Communications Nexus

Welcome to the communications center of the Frontier. In addition to the Forums we host a general text chat room server .

Traditional Text Chat

The Star Frontiers Network chat rooms are provided using the X7chat OSS. The chat rooms use the same username/password as the forums. If you have already registered for the Forums you can use that same username/password to enter chat. If you haven't, just click on the [Register] link to sign up. Registering gets you access to the forums and the chat rooms.

There are always at least one chatroom available, the Spacer's Pub. This is the general chat room and "lobby" for the chat system. Additionally, users can create their own temporary chat rooms (public or private) to hold discussions on specific topics or private conversations if they desire.

The chat rooms have a d10 and d100 die roller built into them and can be used for on-line gamming. Clicking on the die rollers will post the rolled values into the chat window.