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An exoskeleton is a mechanical, metal frame that is worn on the outside of a character’s body. It follows the body’s movements and increases the strength of its wearer. Each joint has its own miniature motor. An exoskeleton must be specially fitted to the character that will wear it, and can not be worn by anyone else. Getting into or out of an exoskeleton takes 1d10+10 minutes. A character in an exoskeleton can move twice as fast as normal, can jump 5 meters straight up (1g), gains a bonus of +20 to hit in melee and does +10 points of damage in melee. An exoskeleton provides no protection to the wearer. It can be worn along with a power screen and defensive suit. It uses 1 SEU/ minute while in operation.

Cost: 2,000 Cr, 5 kg

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