Kara Addibissi

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Name: Kara Addibissi
Player: Corkman


Basic Information

Race: Human
Gender:' Female
Handedness: Left

STR/STA: 60/60
DEX/RS: 65/60
INT/LOG: 50/50
PER/LDR: 35/35
IM: 6
RW: 32
MW: 30
PS: 3

Description: Kara stands 5'8" tall, fit human female with medium length dirty blonde hair just below her shoulders with deep green eyes. She appears to be physically muscular and in very good shape.

Walking: 10m/turn
Running: 30m/turn
Hourly: 5km/hr

XP (spent): 52
XP (unspent): 0

Racial Abilities: N/A

Credits: 1,000 Cr


Secondary PSA: AGENT
Secondary PSA: SCOUT

  • Military Skills:
    • Projectile Weapons: 3, Melee Weapons: 2, Unarmed Combat: 2, Demolitions: 2
  • Agent Skills:
    • Stealth: 1, Detective: 1, Thievery: 1
  • Scout Skills:
    • Survival: 1


Equipment carried (13/20 kg):

  • Automatic Rifle
  • Semi_Auto Pistol
  • Skeinsuit

Other Equipment


Your character's history

NPC contacts

Karl Addibissi is Kara's father. He was also in the military for New Pale for 20 years before he retired. He was a decorated officer in the planets ground forces for many years, with a specialized background in small unit tactics, reconnaissance and, small arms. Since retiring, he has spent a lot of time with his daughter since the passing of his wife three years ago. Kara had become of age and began to follow in the footsteps of her father. Karl had always wanted a son but, he has been more than accepting of his daughter's efforts to carry on the families tradition of having a generation in the New Pale military in some fashion.

Karl had moved out into the outskirts of the city to get away from a lot of the fast pace society of a major hub to a more secluded area where there was plenty of nature they could live off of and be left alone by the craziness of all of the people. Kara always came back to visit Karl on leaves and spent a lot of time learning what he had to teach her, which she found out was volumes. Karl has established a basic but, very suitable and modern conditions in his cabin.

He has become more concerned lately with the news of ships being blown up and a possibly threat of a large force heading towards New Pale. He is happy that Kara is home on leave and he knows that she will be getting called up quickly. Karl knows that dedication and service is everything but, he knows what it's like to thrown into a meat grinder and being able to look after his only family left makes him feel a whole lot better about a rapidly changing situation.