Communications Pill

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by Larry Moore

Communication Pill

Often called a "commpill" this is a biochemical communication device. A commpill recorder captures either audio or video and encodes it biochemically on a small pill. Soon after the pill is ingested the specially encoded message travels to the brain for delivery

Once ingested the coating of the pill interacts with saliva breaking the outer shell and releasing the chemicals. They travel into the blood and work their way to the visual and audio centers of the brain. Once there the message begins to play inside the hosts head. Message length is roughly 1 minute per pill. Multiple pills can be ingested although the messages may play back out of sequence.

The pill will last for 10 hours after the recording process before the message decomposes and becomes corrupted. Refrigerating pills will add another 60 hours and freezing them will last 1 year.

CommPill Recorder Mass: 2kg, Cost: 8,500 CR

CommPill (pack of 10) Mass: 0kg, Cost: 100 CR