Order a Patch

We got permission to make the Con patchs from WOTC. This offer is only open to those who registered for the Con. I'll be placing the order for the patches from the company that will be making them soon.

The patchs will cost $5. This will cover production and me mailing them out to you. If you want a patch you have two options. By far the simplest is to pay electronically via PayPal. To do so simply click on the "Register" button below. This will take you to PayPal to place your order. (This was the original register button for the con, I figured there wasn't really a reason to change it for this internal process.)

The other option is to send a check or money order to me directly. If you want to pay by check or money order make them out to me. My mailing address is:

Tom Stephens
ATTN: Star Frontiers Patch
977S. 1830E.
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Once I've received your payment or the patches (whichever comes last) I'll get your patch in the mail to you.

Please note that Tom Stephens (aka Terl Obar on the various Star Frontiers websites) is running this process personally, not part of some commercial process so his name (and e-mail address) will appear in several places along the way. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact him directly at tom@starfrontiers.info.