Hako Gasar Murder Number One

Referee: Eric Winsor
Session: Game Session 7 - 2015-07-11 13:00:00 EST
Ruleset: Alpha Dawn only
Number of Players: 1 / 8 - Observers are allowed.
Players: Dax Thura

Hako Gasar is implicated in a string of murders across the frontier. Hako whereabouts are unknown and there have been no further murders in almost four years. Korga Gu'Kella is investigating these murders at the behest of Clan Gasar to determine if their validity to bring Hako to justice in the clan hall or to redeem him. Korga is seeking a local investigators and interested parties on Triad, Cassidine to review the case with him. Details of the police report will be posted for player review and as an aid in their character concept.

Technology used for game session:
Google Hangouts.

Special, House, or Optional rules to be used:
Will use skilled frontier rules from Star Frontiersman

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