New Ship Weapon Systems

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New Ship Weapon Systems

Postby Terl Obar » Tue Jul 01, 2008 3:28 pm

A few new ship weapons systems. The descriptions were shamelessly stolen from Shadow Shack's Space Rats website. The Pod Laser, at least, originally comes from Polyhedron magazine.

Pod Laser (PL)

A Pod Laser is a down-scaled laser cannon for smaller craft such as star fighters. Simply put, the design incorporated removing the guns from a laser battery and down-sizing them to fit in the fuselage of fighter craft. The PL hs a range of 50K kilometers, MHS:1, costs 6,000Cr and takes up 20 cubic meters of space. Treat as a laser cannon for hit resolution and damage is 1d10 with no damage table modifiers. A longer range version (90,000km range) is availabe at 8,000Cr and takes up 30 cubic meters, designated PL(LR). Both systems use the same program that a standard laser cannon uses.

Pod Laser Turret (PLT)

With a MHS:3 requirement for a laser battery, it became apparent that both smaller craft as well as larger craft that can't accomodate a LB due to other restrictions could benefit from a 360 degree field of fire weapon. Hence, following in the successful footsteps of the Pod Laser, the Pod Laser Turret came to be. The PLT has a range of 40K kilometers, MHS:1, costs 8,000Cr and requires 20cubic meters of space. Treat as a laser battery to hit with no damage table modifiers and damage is 1d10. The PLT uses the standard Laser Battery program.
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Re: New Ship Weapon Systems

Postby Shadow Shack » Wed Jul 02, 2008 11:38 pm

Aye, and there's plenty more where that came from laddy!
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