The Compass Points
                                                            Below are a number of fascinating departure points for your further exploration of the Frontier.  Enjoy them courtesy your friends at the SSD. These jump points will increase in coming Standard Days.

The Great Star Frontiers Netbook .  What other link do you need?

The James McCameron Memorial Star Frontiers Library.  This site is maintained by Your Pal, Albin Johnson.

The Hole in the Wall Rev. Roymeo's venerable site.

Chris Smith's Star Frontiers Page

Palarlyn Cluster

Raiders of the Lost Dungeon

Ron's Star Frontiers/Other Suns page

Star Frontiers   This is Mark Hughes' page

Star Frontiers  This is Timothy Norris' page

Star Frontiers Index Page

Star Frontiers: Now and Forever  Layne Saltern's page

Star Frontiers  This is Steve Bartell's page

The University of Zebulon  This is Frank Patnaude's page

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