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The TSSS Dart is a custom designed HS 2 general purpose ship designed for use by the PC's. It is a brand new ship, just out of the Pale Starship Construction Center. Designed for interstellar as well as atmospheric flight, this versatile little ship is relatively fast and lightly armed incorporating military Pod Laser Turret technology to provide some firepower without sacrificing performance.

In atmosphere, it flies like an aircar using a pair of turbojet engines in the wings, but with the option of using the main atomic engine as an afterburner to get speeds up to Mach 3 (6000 m/turn). During atmospheric flight, the PLT reconfigures as a Heavy Laser but with double the effective range. The Dart is capable of airplane style landings as well as tail first rocket landings providing the possibility to land almost anywhere.

HS: 2 HP: 10 DCR: 26
Engines: 1 hull mounted Shielded Class A Atomic
ADF: 4 MR: 4
Weapons: PLT
Defences: RH
Cargo Capacity: 1 unit
Crew size: up to 8
Life Support Capacity: Primary: 12 Backup: 12
Communications Equipment: Videocom radio, Subspace Radio, Radar, intraship intercom.
Computer: Drive 4, Life Support 1, Alarm 2, Computer Lockout 4, Damage Control 2, Astrogation 4, Skin Sensors 1, Cargo Arm 2, Laser Battery 1, Communications 2, Information Storage 6, Robot Management 6, Installation Security 4, Computer Security 5, Language 6, Analysis 6
Other Equipment: Deluxe Astrogation Equipment, 2 Engineer's Toolboxes, Laser power torch and power pack, 6 insuits, Techkit, Robocomkit

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