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Why does the New 3DS XL make me physically ill? (new)



I learned recently that my older brother transferred all of our stuff onto the New 3DS XL he got from the OG 3DS we had. That's fine, except looking at the screen on the new one seems to make me nauseous or give me a bit of a headache, whereas the OG didn't. (Also this is without 3D effect on both). I can't tell if the screen is killing me or if it's just a placebo effect and my earlier dislike of the XL is ruining my brain.

I'm gonna keep testing and see if it keeps messing me up, and maybe even build up a resistance if their even is a problem in the first place. Please tell me someone knows what I'm talking about. Wish me luck. I just wanna play Fire Emblem.

Please help.

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