How are tires recycled?

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How are tires recycled?

Postby allenlu » Thu Jul 08, 2021 12:35 am

After the rims and weights are removed to be recycled separately, the tires are typically shredded or ground using a tire shredder. These shredders use powerful knives to rip and tear the tire into small pieces. Some by-products of the tire — such as fiber and steel — are separated and sold as a feedstock for other industries. Should tires be recycled?

The rest of the shredded tire can be used for various purposes. If it is destined for TDF, the material is sent to an incinerator, boiler or cement kiln, depending on the facility that will use the tire for energy. Other uses for shredded and ground tires include rubberized asphalt, playground mulch, road embankments, or even as material for new tires.

If used tires are turned into fuel, why are tire fires so bad?
Tires used for TDF are converted to energy in a controlled process; the incinerator or boiler adhere to strict regulations required by the EPA.

When a stack of tires catches fire, it’s an uncontrolled process. These fires are extremely difficult to extinguish, produce much smoke and release toxic chemicals into the air. Tire fires are a significant concern if used tires are not recycled.
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