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Doog Luos (jedion357)

Postby jedion357 » Fri May 07, 2010 5:02 pm

Character Name: Doog Luos

Race: Dralasite
Sex: Male
Handedness: na
Walking/Running/Hourly Speeds: (5m/20m/3k)
height/weight: 1.2m/
age: Biological age is 35 but his birth certificate says 73
Birth Planet: Terledrom

STR/STA: 55/47
DEX/RS: 65/65
INT/LOG: 60/70
PER/LDR: 40/50
PS: 5 (STR/20 , round up)
IM: 7 (RS/10 , round up)

Current STA:45
Racial Abilities: Lie detection and elasticity (6 limbs)
XP: 200 spent/ 0 unspent
Pay/Day: 300cr

Credits: 10,000

(PSA: Tech)
Computers LVL: 6 [cost 84]
Technician LVL: 3 [cost 24]
Robotics LVL: 2 [cost 12]
Astrogation LVL:1 [cost 8]
Beam Weapons LVL:2 [cost 18]
Projectile Weapons LVL: 2 [cost 18]
Melee Weapons LVL 2 [cost 18]
Thrown Weapons LVL 1 [cost 6]
Medic skill LVL 1 [cost 10]
(2 exp to STA)


Character History
Born to a line of famous debaters with in the upper echelons on Terledrom
society, Doog always felt smothered by his overbearing parentage that had
predetermined his career choices for him. His family members, having
excelled in Dralasite cultural practice of debate, were at the center of
Terledrom’s foremost thinkers on philosophy and political theory and
academia. Many held key political positions within the Dralasite/ Vursk
colony and it was long expected that Doog would follow in the Luos

Doog’s first escapes were through computers and the information net and
the "bad" human comedians not good enough to entertain in a human colony
but very popular with Dralasites. In time he became quite skilled at
infiltrating computer nets. His family was pleased with his ability to
research information but seriously frowned on the youth’s obvious wander
lust which lead to their enrolling him in philosophical studies.
Feeling trapped Doog often cut class to wander over to the space hub and
would hack into ships astro files to vicariously escape Terledrom. During
one such hacking attempt he was caught by a Vursk freighter captain who
seemed to well understand Doog’s predicament and offered him a berth as a
computer tech assistant. Yazzi the ships astrogator took him under his
wing. Unfortunately, the freighter was set upon by pirates on its second
void jump in the Cassidine system. The local anti-piracy patrol was able to
respond but not before all the crew, except Doog, was killed. Yazzi even
gave his life to hide Doog from the pirates.

Since Doog had been only listed as super-numerancy cargo the freight line
refused to pay him and threatened to prosecute him as a stowaway.
Nearly penniless and stuck in Cassidine, Doog jumped at the first job
offer he found. Unfortunately that was with Streel Corp, on Alcazzar. This
was a very unhappy experience as the Streel corp was abusing the primitives
and claim jumping CDC’s operation. He long to get out of his contract and
his memory goes blank from that point until recently. It’s like his
memories have been wiped.

Doog has discovered some things about himself:
1. News footage and public records showed him popping up around the
Frontier from time to time usually in company with mercenary types.
2. He pulled strings with his family to get Yazzi’s son a scholarship to
attend university on Terledrom and the grown Kazzi remembers him though
Doog doesn’t remember him.
3. Most of his family and friends are dead now and his body is far younger
than it ought to be.
4. He has life time membership in a regiment of Yazerian Clan Wars
re-enactors in Port Loren and doesn’t remember joining them or doing the
things that won him this membership though he’s seen the news footage.
5. He’s discovered that he has been subjected to extend cryo sleep and a
brain wipe.
Which is why he remembers knowing entry level computer sciences and how to
handle a laser but now he possesses skills far in advance of those with no
memory of how he learned them.

Doog also had an extentsive bank account with no knowledge of how he got it
but has spent most of the money trying to find out who he his and what
happened to him.

Out of cash, Doog answered a want ad for a computer tech with Obar Enterprises. Having just recently joined the company, his first assignment was some upgrades and maintenance on the computer at a remote mining facility on New Pale. While there, the base was attacked by pirates and Doog was captured in the resulting skirmish while most of the base crew escaped.

Doog Luos is a typically short Dralasite, 1.2 meters tall with a
superprisingly smooth, for a Dralasite, gray skin lined with blue veins
just visible under the skin. His eye spots are a startling shade of blue
that some humans find very appealing. He maintains 3 legs for walking and 3
hands with the right being his preferred limb. Since he can generate a 6th
limb he usually saves that for doing tech work: holding a light, tool or
He has 2 holo tattoo implants: one with the regiment’s insignia for his
re-enactor’s regiment and the other of a dralasite standing on one hand
with 5 limbs in the air and the words “Give Id Five” underneath it.
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Re: Doog Luos (jedion357)

Postby Terl Obar » Wed May 12, 2010 3:34 pm

Jedi, go ahead and buy whatever equipment you want Doog to have with his remaining 10,000 cr and update your character sheet.
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