CSS Nightwind Engineering Deck

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CSS Nightwind Engineering Deck. Click for full image

This is the engineering deck of the Nightwind and contains the engine access passages, a machine and robotics shops as well as storage and the ship's main computer.

  1. Elevator - This is the main elevator shaft that run through the entire ship.
  2. Hallway - This is the main hallway on this level that connects all the rooms. It is wide and open to allow for the movement of large pieces of machinery if needed.
  3. Engineering Control - This houses the control stations for the engineers and allows them to monitor all the ships equipment and the engines.
  4. Storage - This storage room is used to house materials and parts for ship repairs and general maintenance.
  5. Main Computer - This is the ships main computer system.
  6. Engine Fuel Storage - This room is shielded like the rooms on the Machinery Deck and designed to hold extra fuel for the ships engines.
  7. General Storage
  8. Machine Shop - This is a complete machine shop and can be used to manufacture just about any mechanical part that may be needed for the ship.
  9. Robotics Shop - This is a complete robotics workshop used to maintain and repair the ship's robots. Any robotics skills used here gain a +5% bonus.
  10. Engine Access Tunnels These passageways slope down from the engineering deck through the engine struts to allow access to the engines from inside the ship when preforming repairs and overhauls.

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