CSS Nightwind Airlock & Workpod Deck

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CSS Nightwind Secondary Airlock and Workpod Deck. Click for full image

This deck contains the ship's secondary airlock and houses its four workpods. The workpods are used both for ship repairs and maintenance and can be used for cargo loading as well as they easily fit within the cargo bays.

  1. Elevator - This is the main elevator shaft that run through the entire ship.
  2. Hallway - This is the main hallway on this level that connects all the cabins.
  3. Secondary Airlock - This airlock is actually slightly larger than the main airlock and can accommodate up to fifteen beings or, as it is more commonly used, large machinery parts.
  4. Spacesuit lockers - The lockers here can hold up to eight space suits.
  5. Workpod Bay - Each of these bays hold one of the ship's workpods.

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