puts the mug down. "First thing I'm gonna do when it starts: obtain a new ride. I'll swing by the clubhouse when I do and we can talk shop. Opportunity will be ripe for wiping the Zeroes out and establishing dominance here while things are going nuts."

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:39 am
by oTTo
The transmission ended. Chills shivered down Arturo's spine. Frightening new threats with frightening new weapons. His father had calmed him slightly, having said "should the dawn bring a new challenge, they will not rest until we can sleep achieved" when talking of the brave men and women defending the system.

Are they that capable? They were able to destroy a vessel with a few bursts of their weapons, Arturo thought while translating text in his office. His mind constantly straying from work, his life had always been so routine that this disruption played on his anxieties. There would be no travel to the Vrusk worlds in the coming end of season, there would may be hard times coming and Arturo felt unprepared. The systems of the Frontier have always been so civilized and dedicated to commerce and trade.

Arturo allowed the news broadcasts to play over the radio in his office, never allowing himself to feel in the dark about the world outside of his own. Allowing himself to focus on the text he was translating would normally bring some calm to the easily wound up man, but with the intensity of the news of the incoming fleet growing he was not able to.

When he realized how much anxiety he had made himself he pushed back from his desk. He needed a moment to readjust, to get his wits back about him. He often thought about an old vrusk tale he had read. A business owner who provided fresh reeds to local merchants had started to prosper in his trading. His wealth had grown and he had acquired much of his wants in life. He never dedicated much thought into preparing for his future, but focused on the results of each days trade. Live life by the day, that was his method. One season bandits took to raiding the local area, some of the merchants told the bandits of the reed business owner and his wealth. When the bandits arrived the vrusk had nothing to defend himself, he had a home full of wealth and never prepared to defend it, to protect it. He focused too much on just gaining that he never invested in anything that would benefit him when the time came. The bandits killed the man, razed his home and business, and stole all that he had. The local merchants were happy because the bandits were true to their word and never bothered the local area again.

Arturo had only learned to defend himself while fencing, in front of judges, in pads, with faux weapons. It was an extracurricular that was needed during his university years and played little in his current life. He thought down on himself for that, for having never taken to anything productive in his free time. He made a list in his head of the things he could have been doing, at the end he remembered that he knew much because he read books but that amounts to very little. He used the remainder of his work day to look over the cities maps and figured out where the emergency shelters would be located, having to contact several hospitals to very some facts.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 2:23 am
by Fragz
Baas would have preferred to stay home today, but he had to get the truck load of produce to his buyer Kri'k Ket in Point True. He flipped on the radio and listed to his favorite station as he drove, Outlaw Country. The signal seemed a bit fuzzier than normal so he pressed the scan button to go to the next station, "...aliens ships in orbit"....scan..."still no word from the Chiara"...scan..."apparently hostile race"...scan...

"What is going on with this thing," said Baas as he mashed on the radio buttons.

..."we can only assume the worst," said the radio one last time before finding a music station. The deep techno rap beats made Baas step on the pedal without realizing it. He lit up a spice cigar and looked up at the sky, oblivious to what was going on up there.

"Drop off this produce and then...." Baas sighed. "And then go see what Gaga is up to." Baas imagined he was with her already and looked at himself in the rear view mirror," How you doin?....How yooooooouuuuu doin?"

*BUMP* *BUMP* *BUMP* the tire said as it went off the road. Baas corrected the vehicle and gave himself a frown in the mirror.

"That would never happen if I was riding Trot," he thought to himself. "Truck isnt smart enough to stay on the trail, sheesh. Lets get this thing done and git home"

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:16 pm
by asmzero
"Strange that there are a number of starship seizures right at the moment that a seemingly hostile fleet is approaching the planet, don't you think?" Ortwin addressed the shadowy character he had delivered the dossier to. He had just done an easy job on an upstart company that thought it could grab a percentage of market share that one of the nameless corp moguls that issue his orders wished them not to get.

The figure stepped forward past the two men, his face still mostly concealed by a hood. He huffed but said nothing else. Kray sighed and gave Ortwin a hard stare. As the man walked into the distance Kray spoke up, "They don't like it when you talk to them."

"Why shouldn't I talk to them? They're not robots," Ortwin countered, "Anyhow, it is unusual."

"That there are crooks in business who will twist and break the law to get money, ha!," Kray snorts, "or that aliens have infiltrated medium sized financial institutions in a hostile takeover bid?"

Otwin stares at him stonefaced.

"Okay, okay! I guess it is sort of, kind of, exactly what we do, but still. What did you say about your time in the military? Failed Psych eval? Paranoid? What?" He says with a sneer.

"You wait," Ortwin adds several foul expletives under his breath but clearly directed at Kray. "I bet the two things are related."

The two men walk into the night in the opposite direction their client had.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 11:54 pm
by Fragz
"You don't say," bellowed Baas.

"I can't believe you have not heard yet!" shouted Kri'k Ket, amazed that Baas was so uninformed about world events. "This could be catrostophically epicly majorly really really bad!"

"It sounds like this load of produce could be worth a lot more than usual," said Baas cooly.

"Uh, well it's all really unconfirmed, you know, nobody really even knows what is going on. I mean it's probably just a big joke," said Kri'k Ket with a fake chuckle.

"Mmmm Hmmm,"said Baas as he lowered his gaze so that his eyes were barely visible below the brim of his hat. "My spidey sense is tingling ole friend," he said gruffly with a dead stare.

Kri'k Ket's uneasiness was broken by Baas's Jabba the huttish laugh. He was relieved even if he had just been suckered in yet again. "Always with the bug jokes, huh, there is something seriously wrong with that jelly brain of yours, like too much water up in there"

The two shared a good hearty laugh and finished their business. "Thanks for the info my many legged friend. I hope it is nothing, but you would be wise to prepare for the worst. Could get ugly around here if the citizens panick if ya know what I mean. Take care," said Baas as he hopped in his truck.

Baas stopped by the local sporting supply and picked up a few boxes of ammo. "Just in case," he thought. He headed home, no radio, just the cool breeze and his thoughts to keep him company. He needed to make sure the others were aware of this back home.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:50 am
by jedion357
Well Cal won big on the office pool but he didn't have the heart to go collect his credits. The Point True Police Department was in an uproar. All leave was cancelled, everyone was issued body armor and extra ammo. Riot gear had been handed out but not to Cal and Molo. AS CSIs they still had a job to do. They were at a sporting goods store with smashed windows looking at their latest assignment.

The coroner rattled off, "Human male, mid twenties, apparent ex-sanguination from the femoral artery, there is multiple blunt force trauma post mortem, I'll likely rule that the cause of death was from bleeding out though being trampled by the other looters certainly didn't help."

Molo chimed in, "Looks like he cut himself climbing through the window, there's quite a blood trail here. Seems like he was fixated on getting a weapon he may not have realized how bad he was cut."

Cal continued, "Once he dropped the other looters just kept stepping on him. At least he died quick and didn't have to endure the trampling. Too bad the looters stole the shop's computer, it would have been nice to have the holo recordings."

"Hey Cal, there's a bank across the way maybe their holo recorders caught something?"

Cal left Molo to process the scene and the coroner to bag the body while he went across the street to the local Point True Finance and Loan office. He entered the bank but there were no customers but one older human male was frantically shredding documents.

"Hey, Hey! I'm looking for a manager."

The man flinched when he saw the police uniform then made as if to run toward a back office then he remembered the document in his hand and put it into the shredder.

"Whoa, what are you doing?"

"I, I, huh I was just shredding these old documents."

"Well calm down and stop what you are doing I need to ask you a few questions. Did you see the riot across the street?"
"No-no, I had nothing to do with that."
"I didn't say you did. The bank has holo-recorders, yes? I need to see the recordings from two hours ago."
"I, I , huh I'm not sure about that." stammered the nervous man.
"Well I have a dead body across the street and I need to see those recordings. I can sit here while a warrant is obtained and then a whole squad of police will be in here searching the bank or you can just show me the recording."
"Sure-shh-ure, r-right this way."

The nervous bank employee led Cal to the back office, "The computer is over there," he pointed.

Cal looked where he indicated and saw a smashed computer. He was struck in the head has he turned back and everything went black.

Cal was on the floor, his head throbbed and he smelled gasoline. Groggily he got up and drew his pistol. Out in the lobby of the bank the nervous man was frantically splashing gasoline everywhere.

"Freeze! Set the gas can down and put your hands in the air."

The man set the can down but didn't put his hands in the air.

"Get your hands up and turn around slowly."

The man turned and Cal saw the Everflame lighter in his hand.

"Listen you don't want to do this."

"I have to," he said before tossing the Everflame and fleeing out the door.

Flames leaped up blocking Cal's escape. The fire was spreading fast and he didn't think he'd have a lot of time so covered his face with his arm and ran for the door.
On the street the man was entering a car. Cal shouted for him to stop and fired three shots into the car as it sped toward him then prepared to dive out of the way.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:29 am
by Shadow Shack
Erik and Charger both turned when they heard the trio of gunshots outside. "And so it begins," Erik says. The front door is a meter away so they saunter through the exit to see what transpires outside. A skimmer wailed by, with three well placed holes in the rear window. Obviously not well placed enough to stop the erratic driver, but nicely grouped nonetheless. What was most likely a plain clothes detective stood outside a burning bank with a smoking gun, looking somewhat disappointed. Across the street was a looted sporting goods store, where the pair spotted another detective in the crowd.

"Pigs'll be busy now," Charger said. Erik looked up and laughed. "Yep, and they probably won't even notice me speeding away on that shiny red Pan Galactixon parked over there..."

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2014 10:09 pm
by oTTo
Otto had hurried on foot up the few blocks towards the sporting store. He had made a list and was going to get what he needed to survive outside the city before the looters took the whole lot. As he turned the last corner his eye got big.

The sporting goods store had smashed windows, idle police personnel, and cautionary markers. Otto crossed to the opposite side, walking towards the bank. Suddenly a man ran from the bank towards a waiting car. Otto could smell burning gas and saw the smoke begin to billow from the bank.

Out ran a man, Otto immediately recognized him as a law officer of sorts, holding his fire arm to aim at the speeding away vehicle. He fired three shots.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, 2014 11:01 pm
by Shadow Shack
Just before Erik can saunter over to the hoverbike he'd had an eye on, a stretched black Pan Galactixon roars in and settles down to the surface. As the fans wind down a scruffy Yazirian wearing a black vest with the Stellar Demons patches on the back dismounts and strikes up a conversation with Charger and Erik. With a pair of Point True Demons and a Nomad together, the two cops must be getting suspicious...but that's never been an issue with the Demons. They're used to it, all the harassment and pointless babbling, good or bad attention is always a good thing. When the fist meets the jaw, that's where the Demos shine. Besides, Bacca (the newcomer yazirian) has a reputation for collecting badges from cops he'd beaten down over the years. Erik had to make friends with rival biker club members when he was in the big house, after all that was as close to a group as he could expect under the circumstances...but now that he's out he feels much better among his extended family.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 12:10 am
by Fragz
Baas made it back to Spice Valley just as day day was turning to day night. All seemed quiet and peaceful for now, but Baas wondered how long that was going to last. He peered up the driveway to Gaga's farm as he passed by, then quickly drove on to his own home 2 miles down the road.

Once home he saddled Trot and made for the Gabora farm. As he arrived he could see the Gabora's enjoying some dinner on the deck.

"Evenin' folks," said Baas tipping his hat.

"Evenin' Baas...come on up here son...have some dinner with us," invited Mr. Gabora.

"Love to," replied Baas, never one to turn down a free meal. "Say, you folks heard the news yet?" asked Baas as he dished up.

"You mean...I knew gone it...I knew she was going to bud, she been packin on the extra mass here lately...congratulations son!" exclaimed Mr. Gabora.

Baas met eyes with Gaga, they were trying to hold back from laughing.

"Uh...No sir", chuckled Baas. Gaga and Mrs. Gabora joined in with giggles of their own.

"I mean about them there alien ships in outter space," said Baas.

"Oh...." said Mr. Gabora. "Oh yeah...we heard about all that, in fact there's a town meeting fer tomorrow afternoon." He glanced at Gaga to see if he was in trouble. She was staring at him shaking her head, but at least she was smiling and still giggling.

Baas shared what he had heard from Kri'k Ket and listened to what the Gabora's knew as they absorbed dinner.

"I'll be there tomorrow," said Baas, "and now if you dont mind I'd like to take Gaga for a ride with Trot."

"Sure thing son, just bring her home before dark," said Mr. Gabora with a wink.

The two mounted up and rode off. Baas planned on proposing to Gaga tonight. He wanted to have a little family of his own one day and there was no better time to get started than the present. With ten hours of daylight night left, he headed for the secluded hot springs they had discovered together and worked up his courage as they chatted on the trail.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 12:46 pm
by Terl Obar
OOC: I had planned to post this yesterday but got distracted. Great backstory buildups.

Streele Mining Asteroid Facility Obliterated
from the Truane News Network

Approximately eighteen hours after the alien fleet destroyed the PSS Chiara, it passed an asteroid mining facility owned by Streele Mining, a Point True based company. The facility had been evacuated hours earlier after the Chiara encounter. Video footage taken by the evacuating ships show several ships from the alien fleet veering off toward the facility. At a range of approximately forty thousand kilometers, several missiles were launched at the asteroid base, completely destroying it on impact. It is estimated that the property damage is in excess of fifty million credits. Streele Mining could not be contacted for comment.

The Pale and New Pale governments have issued a statement encouraging all citizens to remain calm and work with public officials to maintain order.

Streele Evactuation Ships Destroyed
from the Truane News Network

Approximately five hours after destroying the Streele Mining facility, the alien fleet caught up to the fleeing evacuation fleet from the compound. All attempts to communciate with the fleet were ignored and the fleeing ships suffered the same fate as the PSS Chiara. It is assumed, due to the complete lack of transmissions from the ships, that they too have been destroyed will all hands.

Streele Mining issued a statement shortly after the incident. "It is with deep regret and horror that we have had to experience this tragic and wasteful loss of the lives of our brave and courages employees. Streele Mining will make every effort to support and assist the familys of those who have lost their lives in this tragedy."

Just after to the encounter between the PSS Chiara and the alien fleet, the Truane Star Navy was placed on high alert. After the encounter with the asteroid facility, the entire compliment of naval vessels began accleration to intercept the alien fleet. We have learned that after the incident with the refugee ships, the navy has been ordered to use "maximum reasonable acceleration" to intercept and engage the aliens as far from the inhabited worlds as possible.

The Pale and New Pale govenements have both issued statements once again urging all citizens to remain calm and maintain order. Task forces have been established to examine the best proceedures to ensure the safety of all citizens. Citizen are strongly encouraged to work with local officials and law enforcement officers to help ensure the safety of themselves and their neighborhoods.

Unarmed Cargo Vessel Detroyed. Government Orders Evacuation
from the Truane News Network

Three hours after destroying the ships carrying the evacuees from the Streele Mining asteroid facility, the alien fleet overtook an unarmed freighter that was carrying cargo back from the facility and had left several hours before the evacuation. Like all previous encounters, the ships was destroyed with no attempt on the part of the aliens to communicate.

Within minutes of this last act of aggression, the Pale govenment issued a general evacuation order. All starships in system have been deputized to carry as many refugees off planet as possible. Non-combatants are to be given highest priority. The local militias in all cities have been activiated and the govenement has declared a state of martial law to maintain order and deal with the crisis. All able-bodied beings with any military training are encouraged to report to local militia stations to assist in maintaining order, organizing the evaculation, and defending against the probably alien attack.

Subspace messages have been sent to the Dixon's Star, Prenglar, Cassidine, and Drammune systems requesting aid and assistance and informing them of everything that has transpired.

Molo called out to Cal, "Nice shots, too bad it was armored. Don't worry about it." As Cal rejoined him, he continued, "We've got new orders. Looks like there's been a general evacuation ordered and we've been ordered to gather up able bodies to assist. Come on."

Stepping across the police line he about runs into a human male staring wistfully at the looted store. "What's your name sir?" he asks the man, looking up at him.

"Arturo. Arturo DaGathuro. Why?"

"What brings you here?" Molo asked, ignoring the question.

"I was planning on doing some shopping," Arturo replied. "But that seems out of the question at this point."

"That it is," Molo chuckled. "What's your background? We've been tasked with recruiting some help to deal with the impending crisis."

"I don't know how I could be much help. I'm a business manager who dabbles in Vrusk languages on the side."

"Any military or weapon experience?"

"A little fencing back in my college days. Nothing beyond that."

"Hmm. Cl'lks, sk'kllk, kdr'stal'ta." Molo launched a sudden burst of Vrusk at the human, who was startled to hear the sounds of vrusk manibles clicking coming from a dralasite.

"Really," Artura responded in a bit of a huff. "My father was not a dung worker and I have more experience than a hive larva. And it should have been kdlr'stal'ta"

"Not bad," Molo said, quivering with laughter. "You do seem to have a pretty good grasp of vrusk at that. Those were fairly non-standard insults. Okay, you are hereby deputized Having a linguist and someone fluent in Vrusk may just be helpful. Cal, Arturo, come on. I see someone else I recognize over there."

"The bikers?" Cal asked. "Nothing but trouble if you ask me."

"Probably right," Molo said. "But I have a card I can play on the short one and if we can get them on our side for this mess, everything will be better off."

Walking past the human and not looking if the others were following, he walked up to the three bikers. "Well if it isn't Erik Stromm. I see they let you out. You probably don't remember me but I was on the investigation team looking into the missing bikes. Quite the hunt you led us on. I don't agree with what happened but I recognize professionalism when I see it. I have a proposition for you three."

"You," he continues pointing at the taller human, "are Bonney Charger, head of the Point True Stellar Demons Hover Cycle Club. I regonize you from your dossier which I saw during Erik's investigation. You," he said pointing at the yazirian, "I don't recognize but I recognize your colors, you're part of Charger's organization.

"Here's the deal. As you've probably already surmised, the offal is about to hit the rotary wind mover. While we don't always agree with everything you guys do," he looks at Erik, "but for the most part you guys are typically on the up and up. Plus you have a strong organization and actually a stronger civic sense than most of the typical 'upstanding' citizens. Here's a chance to earn some positive cred with the city. Get your people organized and help us keep this situation under control. If you're in, send someone down to the 11th for instructions. Tell them Molo sent you. I'll radio ahead and let them know to expect you so there won't be any problems.

"As for you," he said addressing Erik, "I've got a personal offer to help sway your decision. You join me and my partner Cal here for the duration. Despite what you may believe, your skills may just come in handy. In return, I know of a pair of hoverbikes that might just find their way out of impound sooner rather than later. I believe one's a tricked out Pan Galactixon and the other is a Sizuxi. Gentlemen, what do you say?"

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