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Postby Terl Obar » Fri May 09, 2008 12:58 pm

This campaign will take place in the Frontier as described in the Alpha Dawn and Knight Hawks rules. I didn't acquire Zebulon's Guide until well after I really stopped playing SF as a kid and all my material is based around the inital offerings.

All of the events in the published modules have occured with a few execptions. And as you will come to find out, your employer figured prominently in a few of them. The exceptions are SFAD 5 - Bugs in the System and SFAD 6 - Dark Side of the Moon. I didn't want to add those systems into the campaign. However, Starmist (SFAD3) and Rhianna (SFAD4) are there. No contact has been made with the Rim races (In my original SF universe, the Rim didn't even exist, I had a map of systems beyond the Frontier that was completely different from the one in Zebulon's Guide).

The Blue Plague never happened. Those systems are just unexplored in this campaign.

It is the year 68 FY. Recent events in White Light (SFKH0) and the Waller Nexus and Liberty Systems (SFKH1-3) have reopened contact with the Sathar who haven't been seen on the Frontier in over 60 years. (The only exception to this is the Sathar attack on Zebulon (SFAD2) and the raid on Starmist (SFAD3)). While there have only been a few skirmishes recently, the increased Sathar activity, especially after the events in the Liberty system has the "talking heads" wondering if this is the beginning of what they are calling the Second Sathar War.
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