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Welcome to "Ephemeris", an almanac of life and adventure on the Frontier, published by 
The Society for the Standard Day. 

Founded long before the UPF, the Society's mission is two-fold:  

To establish and maintain systems of measure that    facilitate commerce and communications, and  

To expand knowledge of the Frontier Sector and its natural and cultural wonders. 


Known more commonly as "Star Frontiers" (on Earth), the Frontier is a vast and complex region of the Milky Way populated by a number of distinct and fascinating intelligent species. 

Below are some of the issues, phenomena and curiosities of concern to the citizens of the Frontier and devotees of that far flung (but never far away) world of the imagination, Star Frontiers. 

ARTICLES: Media on the Frontier, New Vehicles, The Energy Economy, New Items, Sentient Data, Religion on the Frontier 
KNIGHTHAWKS: Physics How to Handle the Void, Aerospace Vehicles, Solar Sailing 


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