Star Frontiers Images

These are some images that I have created for Star Frontiers. Enjoy them, criticize them, but don't make any money off them.

This is a rendering of the common chronocom, a vital communications device used throughout the frontier. This is an alternate image

EX-PORT: Advanced Chronocom CAC/CAS Emulator
This is an attachment to the chronocom. Actually a minicomputer it links with the Chronocom and a body comp, allowing input, calculation and data display in a conveniant, durable package. The Ex-Port is designed to be strapped to the forearm with a keyboard optimized for one-hand operation.

Based upon the peculiar vruskan morphology, this design uses the 'doorknob concertina' or D.C. configuration for data input, rather than a keyboard. Usually worn about the neck, the main input device is a pair of doorknob-like handles that are turned and pushed in and out. Strangely, once the operation is understood, even by non-vrusk, it is a far easier, more rapid method of data entry. In all other respects, this is a standard computer and can be configured as a CAC or CAS of any style.

Archimedes Explorer and Schematic
This is one of several exploration vessels designed for transporting long-range extended mission scientific missions to remote systems. It features a module design that incorporates a modified assault scout as a flying bridge/shuttle/back-up/ship defence system.

Star-flower Artificial Gravity Design
This is a sketch detailing one way of starship decks could be 'gimbled' to provide artificial gravity during accelleration and non-accelleration(spin) portions of a mission.

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