Dalmar Lar

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Name: Dalmar Lar
Player: Terl Obar


Basic Information

Race: Dralasite
Gender:' M
Handedness: N/A

STR/STA: 50/50
DEX/RS: 50/50
INT/LOG: 70/70
PER/LDR: 55/55
IM: 5
RW: 25
MW: 25
PS: 3

Walking: 5m/turn
Running: 20m/turn
Hourly: 3km/hr

Description: Dalmar masses in at 67 kg, just slightly heavier than average. Typically sporting just two arms and two legs, he'll grow a third arm when he's working on something and can use an extra hand. He'll also sometimes utilize his fifth limb to grow a "head", extending his eye spots and his height by up to 60 cm, especially when driving or flying a vehicle not designed for his smaller size.
   Dalmar typically is seen wearing just a single "bandolier" belt with several pouches that he uses to carry his everyday items (id card, a pocket tool, loose change, etc). If he needs to carry his techkit or other larger items he has a typical non-descript dralasite backpack that has a frame designed to minimize contact with his skin.

Pay Rate:

XP (spent): 8
XP (unspent): 1

Racial Abilities: Elasticity, Lie Dectection (5%)

Credits: 55 Cr


PSA's Primary PSA: Pilot
Secondary PSA: Tech
Secondary PSA: Scholar

  • Air Vehicles Lvl: 1
  • Technician Lvl: 2
  • Beam Lvl: 1


Encumbrance Limit: 25 kg
Currently Carried: 24.5 kg

Equipment carried

  • Chronocom
  • First Aid pack (w/ StimDose and StayDose)
  • ID Card
  • Pocket Tool
  • Doze Grenade
  • Tangler Grenade
  • Bandolier belt
  • Toxy-rad Gauge
  • Everflame
  • Dralisite Backpack
  • Techkit (12 kg)
  • 9 days survival rations & water purification tablets
  • Rope, 50m (2 kg)
  • 2 Flashlights
  • Water Pack -4 liters (4kg)
  • Vitasalt pills (10 days)
  • Compass
  • 8 power clips
  • Hand Axe (1 kg)
  • Machete (2 kg)
  • box of matches
  • all weather blanket
  • 10 Vitasalt pills
  • Sungoggles
  • polyvox (1 kg)
  • Blast Pistol (1.5 kg)


Dalmar was born and raised on New Pale in a small coop farming stoa. After his initial schooling and education in a few of the stoas on New Pale he settled in to help work the farm where his parent lived. Showing an aptitude for flight and technical endeavors, he became one of the farm's pilots that flew deliveries into town and shuttled things around the farm. When he wasn't flying he spent his time helping to keep the collective's machinery running and in good repair.

   Once he had a problem with one of the air trucks and had to put down in the wilderness. Somewhat oblivious to his surroundings while trying to fix the vehicle, he had a run in with some of the local fauna. Weaponless at the time, he barely managed to make it back to the cab of the truck and had to sit for several hours until the critters wandered off. After that, Dalmar decided he needed a little weapon experience and got some training with laser weapons even thought he really didn't have any aptitude for them. It just made him feel safer to have a weapon handy when traveling.

   In addition, to his technical skills, Dalmar also has a bit of a scholarly bend, although it seems to lean more to streetwise rather than academic endeavors. He always seemed to have a knack for finding the best deals at the market or avoiding trouble with both the local toughs and law enforcement. He always seemed to know just what to do or say to navigate the various political or legal situations that came up.