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Average Size 2.0 meters
Average Mass 55kg male
60kg female
Average Lifespan 75 years male,
Reproductive System heterosexual,
Body Temperature 39 degrees Celsius
Ability Scores
DEX/RS +10
Walking 20 meters per turn
Running 40 meters per turn
Hourly 5 kilometers/hour
Special Abilities
Danger Sense 10% chance to become aware of impending danger.

by Goblinardo


Physical Structure

The teal-skinned Boon'sheh are slim, tall bipedals, usually standing at least a head above humans. Their skin is soft to the touch, and they're completely hairless except for patches of fur on their shoulders and forearms.

Their faces are unexpressive and almost skeletal, as they have very little muscle in them. Their noses are square, with tiny nostrils, and their ears are pointed and long.

Boon'sheh bodies are built for running, and as such they have little mass compared to other sentient species. Whatever physical weakness they have as a consequence, they make it up with their great speed.


Boon'sheh senses are very well-developed: particularly, their sight, hearing and sense of smell. Tests performed by Terledrom scientists indicate that the zones of the Boon'sheh brain that deal with these three senses are in a permanent state of overdrive, and that their sensory organs are always absorbing more data than the conscious brain can process. This has resulted in the Boon'sheh developing a 'danger sense', their unconscious selves picking up warning signals from eyes, ears and nose, and forcing their bodies to act before they notice what's going on. While some individuals tend to think of the Boon'sheh as 'fidgety' (or even paranoid), their danger sense has saved them and their colleagues from certain death more than once.


Boon'sheh speak in high-pitched tones, and their native language is very dependent on them. They also use many palatal and alveolar clicks when talking. While their language appears to be complicated at first, most people can learn it in two or three weeks.

Their names commonly have two or three syllables and are always preceded by the prefix "Boon-" which stands for 'person', as in Boon-Shube or Boon-Gurenn. This prefix is usually dropped in informal conversation.

Society and Customs

The Boon'sheh were very close to developing system ships when their planet was discovered by Vrusk and Dralasite prospectors from Terledrom. They were never a prolific species to begin with, so they had no problem with the newcomers once they agreed to their somewhat arcane terms of commerce and to leave their cities alone.

While prehistoric Boon'sheh were individualistic nomads, their current society is urban and based around clans. The average clan holds around 200 people, most of which live in the same city district. There are no true Boon'sheh 'families': all children are raised by the clan as a whole, and the parentchild bond is unknown to them. Boon'sheh worship their clans and fight fiercely for them, whether in the battlefield or in the negotiation rooms, and those that do not hold up to a clan's expectations are often cast out of their districts. Most of the starfaring Boon'sheh are such outcasts.


Boon'sheh get along well with Dralasites and Vrusks, as they were the first starfaring peoples they had contact with. This feeling is mutual, though the foreign miners are amused by their lack of facial expression. Local Dralasite colonists are known to use the idiom 'To see a Boon-sheh smile' when talking about mirages and illusions.

They're mildly distrustful of Humans and Yazirians, as the former's curiosity (Boon'sheh call it 'deathwish') and the latter's agressiveness tend to set off their danger sense more often than usual.

Special Abilities

Danger Sense (10%): Boon'sheh's keen senses can subconsciously alert them to perils they aren't aware of. Whenever a Boon'sheh is endangered, the referee secretly rolls Danger Sense: a success means that the Boon'sheh becomes aware of danger (though not able to pinpoint its exact source) and can warn others of it. This special ability may be improved by spending experience points, but even if raised to 100%, any roll of 96-00 is considered a failure. No matter how keen the senses of a Boon’sheh, there is always a slight chance he can be duped.

Boon’sheh Multipistol

This unusual heavy auto-pistol was made and perfected by Boon’sheh weaponsmiths. It is very large for a pistol, and fires larger bullets made only on their homeworld and available elsewhere only by special delivery or custom design (cost is 50Cr per Multiclip, 20-rounds in the magazine). The gun itself is capable of being set to one of two settings: single fire and burst. The range of the pistol is the same as for an auto rifle, and it costs 700Cr.

In single fire, it’s a semi-automatic pistol, capable of firing up to 3 bullets per turn (2d10 damage per bullet), each aimed and fired with its own to-hit roll. In burst mode, it fires a 10-bullet burst that provides +20 to hit and does 8d10 damage. If fired at multiple targets, add +1d10 per target after the first then divide damage equally among all targets.

What really makes this weapon a marvel of weapon engineering isn’t the heavier sized ammunition or increased range/damage, it’s the fact that the weapon can also fire ammunition designed for other auto weapons. It can use pistol and rifle bulletclips, but when doing so it is treated like a normal auto pistol or rifle.