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Miscellaneous Equipment

Postby Terl Obar » Tue Jul 29, 2008 7:38 pm

Mini-Medkit (1kg, 200 cr)
This is a stripped down, light-weight version of the full medkit. Only weighing 1 kg, the Mini-Medkit contains small quantities of all the various medical supplies. Lacking the autosurgeon and the Electrosurgeon, the Mini-Medkit does not allow for the medic to perform more than First aid on himself and minor surgery on others. The supplies found in the Mini-Medkit are:
  • spray hypo
  • sonic scalpel
  • laser scalpel
  • micro-forceps
  • medscanner
  • 10 Biocort
  • 3 local anesthetics
  • 1 can plastiflesh
  • 2 Omnimycins
  • 2 cans antiseptic
  • 2 Telol
  • 3 Stimdose
  • 2 Staydose
  • 3 Antibody Plus
  • 2 Antitox
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