The Star Frontiers Web Archive

Over the years, many on-line Star Frontiers websites have been lost as free hosting sites such as AOL and GeoCities have shut down. Where we have been able to recover the sites, they are brought back to life here to keep the material easily available to the Star Frontiers community.

This is defnintely a work in progress. You can expect to see several sites show up here over the following weeks and months. If you know of any sites that been lost to the ravages of time and the internet, drop me a line and let me know about it and we'll try to resurrect it.

If you are the owner of any of these sites and have it live somewhere else, please let us know so we can point to your current site.

Recovered Star Frontiers Sites

  • Ephemeris - Originally at
  • The Palalyrn Cluster - This site has a new home and hasn't been lost. If you still want to look at our archived version it will remain up as well. Thanks to Gavin for the update.